Annual Global Power and Energy Outlook 2014

Localised and Distributed Generation Offers Highest Growth Potential

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This annual global power and energy outlook provides an updated insight of the key developments in the power and energy sector, with particular focus on the significant events in the last 12 to18 months and likely implications for the future. It offers insights on a number of key markets and highlights the growth opportunities and challenges for the future. The outlook offers valuable analysis, not only for the power and energy sector, but also for adjacent industries such as chemicals and industrial automation.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryKey FindingsKey Findings (continued)CEO’s PerspectiveScope and CoverageScope and CoverageAssociated Research and Multimedia on Power & EnergyIntroductionGlobal Installed CapacityGlobal Renewable Installed CapacityCoalCoal—Key Highlights and Industry VerdictCoal—Key Developments and ImplicationsCoal—Key Developments and Implications (continued)Coal Generation Capacity ForecastsCoal Expansion in Asia—The Infrastructure Challenge in ChinaCoal Expansion in Asia—The Infrastructure Challenge in IndiaCoal-fired Generation—Coal Price TrendsEuropean Emissions Trading SchemeChanging Dynamics of the Carbon Trading MarketStatus of Key Global CCS ProjectsStatus of Key Global CCS Projects (continued)Major Challenges Facing CCSMarket Characteristics and Key CompetitorsGlobal Prospects for Coal-fired GenerationGasGas—Key Highlights and Industry Verdict Gas—Key Developments and Implications Gas—Key Developments and Implications (continued) Gas Price TrendsComparison of Future Gas Consumption and ProductionGas ProductionTechnically Recoverable Gas Reserves in Key Countries/RegionsKey Challenges to Shale Gas Development Shale Gas in Europe Shale Gas Timelines European Gas ProductionChina Gas Production Global Gas Exports Gas Power Generation Capacity Forecasts Coal-fired Generation—Coal Price TrendsCapacity Market Status in Europe Which Countries are the Most Dependent on Russian Gas? What is Europe Doing to Diversify its Gas Supply?The Ukraine Situation—Could Gas Supply to Europe Get Cut Off?Industry ConsolidationMarket Characteristics and Key CompetitorsGlobal Prospects for Gas-fired GenerationNuclearNuclear—Key Highlights and Industry VerdictNuclear—Key Developments and ImplicationsNuclear—Key Developments and Implications (continued)Nuclear Generation Capacity ForecastsTechnology Developments—Small Modular ReactorsTechnology Developments—Generation IVThorium vs. UraniumMarket Characteristics and Key CompetitorsGlobal Prospects for Nuclear Power GenerationHydroHydro—Key Highlights and Industry VerdictHydro—Key Developments and ImplicationsHydro Capacity ForecastsMarket Structure and Success FactorsMarket Characteristics and Key CompetitorsGlobal Prospects for HydroWindWind—Key Highlights and Industry Verdict Wind—Key Developments and ImplicationsWind—Key Developments and Implications (continued)Wind Capacity ForecastsRecent Growth TrendsWind Energy in Europe—Lingering Effects of the Economic CrisisMarket Characteristics and Key CompetitorsGlobal Prospects for WindSolarSolar—Key Highlights and Industry VerdictSolar—Key Developments and ImplicationsSolar—Key Developments and Implications (continued)Solar PV Capacity ForecastsSolar PV Regional ForecastsSolar Price TrendsSolar Technology DevelopmentsMajor Solar TechnologiesMarket Characteristics and Key Equipment ManufacturersGlobal Prospects for Solar PowerBioenergyBioenergy—Key Highlights and Industry VerdictBioenergy—Key Developments and ImplicationsBioenergy Capacity ForecastsMarket Characteristics and Key CompetitorsGlobal Prospects for BioenergyGrid ModernisationGrid Modernisation—Key Highlights and Industry VerdictGrid Modernisation—Key Developments and ImplicationsGrid Modernisation—Key Developments and Implications (continued)Grid of the FutureKey Smart Grid Components—TransformersKey Smart Grid Components—SensorsKey Smart Grid Components—Substation AutomationKey Smart Grid Components—SwitchgearsKey Smart Grid Components—Smart MetersSmart Meter ExpansionMeter Data ManagementWhere is Smart Grid investment going in Europe?Energy StorageEnergy Storage—Key Highlights and Industry Verdict Energy Storage—Key Developments and ImplicationsEnergy Storage—Key Developments and Implications (continued)Energy Storage Technology DevelopmentsElectric Vehicles and the Potential for Energy StorageTotal Lithium-ion Battery MarketGrid and Renewable Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery MarketRoadmap for DevelopmentResidential Battery StorageResidential Energy StorageResidential Storage Battery System Value ChainMarket Characteristics and Key CompetitorsGlobal Prospects for Energy StorageMicrogridsMicrogrids—Key Highlights and Industry Verdict Microgrids—Key Developments and ImplicationsMicrogridsDrivers and Restraints/ChallengesMicrogrid Project AnalysisKey End User GroupsKey PlayersBenefits and Challenges for MicrogridsPossible Models for the FutureGlobal Prospects for MicrogridsLegal DisclaimerAppendixAbbreviations

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