Analytical Sensors and Instruments: The Technology and Markets for LOCs; Throwaway Sensors and New Generation Chemical Instruments (Technical Insights)


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Table of Contents

Analytical Sensors and Instruments, Executive SummaryAnalytical Sensors: Technologies; Applications; ImpactAnalytical Sensors: Technologies; Applications; ImpactLab-on-a-ChipThe Analytical SystemThrowaway SensorsData Processing and AutomationData Processing and AutomationAnalytical Sensor Market and Business ClimateAnalytical Sensor Market and Business ClimateScope of This ReportScope of This ReportAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, IntroductionAnalytical Sensors; Instruments; SystemsAnalytical Sensors; Instruments; SystemsLab-on-a-ChipThe Analytical SystemThrowaway SensorsNew-Generation Analytical SensorsNew-Generation Analytical SensorsNew-Generation Analytical SystemsData Processing and AutomationData Processing and AutomationAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Basic Analytical TechnologiesElectrochemical MethodsHybrid Technology: Sensitive MicrosensorsAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Electron; Nuclear and X-ray AnalysesTwo Conventional Spectroscopic Methods CombinedTwo Conventional Spectroscopic Methods CombinedElectrochemical Analysis with Scanning Probe MicroscopyElectrochemical Analysis with Scanning Probe MicroscopyElectrochemical MeasurementsTraditional Scanning Probe MicroscopyScanning Electrochemical MicroscopyElectrochemistry with Commercial STMs and AFMsIn the FutureNanorange Material Analysis with EFTEMNanorange Material Analysis with EFTEMJames Bond Sensor Detects Hidden ContentsJames Bond Sensor Detects Hidden ContentsAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Ultrasonic SystemsRust-Busting UltrasonicsRust-Busting UltrasonicsSpectrophotometric MethodsLaser Eyes Chemical CompoundsDime-Sized Sensor Has 2-Mile RangeMultidimensional Technique Enhances Vibrational SpectroscopyFiberoptic SensorsFiberoptic SensorsMiniature SpectrometersMiniature SpectrometersSemiconductor Detector ArraysWavelength DispersionFiberopticsFiberopticsFiberoptic Sampling OptionsLight SourcesLight SourcesElectronics and SoftwareQuality Assurance ProceduresProbing Single Molecules in a Living CellProbing Single Molecules in a Living CellAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Mass SpectroscopyAnalytical Technique Gets a New TwistAnalytical Technique Gets a New TwistIon Mobile SpectrometryIon Mobile SpectrometryDynamic Duo Detects Contamination in Composites FabDynamic Duo Detects Contamination in Composites FabMiniaturization Takes MS into Space and the Doctor’s OfficeMiniaturization Takes MS into Space and the Doctor’s OfficeShrinking Mass AnalyzersMiniaturizing a Magnetic-Sector Mass SpectrometerMiniaturizing a Magnetic-Sector Mass SpectrometerAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Magnetic ResonanceMagnetic Resonance Imaging: Watching Paint DryMagnetic Resonance Imaging: Watching Paint DryAdvances in High-Res NMR SpectrometersAdvances in High-Res NMR SpectrometersAutomation and Other Analytical MethodsThe NMR Experiment ArsenalMagic Angle SpinningCryogenically Cooled ProbesActively Shielded MagnetsHigher Magnetic Field StrengthsThe Next Five YearsThe Next Five YearsAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, BiosensorsBiosensorsBiosensorsMedical Sensors vs. BiosensorsMedical Sensors vs. BiosensorsSelf-Assembled BiosensorSelf-Assembled BiosensorMonitoring Molecular ContaminationMonitoring Molecular ContaminationBiosensor Further Automates Clinical DiagnosticsBiosensor Further Automates Clinical DiagnosticsNovel Method Detects PrionsNovel Method Detects PrionsThe Promise of DNA Chip TechnologyThe Promise