Advances in Signal Transduction-Based Drug Discovery (Technical Insights)


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This research service outlines the key global developments in the field of signal transduction.

Table of Contents

Advances in Signal Transduction-Based Drug Discovery (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyScope and Segmentation of the Research ServiceResearch MethodologyRole of Signal Transduction in Drug DiscoveryDrug Discovery--The Changing ParadigmIndustry Scenario in Signal TransductionSignal Transduction-Based Drug Discovery--TechnologyAdvances in Signal Transduction-Based Drug Discovery (Technical Insights), Technical DevelopmentsTechnology PrimerMajor Families of Signal Transducing MoleculesRationale of Pathway Maps in Drug DiscoveryCell-Based Assay Approach to Drug DiscoveryAssessment of Enabling Technologies - Informatics or Cell-Based ApproachAn Informatics-Based Discovery Engine for GPCRs--IsraelDistinct Activated Checkpoint Therapy Platform for Drug Discovery--USABiological Illustration and Biopathway Modeling Software Tool--JapanSureFire Technology Assists in Cell-Based Screening--USAFunctional Protein Arrays Assist in Detecting Kinases--UKNanoprobes Can Identify Cells in Action--USAPlatform to Assist in Protein Kinase Analysis--USABiosensor Dye to Study Signaling in Live Cells--USAPathway Analysis Tool to Assist in Drug Discovery--IndiaCell-Based Screening Assisted with a Flexible Tag--USAProteomics Platform to Discover Protein Phosphorylation--USASignal Transduction Protein Array--First of its Kind--USAA High-Throughput Ion Channel Screening Service--UKCell-Based Technology Hastens Drug Discovery Process--USAA GPCR Internalization Assay--DenmarkAdvances in Signal Transduction-Based Drug Discovery (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factor AnalysisCompetitive LandscapeDriversChallengesIndustry InsightsAnalysis of the Druggable Genome and Explorable TargetsStakeholder AnalysisGeographic Trend AnalysisAdvances in Signal Transduction-Based Drug Discovery (Technical Insights), Patents and Database of Key Industry ParticipantsPatentsKinase PatentsG-protein Coupled Receptor PatentsIon-channel Receptor PatentsPatent AnalysisKey Industry Participants; GlossaryKey ParticipantsGlossary of Signaling MoleculesAdvances in Signal Transduction-Based Drug Discovery (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabaseDatabase TablesGlobal R&D Expenditure for Biotechnology (2002-2012)Percent Government R&D Investment in Biotechnology (2002-2012)Global Pharmaceutical R&D Expenditure (2002-2012)Global Percentage Pharmaceutical R&D Expenditure (2002-2012)

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Release Date : 21-Nov-18

Region : North America

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