Analysis of the Australian Healthcare IT Markets

Analysis of the Australian Healthcare IT Markets


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This country specific healthcare IT market analysis looks at the healthcare delivery system structure, financing, resources, expenditure, IT bodies and initiatives, drivers and restraints, market forecasts, price, technology and procurement trends, potential target markets, barriers to entry and key factors for success for new market entrants.

Table of Contents

Research Scope and Methodology

  • Research Scope and Methodology

Public Health System

  • Public Health System

Healthcare Delivery

  • Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare Expenditure

  • Healthcare Expenditure

Health Insurance

  • Health Insurance

Major Healthcare Challenges

  • Major Healthcare Challenges

Introduction to the Healthcare IT Market

Key Healthcare Informatics Bodies

Key Healthcare IT Initiatives

Healthcare IT Standards

Healthcare IT Market Drivers

  • Introduction to the Healthcare IT Market

Healthcare IT Market Restraints

  • Key Healthcare Informatics Bodies

Total Market Revenues and Forecast

  • Key Healthcare IT Initiatives

Product Segments

  • Healthcare IT Standards

Geographical Analysis

  • Healthcare IT Market Drivers

Pricing Trends

  • Healthcare IT Market Restraints

Technology Trends

  • Total Market Revenues and Forecast

Procurement Trends

  • Product Segments

Competitive Landscape

  • Geographical Analysis

Summary of Healthcare IT Market

Barriers to Entry

Potential Target Markets

Entry Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Distribution Methods


Trade Regulatory Environment

List of Relevant Websites