of DNA Chip TechnologyHow DNA Chips WorkThe Promise Is RealizedAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Sensor Materials and Processes Porous Silicon: Sensor ApplicationsIntroductionConductivity and Capacitance EffectsPhotoluminescence QuenchingIrreversible Quenching by Reactive MoleculesReversible Quenching of Photoluminescence by Physisorbed MoleculesReversible Quenching by Energy or Charge AcceptorsPatterning of Sensor ArraysEnhanced CCD Detection of UVEnhanced CCD Detection of UVPorous Silicon Senses SO2Porous Silicon Senses SO2The First Practical Multiapplication BiosensorThe First Practical Multiapplication BiosensorMicromachined Humidity SensorsMicromachined Humidity SensorsMarket Forecast: Porous SiliconMarket Forecast: Porous SiliconPorous Silicon Continues to Transform Analytical DevicesPorous Silicon Continues to Transform Analytical DevicesPorous Silicon Illuminates New Analytical DevicesPorous Silicon Illuminates New Analytical DevicesAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Molecular Imprinting Coatings Help Electrodes Identify Single MoleculesCoatings Help Electrodes Identify Single MoleculesAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, PolymersComposites Tuned with Polymer Blend MicroparticlesComposites Tuned with Polymer Blend MicroparticlesConductive PolymersConductive PolymersElectronic NosesAbtech Scientific Inc.Aromascan Inc.Hughes Aircraft Co. Research LabsNeotronics Scientific Inc.Digisense Analog Conductive Plastic SensorsAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Inorganic Detector MaterialsSingle-Crystal Photon Microdetectors See Broad SpectrumSingle-Crystal Photon Microdetectors See Broad SpectrumIn Situ Observation of Complex Materials Processes PossibleIn Situ Observation of Complex Materials Processes PossibleDiode Lasers Solve Many Detection ProblemsDiode Lasers Solve Many Detection ProblemsSemiconductor Plus Voltage Equals MagnetismSemiconductor Plus Voltage Equals MagnetismThe Role of ManganeseQuantum ComputingLight Emission Properties of Gold May Have Many ApplicationsLight Emission Properties of Gold May Have Many ApplicationsTwo-Phase Glass Coating Protects High-Temperature AlloysTwo-Phase Glass Coating Protects High-Temperature AlloysSemiconducting Nanopowders Make Cheaper Pollution SensorsSemiconducting Nanopowders Make Cheaper Pollution SensorsFerroelectric Film Could Serve as Oxygen SensorFerroelectric Film Could Serve as Oxygen SensorThin-Film Tech Carries Emerging Electronics; ICS; OpticsThin-Film Tech Carries Emerging Electronics; ICS; OpticsAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Sensors for Inorganic ChemicalsDevice Detects Mercury in Liquid HydrocarbonsDevice Detects Mercury in Liquid HydrocarbonsChlorine Measurement Becomes EasierChlorine Measurement Becomes EasierCalorimetric Chemical Sensors Come to Ozone DetectionCalorimetric Chemical Sensors Come to Ozone DetectionDetect Toxic Elements by Atomic WeightDetect Toxic Elements by Atomic WeightAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Software and Automation of SensorsMultivariate Calibration Alters NIR-SpectroscopyMultivariate Calibration Alters NIR-SpectroscopyRobust Adaptive Nonlinear ControlRobust Adaptive Nonlinear ControlSmart Chemical SensorsSmart Chemical SensorsSmarter; Faster Sensor ResponseSmarter; Faster Sensor ResponseNext-Generation MeasurementsNext-Generation MeasurementsAnalog to DigitalADC RenaissanceStand-Alone Instrument TrendsPC in the Instrument; or Instrument in the PC?Digital Measurement SystemsThe Next StepWireless Sensor Network TopologiesWireless Sensor Network TopologiesPoint-to-Point NetworksMultidrop NetworksCan the Nodes Talk and Listen Simultaneously?Analog vs. DigitalBaseband vs. BroadbandMaster-Slave vs. Peer-to-Peer