Advancements in Fingerprint Sensors, Quantum Dot Sensors, Nano-metal-insulator Semiconductor Sensors, Terahertz Sensors, and Wearable Sensors

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This Sensor TOE profiles innovations and developments in contactless fingerprint sensors, nano-scale (quantum dot) sensors for biomedical applications, nano-metal-insulator semiconductor (nMIS) for microfludics, terahertz sensors for food inspection, and electronic gloves to prevent workers form harmful vibrations.

Sensor TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) captures global sensor-related innovations and developments on a weekly basis. Innovations are directed toward developing smart and intelligent sensors with functionalities beyond sensing. Research focus areas include: low power sensors (energy harvesting), industrial automation sensors (M2M, vision sensor), ubiquitous sensor (WSN, sensor fusion), smart sensors (wearables, quantified self), high sensitivity and smaller size (MEMS, nanosensors), and improved security (CBRNE, terahertz).

The need for low power, smaller, lighter sensors with enhanced performance attributes and minimal false alarms is driving innovations in the sensors space. The Sensors and Instrumentation cluster covers innovations pertaining to technologies such as wireless sensors and networks, energy harvesting, haptics and touch, MEMS and nanosensors, Terahertz, ubiquitous/smart sensors, CBRNE, quantified-self, sensor fusion, M2M communications, and drones.

Keywords: Contactless fingerprint sensors, microfluidics, metal oxide semiconductor sensors, quantum dot sensors, terahertz sensors, electronic gloves, accelerometers, vibration sensors

Table of Contents

Advancements in Fingerprint Sensors, Quantum Dot Sensors, Nano-metal-insulator Semiconductor Sensors, Terahertz Sensors, and Wearable SensorsRecent Sensor-based Innovations for Biometrics, Medical Diagnostics, Food, and Industrial Worker SafetyContactless 3D Fingerprint Identification System Nano-scale Sensor for Detecting CytokineNovel Sensor System for Medical Diagnostics Sensors for Detecting Foreign Bodies and Pathogens in FoodElectronic Glove Protects Workers against High-Vibration ExposureIndustry Contacts




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