Applications of Nanotechnology in Healthcare (Technical Insights)


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This service provides an overview of the nanotechnology applications in healthcare

Table of Contents

Applications of Nanotechnology in Healthcare (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyScopeMethodologyTrends in Nanomedicine and Key ObservationsEmerging Technologies and their ApplicationsKey Industry TrendsApplications of Nanotechnology in Healthcare (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factor AnalysisNanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology-A primerThe Lock and Key MechanismNanotechnology and its Application in HealthcareDRC AnalysisTechnology Drivers for Nanobiotechnology ApplicationsTechnology Challenges for NanobiotechnologyIndustry Drivers and Restraints for Nanomedical DevicesIndustry Challenges for Nanomedical DevicesTechnology Analysis and Trends in NanomedicineNanomedicine in the Developing World--The Emergence of the New EconomiesCurrent Scenario of the Nanohealthcare Industry--Force Field Analysis-I Countering the Forces for an Improved Scenario--Force Field Analysis-IIPorters Model for Entrants in NanoMedicineSWOT Analysis of Nanomedicine in Developing EconomiesAnalyst Insights Ethics in Nanotechnology Applications in HealthcareApplications of Nanotechnology in Healthcare (Technical Insights), Key Nanotechnology Innovations in HealthcareInnovations in Nano-Healthcare- Nanobiotechnology and NanomedicineNanoscale Therapeutic Antibodies Demonstrate High Target Specificity Specialized Dendrimer Technology Aids in Targetted DeliveryNanofibers Have an Antimicrobial Effect on WoundsNanoparticles Improve the Delivery of Insoluble Drugs and PeptidesNanoparticle Therapy Offers Scope for Reversal of Macular DegenerationDNA Programmed Chemistry Offers Wide Application ScopeNanoparticles Serve as Tunable Delivery Systems Nanospheres Foster Biofriendly Encapsulation and Drug DeliveryProtein Immobilization Offers a Biological Surface for Interaction StudiesNanoparticle Therapy Offers Hope against CancerInnovations in Nano-Healthcare - Medical DevicesNanocontainer for Advanced Drug DeliveryNanoXray to Revolutionize DiagnosticsNanomaterials for Advanced DiagnosticsAdvanced Nanocoatings for TherapyNanofiber Technology for Healthcare ApplicationsHydrophobic Silica NanoparticlesNanocrystals for Medical DiagnosticsMicrofluidic Technology Dispensing Nano Volume of SamplesAnalysis and Diagnostic Application of Nanoprinting TechnologiesBiocompatible and Natural Nano Drug DeliveryApplications of Nanotechnology in Healthcare (Technical Insights), Strategic Evaluation & AnalysisPrioritization of Nano Healthcare Applications to Judge their Disruptive PotentialDefinition Of CriteriaAHP Process and Computation for Goal Node and Level 0 CriteriaAHP Process and Computation for Goal Node and Level 1 CriteriaFinal Priorities and Analyst InsightsOther AnalysisFunding ScenarioGeographical AnalysisThe Future PerspectiveApplications of Nanotechnology in Healthcare (Technical Insights), Patents and Key Industry ParticipantsPatentsUS Patent OverviewUSPTO Applied Patents (2006-2008)Key Patents (2006-2008)Quantitative Patent Assessment of Patents Issued by the USGlobal Patent and Scientific Publication ScenarioKey ParticipantsIndustryAcademiaApplications of Nanotechnology in Healthcare (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabaseDatabase TablesNumber of Biotech Companies--World (2002 to 2012)Government R&D Investment in Biotechnology--World (2002 to 2012)Venture Capital Investment in Biotechnology--World (2002 to 2012)

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