Advances and Trends in Wireless Technologies (Technical Insights)

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This report discusses technical and market developments and trends in various wireless technologies.

Table of Contents

Advances and Trends in Wireless Technologies (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryEconomic and Business Climate; Scope and MethodologyTechnology Options in Bleak Economic ClimateScope and MethodologyHighlights and Key FindingsWireless Communication--Technology Advances Lead to Productivity and EfficiencyHighlights and Key FindingsAdvances and Trends in Wireless Technologies (Technical Insights), Assessment of Mobile TechnologiesDescriptionTechnology Evolution--From Analog to DigitalA Burden of Many Technologies and StandardsExisting Technology--What New Innovations are Up Against2G Technology2.5G TechnologyDrivers and ChallengesEmerging Technology - 3GAnalysis of the Technology and its ApplicationsCharacteristics and Applications of 3GTechnology Challenges--3G Must Overcome Security Concerns and Competing TechnologiesDrivers and Restraints4GA Promise of Mobile Virtual Reality and Advanced Application IntegrationSpectrum and Service CapabilitiesDrivers for 4GNoteworthy Emerging R&D DevelopmentsCreate Spintronics Material by Mixing Zinc Dioxide and Manganese--SwedenLow-Energy Mobile Communications--Sweden RF Systems May Get Embedded High-Q Inductors--North AmericaSun Cycles and Antennae Position Affect Cell Phones--North AmericaImprove Contrast and Brightness in Portables--North AmericaWireless Applications to Benefit from Si-Based Tunnel Diode--North AmericaAdvances and Trends in Wireless Technologies (Technical Insights), Assessment of IEEE Wireless Standards802.11 Wireless Local Area NetworksStandards Assessment and Background/Network Requirements/SecurityWi-Fi--A Shared MediumDistance from the Base StationWhat The Technology Means to Other PlayersMarket Dynamics--Benefits/Restraints/Increasing the Wi-Fi Customer BaseWireless Personal Area NetworksStandards Projects in DevelopmentBluetooth--Revision and Expansion Driven by Technological and Market NeedsUltrawideband--Delivering Multimedia Capability Over the Short RangeWiMediaZigbee--It's Good for Low-Cost Control Signaling802.16 Broadband Wireless Access StandardsWiMAX--Long Distance Option Doesn't Need Line-of-SightLMDS--A High-Throughput Fixed Wire SolutionMMDS--A Long Distance Option for Small Businesses and HomesComparison of Competing Technologies5GHz VS 2.4GhzWi-Fi VS UWBWi-Fi VS 802.16aWi-Fi Vs BluetoothWi-Fi VS HomeRFNoteworthy Emerging R&D DevelopmentsNanotube to Serve as an Antennae for Wireless Devices--North AmericaMagnets to Damp Out Electromagnetic Noise--North AmericaOn-Chip Wireless Communication--North AmericaRemote Monitoring of Home Appliances--Singapore802.20 to Give Competition to 802.16Drivers & RestrainsDriversRestraintsAdvances and Trends in Wireless Technologies (Technical Insights), Assessment of Radio Frequency and Optical Communication TechnologiesRF TechnologiesTechnology Assessment--Intense Innovation Drives ApplicationsWireless Broadcast Across Chip--North AmericaOptical Communication TechnologiesHigh Data Rates and Long Haul SpansLawrence Livermore Completes Laser Communication Link--North America A New Family of Optical Materials--North AmericaNoteworthy Emerging R&D DevelopmentsCarbon Nanotubes for RF Signal Processing - North AmericaColloidal Quantum Dot Laser for Communication Devices - North AmericaRuby Slows Light - North AmericaAddressing the Last Mile Problem in Communication - North AmericaUse Gold Nanocrystal as RFID Inks - North AmericaThis Tag Will Self Destruct in 30 Seconds - The Netherlands RFID Tags on the Rise - The Netherlands FDA Approves Chip Implant - North AmericaIntegrate RFID with Other Applications - North AmericaDetect Biological and Chemical Agents Using RF-Based Biosensor - North AmericaAdvances and Trends in Wireless Technologies (Technical Insights), Assessment of Wireless SensorsWireless Sensor SystemsSmart Devices and SensorsStandardsApplicationsLeading Manufacturers and Key PlayersNoteworthy Emerging R&D DevelopmentsLow-Power CMOS Image Sensors - North AmericaWireless Sensor Networks to Detect Forest Fires - AustraliaSelf-Powered Wireless Sensors - North AmericaWatch Your Home Remotely With Affordable New Tools - North AmericaWirelessly Linked Sensors and Machine Controllers - North AmericaAn Application of Wireless Smart SensorsSensor Detects Forces in Human Knee Joints - North AmericaBenefits and ChallengesBenefitsChallengesAdvances and Trends in Wireless Technologies (Technical Insights), Wireless Security BriefSecuritySensitive DataSecurity MeasuresRestraintsNoteworthy Emerging R&D DevelopmentsAn Optical Antenna for Improved Wireless Security--United KingdomWPA Plugs Holes in WEPAdvances and Trends in Wireless Technologies (Technical Insights), Market Impact AnalysisMarket AnalysisMarket DynamicsInternational Comparisons--North America/Western Europe/Asia-PacificHurdles to Wireless DeploymentVC SpendingApplicationsElectronic BusinessMobile MultimediaVarious End Applications of Wireless TechnologiesThe Benefits of Mobile and Wireless ComputingAdvances and Trends in Wireless Technologies (Technical Insights), Patents; Glossary; Company listing; Contact DetailsPatents and GlossaryPatentsGlossary of TermsWireless Security GlossaryParticipating CompaniesCompany ListingContact DetailsAdvances and Trends in Wireless Technologies (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2004 Science and Technology AwardsExcellence In Technology IntroductionAward RecipientTechnology LeadershipIntroductionAward RecipientAdvances and Trends in Wireless Technologies (Technical Insights), Decision Support Database TablesTelecom InvestmentsTelecom Investments by CountryTelecom SpendingTelecom Spending by CountryMobile WorkforceMobile Workforce by CountryMobile HandsetMobile Handset by CountryRadio Frequency Identification Equipment/ApplicationRetail Stores by Country

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