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This Frost & Sullivan research service analyses the Chinese healthcare market and the payor - provider business terrain by identifying the key regulatory norms, the market drivers, and the market segmentation in the industry. The research service also names key industry players in the healthcare payor -provider space.

Table of Contents

Overview of Research

  • Research Overview


  • Table of Contents

Research Objective

  • Research Scope and Methodology

Healthcare Business Terrain

  • Healthcare Industry Overview
  • Key Regulatory Norms
  • Healthcare Macro indicators

Healthcare Provider Terrain

  • Introduction
  • Healthcare Delivery System
  • Market Drivers
  • Market Segmentation
  • Major Private Hospital Chains
  • Future Trends

Healthcare Payor Terrain

  • Introduction
  • Market Segmentation and Industry Participants
  • Health Insurance
  • Future Trends

About Frost & Sullivan

  • Frost & Sullivan's Capabilities and Growth Consulting