2017 Outlook of Global MD and HD Trucks Market

Truck-as-a-Service Business Model Creating Sustainable Revenue Opportunities and Transforming Both Developed and Mature Markets

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2017 will be a year like no other in global commercial vehicle industry. Product as a service will dominate industry narrative as proliferation of electronics and connected truck technologies create new logistics business models. Moreover, concerns on global economic and geopolitical stability along with concerns around strength of BRIC economies are creating needs for recalibration of business strategies. Green, safe, connected, and hence smart trucks will experience rising demand. Autonomous mobility and digital freight brokering technologies are expected to receive rising industry interest, and telematics technologies and business models will adapt to these changes. 2017 is also expected to experience rising

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2016 Key Highlights
Recovery in China and India was Overshadowed by Weakness in the Americas
MD Trucks and Mid-market Products Gained Significant Demand
Volkswagen’s Consolidation Brought About Synergies
Freight-related Challenges Accelerated Digitisation in Freight Transportation
Engine Platformisation Came to the Forefront
Potentially Disruptive Business Models
8 Transformational Shifts Shaping the Future of Commercial Trucking
CV Market—Senior Management’s Top-of-the-Mind Issues
Global GDP and Commercial Trucks Market—Growth Outlook
Top 6 Predictions
2. Global MD and HD Trucks Market Outlook
Global MD and HD Trucks Market Forecast
Global Medium and Heavy Commercial Trucks Market Forecast
Product Segments Outlook
Attractive MD and HD Trucks Segment by Region
MD-HD Trucks OEM Sales Performance
Key Market Introductions—Lighter Trucks Turn Lucrative
3. Global MD-HD Trucks—Powertrain Outlook
Powertrain Technology Forecast
HD Engine Platform Design Harmonisation
Alternative Fuel Powertrain Market—Regional Market Share Analysis
4. Global MD-HD Platform Outlook
MD Truck Platforms of Major OEMs
HD Truck Platforms of Major OEMs
Regional and Global MD Platforms of Major OEMs
Regional and Global HD Platforms of Major OEMs
Changing OEM Focus in Global HD Truck Platform
MAN RIO—Digitisation of Truck Solutions Platform
5. Global MD Trucks Market Outlook
MD Trucks Market Outlook
Impact of Urban Logistics on MD Truck Design
Global Product-Price Segment Specifications in MD Trucks
MD Trucks—Price-positioning Forecast
MD Trucks—Global Platforms
Vision of 2025 MD Truck Design Boundaries
6. Global Connected Trucks Outlook
Global Installed Base of Connected Trucks by Region
Regional Connected Trucks Market—Service Revenue Analysis
Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate in the United States
New and Attractive Business Cases in Truck Telematics Service Pricing
7. Special Focus A—Select Emerging Markets’ Performance: South America, Turkey, and Stan-Jan
Regional Outlook—South America
Regional Outlook—Turkey
Regional Outlook—Stan and Jan Countries
8. Special Focus B—Autonomous Trucking and Platooning
How OEMs Will Differentiate Their Brand in the Future
Key Challenges to Autonomous Driving in Commercial Vehicles
Levels of Automation
Functional Matrix for the Autonomous Truck
Building Blocks of an Autonomous Truck
Key Technology Enablers for Automated Driving
Technology Roadmap for Truck Platooning
Business Model Focus—Truck Platooning
Platooning Implementation Costs to OEMs
Platooning Revenue Model Analysis
9. Special Focus C—HWW Outlook in Trucking
HWW Opportunities in Trucking
HWW Technologies for Truck Design
HWW Applications and Services for Trucks
First Wave of HWW Features in Trucks
10. Special Focus D—Digital Freight Brokering
Digitisation in Freight Brokerage
Digital Freight Brokerage
Automated Freight Brokering Market in United States
Digital Freight Brokerage Opportunities in China
11. Special Focus E—Start-ups Disrupting Global CV Market
Investing in Start-ups
5 Major Growth Opportunities in the Start-up Space
Key Criteria for Choosing a Start-up—Attracting Investors’ Eye
Key Participants Investing in Start-ups
Key Markets for Start-ups in Connected Truck
12. Special Focus F—Business Model Change: Truck as a Service
Digitisation Enabling Industry Evolution towards Service/Solution Model
Trucking Challenges Propelling Digitalisation
Evolution of Digital Technologies Enabling Mission-critical Deliveries
Truck as a Service—Nikola Motors’ Value Proposition
13. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Transformation in Freight Market Ecosystem—2017
Growth Opportunities
Strategic Imperatives
14. Conclusions and Outlook
Key Conclusions and 2017 Outlook
Legal Disclaimer
15. Appendix
Table of Acronyms Used
Upcoming Topics in the Commercial Vehicles Research Programme
16. Global Economic Trends
Top Economic Trends 2017
Top Economic Predictions—2017
Top Predictions in 2017—Advanced Economies
Top Predictions in 2017—BRIC Nations
World’s 20 Largest Economies in 2016
World’s 20 Fastest Growing Economies in 2016 and 2017
World Economic Snapshot—2015–2017
Other Macroeconomic Highlights—2017
Market Engineering Methodology


List of Figures & Charts

1. CV Market: GDP and CV Growth Outlook Overview, Global, 2017
2. CV Market: MD Truck Platforms, Global, 2017–2025
3. CV Market: Average Annual Services Package Price, Global, 2017
4. Truck Platooning Market: Pricing Analysis, Global, 2017 and 2030