vs. BroadcastCircuit Switched vs. Packet Switched\: How Long Should a NodeWeb NetworksAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Throwaway Chemical SensorsThrowaway Chemical SensorsThrowaway Chemical SensorsPortable Chemical SensorsPortable Chemical SensorsIntegrating Optics with Chemical SensorsIntegrating Optics with Chemical SensorsCone Waveguide ImmunosensorsCone Waveguide ImmunosensorsThick Films for Detecting HydrogenThick Films for Detecting HydrogenIon Exchangers Detect MetalsIon Exchangers Detect MetalsGold-Immobilized Electrochemical SensorsGold-Immobilized Electrochemical SensorsElectrocatalytic Gas DetectorElectrocatalytic Gas DetectorSensing Trace Levels of Nitrogen DioxideSensing Trace Levels of Nitrogen DioxideGas Sensing with Catalytic Metal GatesGas Sensing with Catalytic Metal GatesUsing Molecules to Identify Organic CompoundsUsing Molecules to Identify Organic CompoundsDetecting AcidsDetecting AcidsMultipoint Gas MonitoringMultipoint Gas MonitoringElectronic TongueElectronic TongueAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Unique Sensor ApplicationsChromatography and Human Nose Combined for SensingChromatography and Human Nose Combined for SensingElectronic SnifferElectronic SnifferOptical Sensors: Online Base DeterminationOptical Sensors: Online Base DeterminationBetter Designs for Pushbroom Imaging SpectrometersBetter Designs for Pushbroom Imaging SpectrometersElectronic Tongue Can Recognize FlavorElectronic Tongue Can Recognize FlavorTracking Hydrological Chaos Through the GroundTracking Hydrological Chaos Through the GroundNew Analytical Tool Enables High-Tech; Tailored PolymersNew Analytical Tool Enables High-Tech; Tailored PolymersNanosurface Defects: Positively IDNanosurface Defects: Positively IDIn Situ Observation of Surfaces at High TemperaturesIn Situ Observation of Surfaces at High TemperaturesConcepts and Visions for Electronic and Bioelectronic NosesConcepts and Visions for Electronic and Bioelectronic NosesAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Markets; Impact; Business ClimateMarkets; Impact; Business ClimateMarkets; Impact; Business ClimateMarket Trends in Analytical InstrumentationMarket Trends in Analytical InstrumentationImpact of MiniaturizationInternet and E-commerceMaterials Science MarketsEnvironmental MarketsPharmaceutical MarketsBiotechnology MarketsFood and Beverage MarketsProcess AnalyzersOnsite and Process Instruments for Water AnalysisOnsite and Process Instruments for Air AnalysisOnsite and Process Instruments for Gas Detection; Monitoring and AnalysisBioanalytical Instrumentation: ElectrophoresisMEMS and Lab-on-a-Chip DevicesMiniaturization; Automation and RoboticsMarket DriversMarket DriversIndustry LeadersIntelligent Sensing: Micro Noses; Eyes and TonguesLab-on-a-ChipLab-on-a-ChipMedical DiagnosticsMedical DiagnosticsChemical Analysis InstrumentationChemical Analysis InstrumentationKeys to Strong Measurement and Control MarketKeys to Strong Measurement and Control MarketChanging CommunicationsSensorsATP-Focused Nano and MEMS ProgramsBiosensorsBiosensorsDNA MicrochipsDNA MicrochipsEnvironmental AnalysisEnvironmental AnalysisAntibody-Based AnalysisAntibody-Based AnalysisMEMS/LOC CombinationsMEMS/LOC CombinationsService; Support: New US Gas Sensor Market FocusService; Support: New US Gas Sensor Market FocusNASA Launches Industry Sensor PlanNASA Launches Industry Sensor PlanAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Resources: Analystical Sensors Research and Development CentersResearch and Development CentersAnalytical Sensors and Instruments, Patents: Sensors; Detectors; Analyzers Patents: Sensors; Detectors; AnalyzersPatents: Sensors; Detectors; AnalyzersPatents cont.

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