Advanced Catalysts-- Global Overview of Technological Developments (Technical Insights)

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Reports on technology and research in the field of catalysts across the world.

Table of Contents

Advanced Catalysts-- Global Overview of Technological Developments (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryCatalystsDefinitionStudy Highlights and Key FindingsResearch MethodologyScopeMethodologyAdvanced Catalysts-- Global Overview of Technological Developments (Technical Insights), IntroductionIntroduction to CatalystsCatalysts: What Are They ?Overview of the Catalyst MarketCatalysts: Types; Characteristics and MechanismTypes of CatalystsCharacteristics of CatalystsMechanism of CatalysisAdvanced Catalysts-- Global Overview of Technological Developments (Technical Insights), Catalysts in Chemical and Biochemical Applications Catalysts in Chemical Industries Chiral CatalystsEnzymesHydrogenation CatalystsOxidation CatalystsDehydrogenation CatalystsTechnology Developments in Companies Catalysts for Hydrogen Reforming - USANoble Metal WGS Catalysts for Fuel Processing and Hydrogen Generation Applications - USABiocatalysis - Discovery Tools Workflow - USAPorous Metal Cakes Aid in Catalyst Recovery - USAProtein Engineering Yields Xylanase - USABiozymes Into Sugars for Fuel Ethanol - DenmarkImproved P-Xylene Catalyst - USACACHy Technology - USANovel Enzyme Carriers - USAEnzyme Improvement - GermanyLipases for Solving Pitch Problems in Paper - FinlandBetter Monooxygenases for Industrial Synthesis - USAMicrobial Vanillin Process - UKBiocatalyst for Flavor Material - USAHistidine Enhances Metal Accumulation in Plants - UKResearch in Universities and Government InstitutionsEnhancement of Titanium Dioxide Catalyst with Carbon - GermanyAnatase Coatings for Photocatalytic Properties - South KoreaAnchoring of Metal Complexes within Nanoporous Alumina - Germany and FranceUse Solution Route to Produce Metal Oxide Thin Films - USAReactive Deposition of Metallic Thin Films Using Supercritical-Fluid-Based Porous Supports - USARecyclable Catalysts for Solvent-free Reactions - USAEthanol-Based Enzymatic Batteries - USAMicrobial Reduction of Diketocarboxylic Acids - GermanyPacific Yew Taxadiene Synthase - USAGold Nanoplugs Wire Enzyme Circuits - IsraelBiological Degradation of Cyanide - USAPalladium Catalysts for Producing Acetic Acid - USAMaterials Sort Chiral Chemicals - USAFirst Artificial Protein Built - USAImproved Enzyme for Destroying Nerve Gas - USAXylanase Treatment Improves Pulp Ozone Bleaching - SpainMicrobial Nickel Protein to Oxidize Methane - GermanyNew Bacterial Pathway Degrades Organophosphates - UKWhite-Rot Fungi Transform Chlorophenols - UKBacteria Engineered to Produce Ortho-Aminophenols - USARecombinant Vanadium Haloperoxidase Enzyme - USATechnology Drivers; Restraints and ChallengesDriversRestraints and ChallengesRecent ApplicationsTitanium Dioxide for Self-Cleaning WindowsRNA BiocatalystsProteomics CatalystAdvanced Catalysts-- Global Overview of Technological Developments (Technical Insights), Catalysts in Polymer Applications Polymerization Catalysts Ziegler-Natta CatalystsMetallocene CatalystsPhase-Transfer CatalystsTechnology Developments in CompaniesNew Class of Polyolefin Catalysts to Produce LDPE - USANew Ethyl Benzoate Catalysts for Gas and Liquid Phase Polymerization - USAAminium Lactate Route for Polylactic Acids - USAImproved Metallocene Polypropylene Grades - USAMulti-Layer Film Adhesion Elimination - USANew Titanium-Based Catalyst for Polyester Synthesis - JapanResearch in Universities and Government InstitutionsCornell Researchers Fabricate Biodegradable Polymers from Renewable Sources - USACatalysts for Post-Polymerization Modification - The Netherlands Cobalt-Based Polycarbonate Copolymerization Catalysts - USACatalysts Aid in the Development of Polymers from Carbon Dioxide - USAVersatile Polymer Nanoscale Brushes - USAUse Catalysts to Synthesize Mesoporous Materials - USAPolymeric Electrolyte in Fuel Cells - USADielectric Films from Supercritical Fluids - USAPorous Ceramics to Magnetically Separate Proteins - USATechnology Drivers; Restraints and Challenges DriversRestraints/ChallengesRecent ApplicationsMetallocene ApplicationsNanodiameter Alumina Fiber for Use as CatalystsCatalysts for Windmill BladesCatalysts for Cleaner Purer AdditivesCatalysts