Advances in Wound Healing Techniques (Technical Insights)


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This research service provides the latest trends in wound healing techniques and future developments.

Table of Contents

Advances in Wound Healing Techniques (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyScope and Grouping of the Research ServiceResearch ApproachSynopsis of Wound HealingIntroduction to the Process of Wound HealingWound Types and their Major EffectsEssence of the TechnologyWound Healing Industry--OutlineStriking Emergent TechnologiesAdvances in Wound Healing Techniques (Technical Insights), Assessment of Technologies Involved in Medical Devices for Wound HealingTechnology PrimerAn Overview of Surgical WoundsBackground on Trends ObservedTechnology Advancements in Companies & UniversitiesCombination Medical Device with Hydrogel nature for Wound Healing ApplicationsInnovative Wound Dressings with Dual Active IngredientsInnovative Electrical Stimulation Medical Device for Treating Chronic WoundsCavitational Ultrasound-Based Device for Wound HealingWound Drainage System Facilitating Rapid HealingPotential Surgical Biofilm Well Suited to Replace SuturesAdvances in Wound Healing Techniques (Technical Insights), Significantly Progressive Innovations in Bio-interactives Used for Wound HealingPrimer to Biological Therapies Used in Wound CareSnapshot of BiotherapeuticsSpecific ApplicationsNotable Technologies in CompaniesBioactive Wound Healing Gel Targeting Foot UlcersRegenerative Wound-Healing Peptide Gel for Healing Deep WoundsMesoblast Stem Cells Employed for Accelerating Fracture HealingLiving Cell-Based Therapy Helping Wounds to Heal FasterDermal Wound Healing Platform Showing Huge Potential in Improving Wound HealingTherapeutic Proteoglycan Delivery Platform for Improving Healing of BonesInnovative Maggot Therapy Promoting Wound Healing ProcessProtein Kinase Family Involving Therapeutic Drug Improves Wound HealingAcceleration of Intrinsic Clotting Cascade to Control Surgical BleedingDevelopments in the AcademiaAutologous Platelet Gel Effective in Promoting Skin Wound HealingHarnessing the Potential of Bionanotechnology for Treatment of Spinal Cord InjuryResearch Findings Elucidating Scar-Free Lesion Curing MechanismAdvances in Wound Healing Techniques (Technical Insights), Advancements in Alternative Wound Healing TechnologiesGlimpse of Other Wound Healing ProductsNeed for Alternative Wound Healing TechnologiesBrief Description of Add-on Wound Healing TreatmentsKey Technological Advancements in the Industries; Companies; Universities and Research InstitutesSilicon Nanocrystals Employing Antimicrobial Wound DressingsBioelectric Stimulation Therapy for Faster Wound HealingElectrical Stimulation Therapy for the Treatment of Nonhealing WoundsComputerized Wound Imaging Analysis and Documentation SystemNanobandages Repair Slow-Healing Wounds FasterAdvances in Wound Healing Techniques (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factor AnalysisInsights into Technology-Imperative FactorsTechnology Steering ForcesTechnology InhibitorsTechnology Challenging FactorsOpportunity Assessment FactorsStrategic Evaluation of Emerging Innovations Applicable to the Wound Healing Industry--SWOT AnalysisRisk Analysis and Risk Management of Emerging Alternative Wound Healing TechnologiesAnalyst Insights and Strategic RecommendationsPresent and Future Industry Trends AnalysisNotable Mergers and AcquisitionsStrategic RecommendationsAdvances in Wound Healing Techniques (Technical Insights), Patent Assessment; Database of Key Industry Participants; and GlossaryReview of PatentsPatents ReviewKey Patents in NA and CanadaKey Patents in Rest of the WorldKey Contacts and GlossaryKey ContactsGlossary of TermsAdvances in Wound Healing Techniques (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabaseDatabase TablesDiabetes Incidence--World (2002 to 2012)Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevalence--World (2002 to 2012)Total Healthcare Expenditure--World (2002 to 2012)Per Capita Healthcare Expenditure--World (2002 to 2012)Number of Dermatologists--World (2002 to 2012)Number of Physicians--World (2002 to 2012)

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