1. CV Market: CEO Survey, Global, 2016–2017
2. CV Market: Senior Management’s Top-of-the-Mind Issues, Global, 2016–2017
3. CV Market: MD and HD Trucks—Unit Shipment, Global, 2016 and 2017
4. CV Market: MD Trucks—Unit shipment, Global, 2016 and 2017
5. CV Market: HD Trucks—Unit shipment, Global, 2016 and 2017
6. CV Market: Unit Shipment by Product Segment, Global, 2016 and 2017
7. CV Market: Highest-selling Weight Segment by Region, Global, 2016 and 2017
8. CV Market: MD-HD Trucks OEM Performance, Global, 2016
9. CV Market: Powertrain Technology Split by Region, Global, 2017
10. CV Market: Harmonisation of HD Engine Platforms, Global, 2017–2020
11. CV Market: Regional Alternative Powertrain Analysis, Global, 2016–2017
12. MD Trucks Market—Key Truck Platforms, Global, 2016 and 2025
13. HD Trucks Market—Key Truck Platforms, Global, 2016 and 2025
14. MD Trucks Market—Key Truck Platforms, Global, 2016 and 2025
15. HD Trucks Market—Key Truck Platforms, Global, 2017
16. HD Truck Market—Platform Evolution, Global, 2017–2030
17. CV Market: Connected Truck Outlook—MAN RIO, Global, 2017–2025
18. CV Market: Impact of Hub and Spoke Distribution on MD Trucks, Global, 2016–2025
19. CV Market: Impact of Urban Logistics on MD Trucks, Global, 2017–2025
20. CV Market: MD Trucks Value Positioning, Global, 2017
21. CV Market: MD Trucks Unit Shipment Forecast, Global, 2016 and 2025
22. CV Market: MD Truck Platforms, Global, 2016
23. CV Market: Virtual MD Trucks, Global, 2017–2025
24. CV Market: Telematics Installed Base by Region, Global, 2016, 2017, and 2025
25. CV Market: Telematics Services Revenue Analysis, Global, 2016, 2017, and 2025
26. CV Market: ELD Adoption Timeline and Implications, United States, 2012–2019
27. MD-HD Trucks Market: Average Age of Commercial Vehicles by Country, South America, 2016
28. CV Market: Truck Parc, by Ownership, 2016
29. CV Market: Annual MD-HD Sales, 2016
30. CV Market: MD-HD Trucks Market Share, SA, 2016
31. CV Market: Truck Parc by Age, Turkey, 2016
32. CV Market: Truck Parc by Ownership, Turkey 2016
33. CV Market: Annual MD-HD Sales, Turkey, 2016
34. CV Market: MD-HD Trucks Market Share, Turkey, 2016
35. CV Market: Annual MD-HD Sales, Stan and Jan, 2016
36. CV Market: Powertrain Mix, Uzbekistan, 2015
37. CV Market: Market Share, Kazakhastan, 2016
38. CV Market: How OEMs Differentiate Their Brands, Global, <2000–2020
39. CV Market: Levels of Automation, Global, 2015–2030+
40. CV Market: Autonomous Trucks—Functional Roadmap, Global, 2017–2025
41. CV Market: Building Blocks—Autonomous Trucking, Global, 2017
42. CV Market: Autonomous Trucks—Key Technology Enablers, Global, 2017
43. CV Market: Platooning Technology Roadmap, Global, 2016–2030
44. CV Market: Business Models for Truck Platooning, Global, 2017
45. CV Market: Truck Platooning—Incremental Cost Analysis, Global, 2017 and 2030
46. CV Market: Platooning Revenue Models, Global, 2017
47. CV Market: HWW Opportunities in Trucking, Global, 2017
48. CV Market: HWW Technologies in Trucks Market—Key Features, Global, 2017–2022
49. CV Market: Convergence of HWW Applications and Services in Trucks, Global, 2017–2022
50. CV Market: First Wave of HWW Proliferation, Global, 2017–2022
51. Total Freight Market: Revenue, United States, 2015–2025
52. For-hire Market: Segmented by Brokerage Vs Dedicated, United States, 2015–2025
53. Freight Brokerage by Segment, United States, 2015–2025
54. Freight Brokerage by Operation Type, United States, 2015–2025
55. CV Market: Freight Movement by Length of Haul, China, 2015–2016
56. CV Market: Freight Movement by Segment, China, 2015–2016
57. CV Market: Start-ups Ecosystem—Reasons for Investing, Global, 2017
58. CV Market: Growth Opportunities in CV Start-ups, Global, 2025
59. CV Market: Key Criteria for CV Start-ups, Global, 2017
60. CV Market: Key Participants in CV Start-up Space, Global, 2017
61. CV Market: Key Market Segments for CV Start-Ups, Global, 2016–2017
62. CV Market: Impact of Digital Transformation, Global, 2017
63. CV Market: Key Challenges in the Trucking Market, Global, 2017
64. CV Market: Evolution of Digital Technologies in Trucks, Global, 2010–2025
65. CV Market: Nikola Motors-Value Proposition, North America, 2017
66. CV Market: Key Conclusions and Future Outlook, Global, 2017
67. 20 Largest Economies, Global, 2016
68. GDP Growth: Top 20 Fastest Growing Economies, ’16,’17
69. GDP Growth of Selected Countries, Global, 2015–2017

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