Advances in Thermal Interface Materials (Technical Insights)

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This research service talks about technology developments in the field of thermal interface materials

Table of Contents

Advances in Thermal Interface Materials (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyScopeMethodologyThermal Interface Materials Webwatch DirectoryOverviewOverviewGlobal Technology Highlights (North America; Europe)Advances in Thermal Interface Materials (Technical Insights), Advanced Thermal Interface Materials Introduction (North America; Europe)Thermal Interface Materials OverviewThe Ideal InterfaceTypes of Thermal Interface MaterialsTemperature and Electronic Device FailureThermal Management Performance SimulationThermal Interface Materials Market Trends and DriversMiniaturization Trends Follow Moore’s LawTrendsetting LED Illumination TechnologyLeading Indicator Market DriversAdvances in Thermal Interface Materials (Technical Insights), Enabling Material and Process Technology Adoption in Advanced Thermal Interface Materials (North America; Europe)Thermal Interface Material OptionsTypes of Thermal Interface MaterialsTIM Advantages and DisadvantagesGap Filler Thermal Interface MaterialsGap Fillers DefinedSheet or Putty Gap FillerUltrasoft Gap Filler MaterialsThermally Conductive AdhesivesTIM AdhesivesLoctite Bead-on-Bead Thermally Conductive AdhesiveHigh-Thermal Conductivity AdhesiveThermally Conductive GreaseThermal Grease PerformanceDow Corning’s New Thermally Conductive GreaseElectrically Insulative TIMElectrical Properties of TIMElectrically Nonconductive Thermal PastesLaird Technologies Thermally Conductive Insulating MaterialPhase Change MaterialsPhase Change Thermal Interface MaterialsScreen Printable Phase Change MaterialHigh-Performance Thermal Interface MaterialsCarbon and Graphite Advances TIM DevelopmentCarbon Nanotube Array Thermal InterfaceAdvances in Thermal Interface Materials (Technical Insights), Advances in Thermal Interface Material Technology and Applications (North America; Europe; and Asia)Application ChallengesThermal Interface Materials Meet a Range of Application ChallengesNext Generation TIMs to Meet the Challenges of Next Generation ApplicationsTIM in Microprocessor and Computer Related ApplicationsIntel’s Santa Rosa Platform; Merom CPU uses PSH-TIMDesktop and Server Processor Thermal SolutionsThermal Interface Applications in AerospaceNovel PC-TIM on Hubble Repair MissionNASA’s Space Shuttle Infrared Camera uses Gap Filler (TIM)LED Thermal Interface ApplicationsLEDs and Heat Build-up ProtectionLEDs for Automotive HeadlightsOther Thermal Interface ApplicationsMetallic TIMs for Power and RF SemiconductorsStock-Shaped TIM for TransistorsAdvances in Thermal Interface Materials (Technical Insights), Advance in Thermal Interface Material Technology and Market Assessment (North America; Europe)Advances in Thermal Interface MaterialsAcademic Research Advances in Thermal Interface MaterialsThermal Interface Materials Business DynamicsAdvances in Development of Next Generation Thermal Interface MaterialsNext Generation TIM ConsortiumCTRC Cooperative Research CenterAdvances in Thermal Interface Material StrategiesDow Corning Electronics’ Move into Fabricated TIMThermal Management a Top Priority at Henkel LoctiteAdvances in Thermal Interface Application StrategiesChomerics’ Cross Market TIM Application Development FocusUniversal Science Sees Strong Growth in LED Thermal ManagementAdvances in Thermal Interface Materials (Technical Insights), Patents and GlossaryKey Patents Listing Advances in Thermal Interface Materials Related Patents–United StatesAdvances in Thermal Interface Materials Related Patents–European and WorldAdvances in Thermal Interface Materials Glossary and Additional Plastics ResourcesAdvances in Thermal Interface Materials GlossaryAdditional Plastics ResourcesAdvances in Thermal Interface Materials (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabaseDecision Support Database TablesGlobal PCB Sales (2002 to 2012)Electronic Components Percentage Distribution (2002 to 2012)Total PC Installed Base (2002 to 2012)Total Pigment Production (2002 to 2012)Total Number of Households (2002 to 2012)




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