Advances in Microscopy--A Global Technology Assessment (Technical Insights)


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This research service analyzes technology trends, profiles emerging technologies and discusses technology advances in the field of microscopy.

Table of Contents

Advances in Microscopy--A Global Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyScopeMethodologyKey FindingsNoteworthy Emerging TechnologiesNoteworthy ApplicationsAssessment of Competing TechnologiesTechnology Drivers and Restraints BriefingTechnology and Market Drivers OutlookTechnology and Market Restraints OutlookAdvances in Microscopy--A Global Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Technology and Applications ViewpointTechnology PrimerLight-Based Microscopy - ILight-Based Microscopy - IIAdvanced Light-based Microscopy - IAdvanced Light-based Microscopy - IIElectron Microscopy - IElectron Microscopy - IIX-ray Microscopy - IX-ray Microscopy - IIDetection And Labelling - IDetection And Labelling - IIApplications Analysis and TrendsIntroductionLight and Fluorescence Microscopy ApplicationsTechnology RoadmapNoteworthy Innovation at Key Academic and Government-related InstitutionsAutomated Microscopy: Track Broad Effects of DrugsNanoantennas Show Promise in Diagnostic ImagingMicroscopy Scans Show How Brain Cells Process EnergyNoteworthy Innovation at Key Companies And Market FactorsNanomicroscopeWorld’s Highest-Resolution Electron MicroscopeInfluential Market FactorsAdvances in Microscopy--A Global Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factor AnalysisPrimary ChallengesTechnology RestraintsMarket RestraintsAnalysis of Competing TechnologiesAnalysis of DriversBenefits of Specific TechnologiesAdoption Drivers for MicroscopyAdditional Factors Driving This SectorAssessment of Innovation and Opportunities -- North America (Universities)Lithographic Technique For Positioning Ssingle MoleculesAtomic ‘Anchors’ Discovery A Boost For Nanotech DesignReduce Signal-To-Noise Ratio In AFMTomography Method Improves Resolution In Thick SamplesNanotech And The Quest For The ‘Perfect Lens’‘Perfect Lens’ Not So Perfect?Creating Gold Quantum Dots For Biological Labeling; OpticsSilica-Dye-Antibody Nanostructure Yields Powerful FluorescenceUsing Quantum Dots To Tag Faulty GenesLaunching Cancer Nanotechnology Research ProgramNew Center Probes Nanoscale MaterialAssessment of Innovation and Opportunities -- North America (Corporates)3D MRI: Watch one electron spinNew Technique Improves Power Of Atomic Force MicroscopyAFM Nanobiochips: A Million Spots In OneSpinning Up For SpintronicsComplete Simulations Package For HRTEMPrototype Neutron MicroscopeFluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) - Seeking A Better MethodHigh-Content Screening: Automated Scans Track Effects Of Drugs On CellsAssessment of Innovation and Opportunities -- North America (Company Profiles)Quantum Dot CorporationVeeco Inc.NikonHitachi And OlympusBioForceCompuCyte Corp.GE HealthcareAdditional Companies - IAdditional Companies - IIAssessment of Innovation and Opportunities -- EuropeSTM Helps to Make Nanoscale LEDs - UKAEM for British Nanotech Research - UKFluorescent Probes Form Quantum Dots - UKTiny Lightweight AFM Can Be Used in the Field - SwitzerlandMultiphoton Microscopy 3D Micro-Imaging Technology Licensed - GermanyFocused Ion Beam Microscopy for Materials - GermanyNew Infrared Nanotechnology - GermanyNondestructive Testing STM Measures Vibrations to Find Defects - GermanyX-Ray Imaging without Lenses - GermanyDisposable Flow-Through Slides for Cell Culture and Imaging on Same Slide - GermanyNovel Capsule Enables Scanning Electron Microscopy on Wet Samples - IsraelMaterial Microstructures in 4D - DenmarkAdditional CompaniesAssessment of Innovation and Opportunities -- Asia PacificNanoagglomerates in Epitaxial Thin Films for MRAM Applications - ChinaScanning Probe Microscopy - KoreaOptical Systems Enable Microscopic Displacement Measurement - Australia Make Nano- and Atomic-Scale Devices with Scanning Microscopy - AustraliaSources of FundingNanotechnology: Governments and Venture CapitalGovernment Research CentersAdvances in Microscopy--A Global Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Patents and Database of Key Industry ParticipantsSelected PatentsPatents IPatents IIPatents IIIPatents IVDatabase of Key Industry ParticipantsKey Company ContactsKey University ContactsAdvances in Microscopy--A Global Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2005 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology InnovationAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology LeadershipAward DescriptionAward RecipientAdvances in Microscopy--A Global Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Critical Reference TablesDecision Support DatabaseNumber of Biotech Companies by Region; 1999-2006Government R&D Investment in Biotechnology (Million USD) by Region; 1999-2006Private Investment in Biotechnology (Million USD) by Region; 1999-2006Government Healthcare Expenditure (1999-2006)Private Healthcare Expenditure (1999-2006)

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