2016 US HD Fleet Managers’ Voice on Advanced Truck Technologies

Fleet Managers Showing Preference for Service over Product Attributes Indicates the Rise of the Product-as-a-Service Business Model

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The aim of the study is to measure and analyze the current levels of and the changes in familiarity, desirability, and willingness to pay for advanced truck technologies by US Class 6-8 fleet managers. The study focuses on actionable insights in terms of the purchase decisions of fleet managers, offers insights focusing on key demands, satisfaction, and willingness to pay with respect to new technologies such as powertrain, safety, and telematics. Total cost of ownership, downtime reduction, regulation compliance, driver shortage, and equipment utilization are emerging as the dominant factors influencing fleet managers’ desirability and willingness to pay for advanced truck technologies. Growing awareness, i

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryUS Class 6-8 Truck Fleet Managers—Top-of-Mind Issues in 2016US Class 6-8 Truck Fleet Managers—Top-of-Mind Issues in 2016 (continued)Executive Summary—Powertrain TechnologiesExecutive Summary—Powertrain Technologies (continued)Executive Summary—Safety TechnologiesExecutive Summary—Safety Technologies (continued)Executive Summary—Telematics TechnologiesExecutive Summary—Telematics Technologies (continued)Research Objectives, Methodology, Background, and ScopeResearch Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions this Study will AnswerResearch MethodologyPowertrain TechnologiesPowertrain Technology SummaryInfluential Factors in the Powertrain Technology Purchase Process Most Prevalently Used Powertrain Technologies—Current and FutureFuture Purchase Plans Related to Engine DisplacementFuture Intentions in Terms of 13L and 6-7L EnginesDecision-making Process for Engine PurchasesPrimary Reason for Selecting OEM Nameplate EnginesAnticipated Pattern of Purchasing OEM Nameplate EnginesExpected Semi-automatic Transmission Suppliers for New TrucksExpected Time Period to Recover Price Premium of Hybrid Trucks Prevalence of Natural Gas Fuels Usage in FleetsDiesel Price Threshold that will Influence Switch to CNG/LNGMost Important Factors Determining Motor Oil ChangesMost Important Attribute in Lubricants for Vehicles with Emission After-treatment DevicesKey Insights—Powertrain Technology Trends 2016Safety TechnologiesAdvanced Safety Technology SummaryAdvanced Safety Technology Purchase Process—Influential Factors Most Prevalently Used Advanced Safety TechnologiesAdvanced Safety Technologies in Fleets—Current and FutureRelative Importance of Safety TechnologyPreferred Active Chassis Control OptionsFactors Influencing the Fleet Safety System Supplier Selection ProcessFactors Influencing the ROI of Safety SystemsKey Insights—Advanced Safety Technology Trends 2016Telematics TechnologiesTelematics Technology SummaryInfluential Factors in the Telematics Technology Purchase Process Most Prevalently Used Telematics TechnologiesRelative Importance of Telematics Technology OptionsTelematics Services and Hardware Installation Current and Future Telematics Technologies in Fleets—Prognostics TechnologyInterest in Remote Calibration and Maintenance SystemsMost Valuable Prognostic/Remote Diagnostic InformationSmartphone-based Brokering (Uber for Trucks)Key Insights—Telematics Technology Trends 2016Growth Opportunity and Companies to ActionGrowth Opportunity—Current Offerings, Value-add Services, and Portfolio ExpansionStrategic Imperatives for Success and Growth Key Conclusions and Future OutlookKey ConclusionsThe Last Word—3 Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixAcronyms UsedRespondent and Fleet FactsFleet ProfileRespondent Profile

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