2014 US Automotive Technicians’ Choice

Opportunities in the Automotive Tools Market

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This report aims to understand the automotive repair tool industry through automotive technicians since 2007 and identify market opportunities. Hand tools are the most commonly purchased automotive tools in 2013, followed by power tools. Tools storage devices have the lowest rate of all, which is most likely because of their purpose (storage) and the character (sturdy build). Reliability is identified as a top influential factor across all auto tools surveyed. Snap-on is the most prevalently owned brand. Snap-on’s dominance, however, in the auto tools market varies, with its largest gap in the handheld diagnostic tools market. Overall, technicians most prevalently use mobile tool distributors for their auto tool purchases.

Table of Contents

Research Objectives and MethodologyResearch ObjectivesMethodologyMethodology (continued)Automotive Technician Profile: Shop Type and RegionExecutive SummaryAuto Tools Purchase RateMost Influential Factors in the Purchase Decision ProcessBrand Dominance versus Fragmentation by Auto ToolMost Prevalent Purchase Channel Trends: Mobile Tool DistributorPower ToolsMatrix to Guide the Strategic Prioritization of Needs When Selecting Auto ToolsStrategic Prioritization of Power ToolsAdditional Insights: Strategic Prioritization of Power Tools Top Ownership Brand Shares Over Time: Power ToolsTechnical Note: Understanding Brand MapsBrand Map: Power ToolsBrand Reputation Gap: Power ToolsInterpreting Word Clouds: What is Most Commonly SaidWord Cloud: Power ToolsDistribution Channels Over Time: Power ToolsHand ToolsStrategic Prioritization of Hand ToolsAdditional Insights: Strategic Prioritization of Hand Tools Top Ownership Brand Shares Over Time: Hand ToolsBrand Map: Hand ToolsBrand Reputation Gap: Hand ToolsWord Cloud: Hand ToolsDistribution Channels Over Time: Hand ToolsHandheld Diagnostic ToolsStrategic Prioritization of Handheld Diagnostic ToolsAdditional Insights: Strategic Prioritization of Handheld Diagnostic Tools Top Ownership Brand Shares Over Time: Handheld Diagnostic ToolsBrand Map: Handheld Diagnostic ToolsBrand Reputation Gap: Handheld Diagnostic ToolsWord Cloud: Handheld Diagnostic ToolsDistribution Channels Over Time: Handheld Diagnostic ToolsPneumatic/Air ToolsStrategic Prioritization of Pneumatic/Air ToolsAdditional Insights: Strategic Prioritization of Pneumatic/Air Tools Top Ownership Brand Shares Over Time: Pneumatic/Air ToolsBrand Map: Pneumatic/Air ToolsBrand Reputation Gap: Pneumatic/Air ToolsWord Cloud: Pneumatic/Air ToolsDistribution Channels Over Time: Pneumatic/Air ToolsTool Storage DevicesStrategic Prioritization of Tool Storage Devices Additional Insights: Strategic Prioritization of Tool Storage Devices Top Ownership Brand Shares Over Time: Tool Storage DevicesBrand Map: Tool Storage DevicesBrand Reputation Gap: Tool Storage DevicesWord Cloud: Tool Storage DevicesDistribution Channels Over Time: Tool Storage DevicesProfileShop and Technician ProfileShop and Technician Profile (continued)Purchase Decision Process by Auto ToolLegal DisclaimerAppendixStudy DefinitionsThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy




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