Advanced Analytics: Disruptive Opportunities

Technologies Enabling Digital Transformation Through New Value Streams

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The availability of ever increasing amounts of structured and unstructured data, along with higher, cheaper and faster computing power, have been key drivers for the development of advanced analytics. The Internet of Things has served to boost the development of the streaming analytics market, through sensor-driven, real-time insights into consumer behavior. Most importantly, organizations need to take advantage of insights from in-depth analytics to gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve.This report answers the following questions:Which are the analytics technologies that are being adopted?What are the major application areas for these technologies?What are some industries impacted?What are s

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope 2.0 Key Findings and Analyst POV2.1 Advanced Analytics Enable a Competitive Edge Through Powerful Insights 2.2 Advanced Analytics Helps Create New Value Streams2.3 Machines Will be Reactive to Human Emotions2.4 Analytics are Moving to Less Data Intensive Spaces3.0 Overview of the Topic3.1 Overview of Data Analytics3.2 The Evolution of Advanced Analytics3.3 Advanced Analytics Technology Value Chain3.4 Advanced Analytics Drivers Explained 3.5 Advanced Analytics Challenges Explained4.0 Types of Analytics Tools4.1 Image Analytics Enable Real-time Actionable Insights4.2 Which Companies are Enabling Image Analytics?4.3 Image Analytics in Healthcare – Use Case4.4 Image Analytics Helps Marketers Measure “Share of Eye”4.5 Image Analytics Enables Social Media Analytics – Use Case4.6 Image Analytics Enables Precision Agriculture – Use Case4.7 Text Analytics Enables Valuable Insights from Unstructured Data 4.8 Unlocking Hidden Insights with Text Analytics4.9 Text Analytics in Healthcare – Use Case4.10 Text Analytics in Customer Care – Use Case4.11 Analytics in the Insurance Industry4.12 Video Analytics4.13 Which Companies are Enabling Video Analytics?4.14 Video Analytics in Media Helps Measure Highest Views4.15 Video Analytics in Surveillance Accelerates Insights4.16 Video Analytics in Retail Maximizes ROI 4.17 Video Analytics in Media – Use Case4.18 Video Analytics in Automotive – Use Case4.19 Audio and Speech Analytics4.20 Which Companies are Enabling Audio Analytics?4.21 Audio Analytics in Home Security – Use Case4.22 Speech Analytics in Customer Service – Use Case4.23 Speech Analytics – Use Case4.24 Emotion Analytics4.25 Which Companies are Enabling Emotion Analytics?4.26 Emotion Analytics in Media and Advertising4.27 Emotion Analytics in Gaming and Education4.28 Emotion Analytics in Automotive and Robotics4.29 Emotion Analytics in Healthcare4.30 Emotion Analytics in Media and Advertising – Use Case5.0 Patent Analysis and Technology Roadmap5.1 Patent Filings Increase in the Analytics Space5.2 IBM, Google, and Microsoft Are Top Patent Assignees Globally5.3 Future Innovation Potentials for Advanced Analytics6.0 Emerging Business Models6.1 Content Marketplaces for Analytics6.2 Democratization of analytics and Crowdsourcing of Data7.0 Convergence Scenarios7.1 Convergence of Advanced Analytics, Big Data, and 3D Printing Will Enable Hyper-personalization in Product Design7.2 Convergence of Advanced Analytics, Wearables, and 5G Will Enable Real-time Hyper-connected Quantified Self8.0 Key Contacts8.1 Key Contacts8.1 Key Contacts (continued)9.0 Appendix 9.1 Advanced Analytics - Other Use Cases9.1 Advanced Analytics - Other Use Cases (continued)Legal Disclaimer

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