An End User Perspective on Navigating Digital Transformation, Healthcare, Global, 2017

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The overall research objective is to measure the current use and future decision making behavior toward information technology (IT) in the healthcare industry around the globe, specifically: Enterprise Mobility Management, eCommerce/mCommerce, Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC), Infrastructure and Data Centers, Big Data and Analytics, Omnichannel Marketing, Customer Experience Management, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Enterprise Content and Business Processes Management, Fintech, and API/CPaaS (Application Programming Interface/Communications Platforms as a Service) Strategy.

Frost & Sullivan aims to:
• Understand the IT-related challenges organizations face today
• Monitor the status of digital transformation including newer solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
(AR/VR), and mCommerce
• Assess the current and future use of business communications technologies
• Evaluate factors that drive investments in communications technologies
• Gauge IT and communications trends
• Appraise available IT budgets

Healthcare’s top IT challenge is different from other industries – 34% of respondents find that systems integration and managing multi-vendor solutions is the biggest concern. Dealing with security concerns in second place (26%), followed by ensuring network stability/reliability (26%). Most other industries claim security is their biggest challenge.

Technologies that have the most impact on revenue growth in healthcare are cyber security, big data and analytics, and data centers.
Respondents who have invested in IoT find that its top benefits include the ability to boost customer service/marketing, improve employee safety, collect customer usage data, and optimize field or on-site operations.

When asked the question “how critical are the following investments for your organization's digital transformation success over the next 5 years,” data analytics and communications/collaboration tools integration with other business software (Microsoft Office, Google G-suite, CRM, ERP, vertical apps) came out ahead.

With healthcare in a period of changing regulations, new and innovative procedures, drugs, and devices, and political uncertainty, and effective digital transformation will be crucial across the industry.

Table of Contents

1. Research Objectives and Methods
Research Objectives
Survey Methodology
Navigating Digital Transformation—Respondent IT Decision Maker Profile, Healthcare, Global, 2017
Navigating Digital Transformation—Respondent's Job Titles, Healthcare, Global, 2017
2. Summary of Key Findings
Challenges Faced by IT Departments; IT Investment Drivers; Technology Trends
Plans for Investment
3. Perceptions of IT Solutions—Challenges, Investment Drivers, IT’s Impact on Revenues and Cost Reduction Efforts, and Security Concerns
Navigating Digital Transformation—IT & Communications Investments Today, Healthcare, Global, 2017
Navigating Digital Transformation—Top Challenges for IT, Healthcare, Global, 2017
Navigating Digital Transformation—Top Drivers for IT Investment Over Next 2 Years, Healthcare, Global, 2017–2019
Navigating Digital Transformation—Top Technologies to Impact Revenue Growth, Healthcare, Global, 2017
Navigating Digital Transformation—Top Technologies to Impact Cost Reduction Efforts, Healthcare, Global, 2017
Navigating Digital Transformation—Top Security Concerns Regarding IT, Healthcare, Global, 2017
4. Digital Transformation—Technology Trends
Navigating Digital Transformation—Top Benefits of IoT Investments, Healthcare, Global, 2017
Navigating Digital Transformation—Benefits of Cloud for IT and Communications Solutions, Healthcare, Global, 2017
Navigating Digital Transformation—Percent of Mobile Devices Used for Job Functions, Healthcare, Global, 2017
Navigating Digital Transformation—Types of Wearable Devices Used for Job Functions, Healthcare, Global, 2017
Navigating Digital Transformation—Benefits of Social Media, Healthcare, Global, 2017
5. Digital Transformation—IT Budgets & Plans for Investments
Navigating Digital Transformation—Budget Change Expectations, Healthcare, Global, 2018
Navigating Digital Transformation—Plans for Investment Over Next Two Years, Healthcare, Global, 2017
6. Digital Transformation—Readiness & Critical Investments
Navigating Digital Transformation—Digital Transformation Readiness, Healthcare, Global, 2017
Navigating Digital Transformation—Businesses Achieving Revenue Growth over 51% by Stage of Digital Transformation Readiness, Healthcare, Global, 2017
Navigating Digital Transformation—Critical Investments for Digital Transformation Over Next Five Years, Healthcare, Global, 2017
7. Digital Transformation—Strategic Imperatives
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
8. The Last Word
Three Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
9. The Frost & Sullivan Story




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