Antimicrobial Technologies for Enhanced Consumer Health

Novel Microbicidal Platforms Likely to Transform the Future of Global Consumer Health

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Healthcare-associated infection (HAI) continues to be a significant global concern, hence there is growing research for developing new antimicrobial platforms that can significantly decrease the risk of microbial infections. While metallic ions continue to be one of the most potent antimicrobial technology platform, several new innovations across antimicrobial polymers, peptides and naturally sourced agents will lead the global consumer health landscape.Key opportunities for antimicrobial technologies will depend on the use of optimal combination of multiple microbicidal platforms for several consumer health applications.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope – Antimicrobial Technologies Transforming Consumer Health1.2 Research Methodology – The Frost & Sullivan Core Value1.3 Key Findings – Antimicrobial Technologies Ideally Poised to Transform Consumer Health2.0 Technology Overview2.1 Rising Needs and Emerging Trends Across Antimicrobial Technologies2.2 Key Capabilities Defining Antimicrobial Technologies2.3 Diverse Antimicrobial Platforms Address Global Consumer Health Concerns2.4 Metallic Ions Function by Inducing Cell Membrane Disruption 2.5 Metallic Ions Continue to be Widely Leverage for Diverse Antimicrobial Applications2.6 Antimicrobial Polymers Cause Cell Membrane Disruption2.7 Polymeric Antimicrobials Have Growing Applications Across Medical Devices2.8 Amphipathic Nature of Antimicrobial Peptides Enable Microbial Interaction 2.9 Antimicrobial Peptide Coatings Lead Dental Implants and Food Packaging Applications 2.10 Antimicrobial Quaternary Ammonium Compounds for Biocidal Applications2.11 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Frequently Used for Varied Sanitizing Applications2.12 Biguanides and Amidines Enable Enhanced Antimicrobial Functions2.13 Most Antiseptic Formulations Comprise Biguanides and Amidines2.14 Phenolic Compounds and Aromatic Alcohols Induce Cytological Damage in Microorganisms2.15 Consumer Disinfectants Leverage Antimicrobial Functions of Phenol and Derivatives 2.16 Growing Need for Environmental-friendly Products Fueling Growth of Natural Antimicrobials2.17 Rising Preference of Natural Antimicrobials as Food Preservatives 2.18 Combination of Multiple Antimicrobial Ingredients Likely to Drive Future Innovations2.19 Metallic Polymers Emerge as Potent Antimicrobial Agents3.0 Key Research, Regional, and IP Trends3.1 Rising Global Research on Antimicrobial Technologies Likely to Fuel New Innovations in the US3.2 Europe to Witness Increasing Innovations in Antimicrobial Platforms3.3 Asia Pacific Likely to Emerge as a Key Hub for New Antimicrobial Technologies3.4 Mining the Global Patent Landscape for Novel Antimicrobial Technologies3.5 North America Leads the Global IP Landscape for Antimicrobial Technologies3.6 Summary of Key IP Trends3.7 Analysis of Antimicrobial Applications of Leading Patent Holders4.0 Overview of Stakeholder Initiatives4.1 Medical Devices and Implants Constitute Some of the Key Stakeholder Initiatives4.2 Disinfectants and Antimicrobial Coatings Dominate the Consumer Health Landscape4.3 Antimicrobial Formulations for Enabling Hospital, Salon, and Pool Hygiene4.4 PHMB-based Antimicrobials Lead Wound Dressing and Adhesive Applications5.0 Future Perspectives5.1 Sustained Interest in Antimicrobial Technology Research5.2 Examples of Recent Research Across Antimicrobial Technologies5.3 Technologies Redefining the Future of Global Antimicrobial Platforms6.0 Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action6.1 Growth Opportunities – Combining Antimicrobial Platforms6.2 Growth Opportunities – Antimicrobial Peptides6.3 Growth Opportunities – Natural Antimicrobials6.4 Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth 6.5 Companies to Action – Allvivo Vascular Inc., US 6.6 Companies to Action – Pertinax Pharma Limited, UK6.7 Companies to Action – Chamgonano, China7.0 Appendix7.1 Summary of Key Contacts7.1 Summary of Key Contacts (continued)Legal Disclaimer

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