2015 Outlook of the Global Pumps Industry

Oil & Gas and Wastewater Sectors Primarily Drive Growth

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This research service covers the global opportunities for pumps companies in the top 3 end-user industry segments. A regional analysis is provided for North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific to explain how economic factors will impact the market. Opportunities in oil and gas and wastewater applications for pump manufacturers are highlighted. Additionally, global economic changes and the impact on end-user industry trends and aftermarket services are detailed in the study. The base year used for analysis is 2014.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryTop Predictions and Trends for 2015Advancements in After-services for Pumps MarketVoice of Market ParticipantsVoice of Pump DistributorsResearch Scope and SegmentationResearch ScopeGlobal Outlook for 2015Global Economic Outlook and Growth ImplicationsGlobal GDP Growth TrendsEuropean Economy—Where Is It Headed?Major Game Changers in 2015: Oil Price Volatility and Its Implications on the Global EconomyGlobal Economic Growth and Oil Price FluctuationsOil Price Volatility and Its Effects on Global Economic Trading SentimentsGlobal E&P Spending in the Oil & Gas IndustryGlobal Chemicals Spending Global Water Infrastructure Spending 2015 Outlook: Economic PerspectiveOverview of the Pumps IndustryOverview of the 2015 Pumps Industry LandscapeMarket Revenue of Global Positive Displacement (PD) Pumps—2015Market Revenue of Global Centrifugal Pumps—2015Market Revenue of PD Pumps by End-user Application IndustriesMarket Revenue of Centrifugal Pumps by End-user Application IndustriesRegional Analysis of PD Pumps Revenue Volume, 2014 and 2015Regional Analysis of Centrifugal Pumps Revenue Volume, 2014 and 2015End-user Industry Analysis of Positive Displacement Pumps RevenueEnd-user Industry Analysis of Centrifugal Pumps RevenueKey Merger and Acquisition Activity—2014 Key Merger and Acquisition Activity—2014 (continued)Key End-user Industry Trends to Watch—Global Pumps MarketKey End-user Application Industry Trends—2015A Quick Summary: End-user Industry Trend Implications and Possible Responses by Pump CompaniesChinese Shale—Rising Hurdles not Slowing Growth MomentumChinese Natural Gas—Booming Production Targets for the FutureEmergence of Subsea—Changing Tides in Offshore O&G Production Latin American Shale Gas: Opportunity Next DoorBooming Investments—US to Lead the Petrochemical Industry Green Chemistry—Future of European Chemicals IndustryFracking Boom—Ripples of Growth through Wastewater IndustryKey Takeaways for Pumps CompaniesAftermarket Pump Services Outlook in 2015Unlocking the Hidden Value: Synergies in Aftermarket Pump Services in Key End-user SegmentsOpportunity AnalysisOpportunity Analysis: Oil & Gas IndustryTechnology OutlookKey Technology Trends—2014 and 20152015 Technology Trends: Technologies That Will Drive the Future of the Pumps Market2015 Technology Trends Discussion2015 Technology Trends Discussion (continued)New Product/Technology Highlights of 2014New Product/Technology Highlights of 2014 (continued)Competitive AnalysisMarket Share of Top 4 Participants, 2013—PD Pumps MarketMarket Share of Top 5 Participants, 2013—Centrifugal Pumps MarketCompetitive Landscape of Pump Manufacturers in the PD Pumps Market—2014 SnapshotCompetitive Landscape of Pump Manufacturers in the Centrifugal Pumps Market—2014 SnapshotFuture Focus—Geographic DriftCompetitive AnalysisMega Trends and Industry Convergence ImplicationsMarket Overview—Impact of Mega Trends on the Pumps MarketMarket Overview—Impact of Mega Trends on the Pumps Market (continued)Market Overview—Impact of Mega Trends on the Pumps Market (continued)Market Overview—Impact of Mega Trends on the Pumps Market (continued)Market Overview—Impact of Mega Trends on the Pumps Market (continued)Market Overview—Impact of Mega Trends on the Pumps Market (continued)Mega Trend Impact on the Global Pumps MarketKey ConclusionsKey Conclusions for 2015Legal DisclaimerAppendix2015 Outlook: Economic PerspectiveAdditional Sources of Information on the Pumps IndustryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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