Advances in RNAi (Technical Insights)


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This research service outlines the key global developments in the field of RNAi.

Table of Contents

Advances in RNAi (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryAn Overview of RNAiSilencing Genes by Different MechanismsImportance of RNA Interference as a Silencing MechanismScope and MethodologyScope and Segmentation of the Research ServiceResearch MethodologyAdvances in RNAi (Technical Insights), Technology PrimerThe Mediators that Achieve RNA InterferenceSmall Interfering RNAs--siRNAsMicro RNAs--miRNAsDNA-Directed RNAs--ddRNAShort Hairpin RNAs--shRNAsThe RNAi Mechanism and Delivery MethodsThe Interference Mechanism of Silencing GenesDelivering RNAi Mediators into the CellsRNAi in Applied ResearchGeneral Applications of RNAiApplications of RNAi in HealthcareAdvances in RNAi (Technical Insights), Key Innovations in RNAiNoteworthy Innovations in Drug DiscoveryMicroRNAs that are Associated with a Wide Array of DiseasesddRNAi (Vector Expressed) Technology-Based HIV TherapeuticRNAi Compounds and Delivery Methods for Inflammatory Diseases and Metabolic Disorders Dual Sequential Treatment To Target and Kill CancerAsymmetric Interfering RNA (aiRNA) Technology with Superior Gene Silencing PropertiesmiRNA-Based Therapeutics for Cardiovascular and Muscle DiseaseMulti-Targeted siRNA Therapeutics siRNA Oncology Therapeutics Noteworthy Innovations in DiagnosticsMicroRNA Diagnostic Assay To Assist in the Clinical Diagnosis and Disease Management of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma In vivo Cell Death Detected by MicroRNA Isolation Kit Non-Invasive Detection of Cancer at Early StagesAdvances in RNAi (Technical Insights), Strategic Evaluation of the IndustryTechnology Adoption FactorsFactors Driving AdoptionFactors Challenging AdoptionAHP--Prioritization of RNA Interference MediatorsDefinition of CriteriaAHP Process Computation and Final PrioritiesAdvances in RNAi (Technical Insights), Evaluation of Patents; Key ContactsPatent Evaluation and ListingPatent AnalysisRecent Patents from CompaniesRecent Patents from UniversitiesKey ParticipantsIndustry ParticipantsAcademic ParticipantsAdvances in RNAi (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabaseDSD tablesNumber of Biotech Companies (Million USD)--World (2004 to 2014)Government Investment in Biotech R&D (Million USD)--World (2004 to 2014)Total Healthcare Expenditure (Bn USD)--World (2004 to 2014)Incidence of Total Cancer --World (2004 to 2014)

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Release Date : 21-Nov-18

Region : North America

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