for InterpolymersMaterials with Hollow Mesospheres as CatalystsAdvanced Catalysts-- Global Overview of Technological Developments (Technical Insights), Catalysts in Petroleum Refining Applications Petroleum Refining CatalystsFluid Catalytic Cracking CatalystsCatalytic Reforming CatalystsHydroprocessing CatalystsAlkylation CatalystsTechnology Developments in CompaniesRecent Technological Developments at Akzo Nobel - The NetherlandsNew Olefin Cracking Process - USACatalysts to Control Wax Molecules in Lubes - SingaporeResearch in Universities and Government InstitutionsNovel Catalysts for Better Fuel - USANobel Metal Hydrotreating Catalyst for Fuel Desulfurization - USACatalysts for Cleaner and More Efficient Fuel Cells - USATechnology Drivers; Restraints and ChallengesDriversRestraints and ChallengesRecent ApplicationsAlumina in Petroleum RefiningZeolite ApplicationsCatalytic DewaxingAdvanced Catalysts-- Global Overview of Technological Developments (Technical Insights), Catalysts in Environmental Applications Environmental CatalystsZeolitesNanocatalystsDiesel Oxidation CatalystsFuel Cell CatalystsTechnology Developments in CompaniesGASPART Technology for Removing Carbon Particulates from Automobile Exhausts - UKActive Site Technology to Enhance Catalytic Activity - UKNew Catalyst for Automobile Exhausts - JapanSelective Catalytic Reduction Technology - USAHybrid Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology - USALow-Platinum Electrocatalysts - USACatalysts for Long-Lasting and Low-Friction Surfaces - USAPhthalocyanines to Detect Noxious Gases - RomaniaRecovery of Catalysts by Supercritical Water Oxidation Process - UK/SwedenNanofiber Growth - DenmarkResearch in Universities and Government InstitutionsNanocatalyst Behavior Study - USANew Catalysts for Green Chemistry - USACatalysts for Artificial Photosynthesis - USACarbon Nanotubes for Use in Catalysts - USASelf-Separating Catalyst to Prevent Wastes - USANew Family of Porous Catalytic Materials - USAAdvanced Catalysts for Use in Compression-Ignition Direct-Injection Engines - USASol-Gel Production of Lanthanum Cobaltite Thin Films - JapanRenewable Hydrogen from Ethanol - USACerium Oxide Catalyst Might Reduce Cost of Fuel Cells - USADevelopment of Low-Cost Hydrogen Catalyst - USA Catalysts Decolorize Textile Mill Wastewater - USANanoscale Catalyst Model for Atomic-Level Understanding - USA Zeolite Catalyst to Meet NOx Limits - USAZeolites as 'Highways' for Oil Components - The NetherlandsNovel Plasma Catalysts Significantly Reduce NOx from Diesel Engines - USATechnology Drivers; Restraints and ChallengesDriversRestraints and ChallengesRecent ApplicationsZeolite Filters Prevent Disease Transmission Due to Contaminated Drinking WaterControl of Air Pollution Zeolites as Hydrocarbon TrapsZeolites Accelerate Decomposition of Pesticides in WaterCatalysts to convert Polluting By-Products of Paper Mill Wastes Catalysts in Fuel CellsAutocatalytic Converter Saves Costly FuelMembranes Prefer Bigger Pores in ZeolitesCrystalline Microporous MaterialsCatalysts for Paper CleaningAdvanced Catalysts-- Global Overview of Technological Developments (Technical Insights), Patents; DSD Tables; Company Profiles and Contact DetailsSome Key PatentsFluid Catalytic Cracking CatalystsHydroprocessing CatalystsChiral CatalystsEnzymesZiegler-Natta CatalystsMetallocenesZeolitesNanocatalystsDSD TablesVehicles in Operation(Thousands) by Region 1996-2002Total Vehicle Production (Units) by Region 1996-2004Crude Oil Production ('000 Barrels Per Day) by Region 1996-2004Pharmaceuticals R&D Expenditure (Million USD) by Region 1996-2004Government Investment in Biotechnology (Million USD) by Region 1996-2004Private Investment in Biotechnology (Million USD) by Region 1996-2004 Contact Details and Company ProfilesCompany ProfilesContact DetailsAdvanced Catalysts-- Global Overview of Technological Developments (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2004 Science and Technology AwardsExcellence in Technology in Automotive CatalystsIntroductionAward RecipientTechnology Leadership in Catalyst TechnologyIntroductionAward RecipientAdvanced Catalysts-- Global Overview of Technological Developments (Technical Insights), Database of Key Industry ParticipantsCompaniesNorth AmericaEuropeAsia-PacificUniversitiesNorth AmericaEuropeAsia-Pacific

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