2016 Top Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation (TechVision)

Advanced manufacturing and automation technologies that will have the highest impact in 2016

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An array of new technologies driven by the digitalization trend will empower manufacturers to set foot into the digital era in 2016. This year will progress as a strategic year when most manufacturing companies will engage in information gathering and drawing strategies to make best use of new technologies into their operations. In the forthcoming years, manufacturing companies will undergo a gradual transformation in their organizational structures and operation patterns influenced by digital technologies. The technology and innovation report covers the top 10 advanced manufacturing and automation technologies that will have highest impact in the near- and medium-term. Key technologies in the cluster were eva

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Selection Methodology1.3 Top 10 Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Cluster1.4 Robots Will Become Ubiquitous and Collaborate More With Humans1.5 Additive Manufacturing to be Widely Adopted in the Automotive, Healthcare and Aerospace Industries1.6 The Trend Toward Increased Empowerment Drives the Adoption of Exoskeletons1.7 Micromanufacturing: A Multi Billion Dollar Opportunity1.8 Offshore Oil Drilling Presents Immense Growth Opportunities for UUV Market Growth 2.0 Technology Deep DiveAdditive Manufacturing 2.1 Additive Manufacturing is Destined to Replace Traditional Technologies 2.2 European Developments Cater to Specific Applications in the Automotive Sector 2.3 Faster and Rapid Manufacturing Processes Create New Opportunities2.4 The Automotive Sector Will be the Largest Adopter in Europe2.5 Companies to Watch2.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning3.0 Digital Manufacturing 3.1 Digital Manufacturing Optimizes the Supply Chain3.2 Patent Activity Drives Trends in Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.03.3 Digital Manufacturing Optimizes Product Life Management3.4 Europe is Initiating Major Steps to Drive Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories3.5 Companies to Watch 3.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning4.0 Collaborative Industrial Robots4.1 Cobots Will Replace Humans by Implementing Repetitive Tasks, Driving Steady Market Growth4.2 America is Investing in Product Development, While Europe is Focused on Technology Development4.3 Safety and Versatility are the Hallmark of Cobots 4.4 APAC is a Growing Market Aiding Mass Electronics Manufacturing4.5 Companies to Watch4.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning5.0 Agile Robots5.1 By 2022, Agile Robotics Will Hold a Significant Share of the Industrial Robots Market5.2 Agile Robots will be Increasingly Adopted in Dangerous Environments to Replace Humans5.3 Agile Robots Can Transform Automotive Assemblies5.4 Japan is at the Forefront in Creating Robots for Industries 5.5 Companies to Watch5.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning6.0 Robotic Exoskeletons6.1 Robotic Exoskeletons: The “Iron-man” Technology is Here6.2 The US Spearheads Innovation6.3 Robotic Exoskeletons are the Future of PPE in the Military6.4 Government Funding is Fostering Innovation in Robotic Exoskeletons6.5 Companies to Watch6.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning7.0 Micromanufacturing 7.1 Consumer Electronics, Automotive, and Healthcare Drive the Adoption of Microscale Devices7.2 APAC Leads the Patent Filing Trend7.3 Precision, Miniaturization and Lightweighting Drive Innovation in the Micromanufacturing Industry7.4 The Automotive and Aerospace Sectors Drive Innovation in Europe7.5 Companies to Watch7.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning8.0 Multi Material Joining8.1 Advancement in Materials Has Led to Immense Market Growth8.2 North America Leads Patent Publication Trend8.3 The Lightweighting Trend Opens Up Multiple Opportunities in Different Industries8.4 The Automotive Industry Drives Increased Adoption in Europe8.5 Companies to Watch8.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning 9.0 Composites Manufacturing9.1 High Quality Manufacturing Drives Market Growth9.2 Low cost and High Throughput Attracting High IP Activity 9.3 The Demand for Light Weight, Corrosion Resistance, and Radar Transparence Have Spurred Technology Development 9.4 The Need for Lightweighting and Energy Efficiency Drive Adoption in the Automotive, Aerospace and Energy Sectors 9.5 Companies to Watch9.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning10.0 Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs)10.1 Increased Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Will Help Drive a Steady Market Growth10.2 America is Investing in Technology and Product Development 10.3 Robustness and Operational Autonomy are Driving the Adoption of UUVs10.4 Latin America and Africa are Among the Regions with Key Growth Potential 10.5 Companies to Watch10.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning11.0 Magnetic Levitation (Maglev)11.1 Maglev Impacts Diverse Industrial and Transportation Applications11.2 Japan is a Pioneer in Maglev Technology 11.3 Faster and Cleaner Transportation Medium Driving Growth11.4 Asia Spearheads Adoption in Transportation Sector11.5 Companies to Watch11.6 Key Questions for Strategy Planning11.7 Legal Disclaimer12.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story12.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story12.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career12.3 Global Perspective12.4 Industry Convergence12.5 360º Research Perspective12.6 Implementation Excellence12.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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