Advanced Nanocomposites (Technical Insights)


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This research service outlines the key developments in Advanced Nanocomposites.

Table of Contents

Advanced Nanocomposites (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryOverviewOverviewGlobal Technology Highlights (North America; Europe; Asia)Scope and MethodologyScopeMethodologyNanocomposites Webwatch DirectoryAdvanced Nanocomposites (Technical Insights), Nanocomposites Introduction (North America; Europe; Asia)NanocompositesPlastic’s New FrontierThe Old Rules Don’t Apply (New Material Capabilities Envisioned)Advanced Microscope DevelopmentAlchemy RedefinedCarbon Nanomaterial DiscoveredNanocomposite MarketNanocomposite Market Growth and Research CommitmentNanocomposite TypesNanocomposite ApplicationsPlastics Future FocusThe Nanocomposites Future is NowNanocomposite--Learning from the Natural NanoworldBig Ideas from Thinking Very Very SmallAdvanced Nanocomposites (Technical Insights), Nanocomposites Technology and Applications Viewpoint (North America; Europe; Asia)Nanocomposites and Plastics Industry ApplicationsImpact of Nanocomposites on the Plastics IndustryLeading Edge Plastic Nanocomposite EndusesAutomotive and NanocompositesThe Automotive Industry Leads the ‘Nano Revolution’General Motors Nanocomposite Applications DevelopmentInnovative Nanoparticle Automotive PaintVolkswagen’s Multinanomaterial Futuristic FocusPackaging and NanocompositesNanocomposite Packaging InnovationsNanocomposites--Newer Barrier Bottle OptionsNanoclay Enhanced Bottle Barrier LayerNanocomposite Barrier Layer with Oxygen ScavengerNovel Barrier-Enhanced Beer Bottle PETMonolayer Approach to Barrier PackagingHigh-Barrier Nanocomposite Substitute for Metallized PET FilmAdvanced Meals Ready-To-Eat PackagingIndustrial and NanocompositesHybrid Plastics to Develop Radiation ShieldingNanoclay-Based Heat Resistant Gas Barrier FilmTransparent Nano-Strengthened ArmorNanofibers and Nanocomposites Electrospinning NanofibersElectrospinning Hollow NanoFibersElectrospinning Conjugated Polymer NanofibersNanofiber-Based Cell Culture PlatformNano-Enhanced Air Filtration SystemsSuper FibersAdvanced Nanocomposites (Technical Insights), Nanocomposite Materials Technology Adoption (North America; Europe; Asia)Nanocomposite DevelopmentsNanoscale TechnologiesNanocomposite AdditivesNanoclaysIntroductionNanoclay Processes and PropertiesNew Nanoclay CompatibilizersCarbon NanotubesIntroductionBulk Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube ProductionUnique Double Wall Carbon NanotubesCommercial Scale CNT ProductionHigh-Quality Cost-Effective MWNT DevelopedFunctionalized CNTPolyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes (POSS)POSS Hybrid NanocompositePOSS HistoryPOSS Property EnhancementPOSS Applications and Application DevelopmentOther Nanocomposite AdditivesEmerging Inorganic NanotubesNew Barium Sulfate Plastic Resin NanofillerNano-Silica Nucleating AgentNanotechnology in Engineered PlasticsPOSS Hybrid Inorganic-Organic MasterbatchNew Possibilities with Nano-Enhanced CBT ResinNanotechnology in Conductive PlasticsNanotechnology Tailored Conductive PlasticsConductive Nanocomposite PolymersCarbon Nanotube--Thermoplastic PredispersionsAurum CNT Polyimide/Carbon Nanotube NanocompositeSelf-Assembled Nanocomposite Conductive polymersStretchable Conductive Metal RubberSelf-Assembled Regioregular Conductive PolymersNanotech CoatingsAbrasion-Resistant Nanocomposite CoatingsAntifogging Nanolayer CoatingNanotech Plastic to Aluminum BondingBiomimetric Nanocomposite DevelopmentsThe Application of BiomimeticsNacre NanocompositeNanotube-PMMA Dry Super AdhesiveNanomaterial Development ToolsNanotool OverviewWorld’s Highest Resolution Commercial S/TEM MicroscopeBuilding from the Bottom UpAtomistix’s Virtual NanoLabAdvanced Nanocomposites (Technical Insights), Nanocomposites Technology and Market Assessment (North America; Europe; Asia)Advances in Nanocomposites PlasticsAcademic Research AdvancesAdvanced Nanocomposites Business DynamicsInnovative Industry and Academic Nanomaterial Research CollaborationsBoeing Ford Northwestern Research AllianceDupont-MIT AllianceKey Plastic Nanocomposite PlayersSpecialty Nanomaterial StrategiesZyvex Corporation; Visionary NanoleaderHyperion Catalysis International Inc.; Carbon Nanotube PioneerCarbon Nanotechnologies Inc.; Intellectual Property LeaderHigh Tech Applications Technology StrategiesDonaldson Company Inc.; High-Tech Filtration Systems DeveloperTriton Systems; Nanocomposites Technology IncubatorHydration Technologies Inc.; Water Purification Product DeveloperAdvanced Nanocomposites (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2005 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology Innovation Award (North America)Award DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Leadership Award (North America)Award DescriptionAward RecipientExcellence in Technology Award (Asia; North America)Award DescriptionAward RecipientAdvanced Nanocomposites (Technical Insights), Plastics Company Sourceguide; Plastics Resources; Glossary; and Environmental ReviewNanocomposites GlossaryNanocomposites Glossary-INanocomposites Glossary-IINanotech Environmental ReviewHealth and Safety Issues with NanocompositesGovernment Support of Research into Nanomaterial Health; Safety/Environmental Issues World’s First Online Database Related to Risks Benefits of NanotechnologyPlastics Company Sourceguide (North America; Europe; Asia)Plastics Company Sourceguide (North America; Europe; Asia)Additional Plastics ResourcesAdvanced Nanocomposites (Technical Insights), Critical Reference TablesDecision Support DatabaseCar ProductionBus ProductionHeavy Truck Production

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