Advances in Treatment and Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation (Technical Insights)


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The research service titled "Advances in Treatment and Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation" covers at length the advancements and trends in the therapeutic agents/medications domain and includes surgical/catheter based solutions as well targeting prevention and treatment of atrial fibrillation condition.

Table of Contents

Advances in Treatment and Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyScope and Segmentation of the Research ServiceResearch MethodologySynopsis of Atrial FibrillationIntroduction to the Process of Atrial FibrillationEvaluation and Management of Atrial FibrillationSnapshot of Atrial Fibrillation TreatmentsAdvances in Treatment and Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation (Technical Insights), Assessment of Technologies Involved in Atrial Fibrillation TreatmentTechnology PrimerAtrial Fibrillation--CausesAtrial Fibrillation--Symptoms and DiagnosisAtrial Fibrillation--Prevention and TreatmentKey Advances in Therapeutic Agents/MedicationsPhase-3 Global Studies Set off for an Investigational Oral Factor Xa InhibitorOral Anticoagulant Designed for Enhanced Safety EfficacyInvestigational Multi-Channel Blocker Significantly Decreased the Risk of Cardiovascular Hospitalizations in AF PatientsUnique Anticoagulant that Provides Predictable Anticoagulation Combined with a Lower Risk of BleedingAdd-on Therapy for the Reduction of New Onset Atrial FibrillationInvestigational Drug Being Evaluated for the Acute Conversion of Atrial FibrillationPicomolar Concentrations of Two Novel Peptide Agonists Demonstrated Reduction in AF IncidenceOsteoporosis Drug Fosamax Linked to Chronic Irregular Heart Beat IncidenceGene Defect Tied to Atrial FibrillationInnovations in Surgical/Catheter-Based Solutions for Atrial FibrillationHigh-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Energy System Designed to be applied Epicardially During Cardiac Ablation ProceduresUsage of Single Pulmonary Vein Ablation Catheter Streamlines and Simplifies the Therapeutic Procedure for Paroxysmal Atrial FibrillationRadiofrequency Energy Utilizing Cardiac Surgical Ablation System for Evaluation of Atrial FibrillationVisually Guided Catheter Ablation System Using Light EnergyHigh Intensity Focused Ultrasound Energy Therapy Solution for Atrial FibrillationNovel Catheter Designed for Atrial Fibrillation AblationUnique Radiofrequency Energy Involving Ablation Catheters and Management Device for AF TreatmentForce-Sensing Ablation Catheter for the Treatment of Atrial ArrhythmiasNovel MRI-Based Visualization Technique for Predicting the Success of Treatment for Atrial FibrillationAdvances in Treatment and Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factor AnalysisInsights:Technology-Imperative FactorsTechnology Steering Forces and RestraintsTechnology Challenging FactorsAnalyst Insights and Strategic RecommendationsCurrent and Future Industry Trends AnalysisStrategic Recommendations for Existing Medications Used in AF TreatmentAdvances in Treatment and Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation (Technical Insights), Intellectual Property/IP Scenario; Key Industry ParticipantsPatent DetailsCorporate PatentsAcademic PatentsKey ContactsCorporate ContactsUniversity ContactsAdvances in Treatment and Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabaseDatabase TablesTotal Healthcare Expenditure--World (2002 to 2012)Per Capita Healthcare Expenditure--World (2002 to 2012)Total Number of Hospitals--World (2002 to 2012)Total Number of Physicians--World (2002 to 2012)

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