2016 Technology Convergence Scenarios (TechVision)


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The '2016 Top Convergence Scenarios' is a powerful technology foresighting deliverable built on the 'Top 50 Emerging Technologies: Growth Opportunities of Strategic Imperative' research. Both outputs are offerings of the TechVision group, the global emerging technology, innovation, and convergence-focused practice of Frost & Sullivan.This deliverable is an indigenous effort at analyzing the Top 50 emerging technologies, and the strength of interconnects between these technologies to potentially combine with each other. The impact of these probable scenarios is underlined by their capability to: address unmet application/sector/market needs create new products/services/solutions due to the uniqueness of their co

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryInnovation Engine KaleidoscopeTop 50 Technologies – Selection MethodologyGlobal Top 50 TechnologiesTop 10 Convergence Scenarios – Selection MethodologyTop 10 Convergence Scenarios – Selection MethodologyHaptic-enabled Remote Robotic SurgeriesOutcome-focused care delivery through XaaS-focused business modelSignificant decrease in patent filing activities worldwideSmart haptic-enabled remote surgeries entail the creation of a hybrid operating roomEarly strategic investments in research help sustain competitive advantageStrategic partnerships are key to deliver XaaS Tele-surgeriesPay-per-usage and subscription-based payment to deliver haptic-enabled remote surgeriesAdoption of XaaS-based services outweigh lean-focused model in delivering remote surgeriesAdvanced Nanoencapsulated Transdermal Drug Delivery SystemTargeted, non-invasive drug delivery increasing patient convenience Gradual rise in innovations and patents indicates the dynamic R&D activityIntelligent, patient compliant drug delivery system addresses the key drug delivery market challengesTransdermal drug delivery companies heading toward nanoencapsulation for better delivery and efficacyNanoencapsulated transdermal drug delivery system disrupting the traditional drug delivery systemHigh therapeutic potential and application diversity key to nanoencapsulated drug delivery system success Point of action for market entry for developers of nanoencapsulated transdermal drug delivery systemsWearable NeuromodulationWearable neuromodulation to facilitate cognition enhancement, analgesia, and concentration North America leads in wearable neuromodulation patent filingsStringent regulatory barriers and high cost of invasive procedures to promote the use of wearable solutionsA shift of emphasis from invasive to non-invasive wearable technologiesCollaboration amongst innovators is key to push prototypes to commercializationXaaS (Cloud-computing) and tDCS can help bolster the wearable neuromodulation marketKey value proposition lies in the non-invasiveness and pricing of wearable neuromodulation devicesPersonalized Cosmeceuticals An era of personalized cosmeceuticals Assessment of enabling technologies that will drive the creation of personalized cosmeticsHigh funding interest across enabling technologies opens up positive market potential New business models, diversification, and new products key areas of opportunity for stakeholdersMajor partnerships across convergence of cosmetics, manufacturing, and pharmaImpact of personalized cosmetics set to have a ripple effect across the stakeholder value chain Probability of success is directly related to addressing critical needsAddressing scalability and business models are key technology management strategies to consider Smart ProppantsSmart proppants – enabling wireless oil & gas recovery and monitoringNorth American region hotbed for innovation Remote access and control of wells is the long-term futureInnovation ecosystem mostly focused on proppant material developmentIncreasing number of incremental innovations to help developments in a stable industryEnvironmentally conscious approach is the demand of the hourCo-location to be the preferred business modelEarthquake Rescue SystemTechnology convergence scenario for an earthquake rescue system for locating and rescuing trapped survivorsHeavy funding for the development of robotic exoskeleton in the North American regionEarthquake rescue systems pave the way for new market opportunities for the exoskeleton and microbot sectorLockheed Martin has provided the US Navy with two robotic exoskeletons for testingNew business model opportunities for robotic exoskeleton and microbot manufacturers In 2015 earthquakes totaled 14,795, and 9,635 fatalities were registered across the globeKey questions for strategic planningEnhanced Air Pollution Monitoring and AnalysisData analytics and minute sensing to enhance convergencePrivate and public joint ventures can hasten convergenceDevelopment of application-specific sensing solutions and platforms to provide better opportunitiesPrivate stakeholders and universities hold the keyIndustries with high particulate emission, hospitals, and similar sensitive environments to benefit immenselyConvergence proves to be highly effective for government bodies and climate modelingSpecific communication and analytics solutions hold research opportunitiesNextgen Digital AssistantAI empowering robots with intelligence and self-functioning capabilitiesGovernment funding is more inclined toward boosting innovation in self-functioning intelligent robotsIndustrial will be first sector to converge different technologiesR&D focus on AI and NLP is driving robotics innovationSelf-adapting Robots will Find Applications across Industries Convergence of technologies provide high growth opportunitiesStrategic Perspective on Business OpportunitiesSuper Space SuitsSuper space suits—enabling exploration of the final frontierPath breaking innovations to develop next-gen space suitMulti-functional suits will be the new Swiss army knife in spaceMaximum innovations are material basedBest practices will involve product differentiationDeep space mining expected to become commercially lucrativeRisk-sharing business models to prevailFood-water-energy Nexus SolutionsAddressing food, water, and energy security challenges sustainablyTechnology developments thriving in Asia-pacific, funding largely available in North AmericaUpcoming trends resonate with key market opportunities for food-water-energy nexus solutionsInnovations in waste-to-energy and food waste upcycling to fertilizer and energy dominateMore integrated businesses set to emerge from wide-scale nexus solutions adoptionCurrent scenarios forecast near-ideal potential for nexus solutions scenarioEntry strategies to consider, key opportunities, and current trends and challengesLegal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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