Asia-Pacific Energy & Environment Industry Outlook, 2018

Cross-industry Digitalization and Alternative Energy will Thrive in the Post-subsidy Era

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In 2018, oil and gas (O&G) investments are likely to see a renewal as the sector gradually recovers. Opportunities continue to be rife in the LNG and refinery segments, as LNG regasification expansion will drive tank storage investments in Asia-Pacific. Renewable energy, including hybrid projects, will become a mainstream source of power for a low-carbon 2018. Specifically, solar power will overshadow coal and nuclear as the fastest-growing power generation segment. Business models for power utilities will change as growing interest in distributed energy and microgrid threatens the conventional power supply chain. For instance, Southeast Asian countries will join the bandwagon for investments in distribution gr

Key Issues Addressed

  • How will the oil and gas industry perform in 2018?
  • What are the trends for power utilities in renewable energy, grids, and energy storage?
  • What is the outlook for the building industry in 2018? How will building management systems fare?
  • Where are the areas of development for facilities management companies in 2018?
  • What are the likely growth factors for the water industry, and how will membrane technology contribute to the industry?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Regional Predictions for 2018
2. Research Scope and Segmentation
Scope and Segmentation
3. Key Trends to Watch—Energy and Power Industry
Key 2018 Trends for the Energy and Power Industry
O&G Overview—Gradual Recovery in Investor Interest
Trend 1—Despite the Oil Price Stagnation, O&G Investments will See a Moderate Increase
Growth Outlook of the E&P Segment
Trend 2—As China and India Witness a Surge in New LNG Demand, APAC will Continue to Remain the Largest LNG Importer
Growth Outlook of the LNG Segment
Trend 3—Opportunities are Opening up in the Refining Sector for Suppliers
Growth Outlook of the Refinery Sector
Trend 4—As Investments Dwindle for the 2nd Year in a Row, it will be the Beginning of the End for Coal Power in Asia
Trend 5—Amidst an Uncertain Future, China and India Offer a Silver Lining for the Nuclear Power Industry
Trend 6—Distributed Projects will be the Growth Driver for Solar Power in Asia
Trend 7—Technology and Business Innovation will Keep RE Investments Attractive in the Post-subsidy Era
Trend 8—Multi-stakeholder Interest in Microgrids will Soar, and Traditional Power Utilities are at Risk of Being Left Behind
Trend 9—Despite Delayed Project Commencement, China will Establish its Dominance in the Asian Energy Storage Market
Trend 10—Advanced Economies in Asia will Make Significant Investments in Battery Storage to Help Fix Their Power Infrastructure Woes
4. Key Trends to Watch—Building and Environment Industry
Key 2018 Trends for the Building and Environment Industry
Trend 1—BEM is Moving from Passive to Active Solutions
Impact on and Opportunities in the APAC Building Ecosystem
Trend 2—Building Retrofits will Provide the Impetus for Energy-efficient AC and Elevator Systems
Trend 3—New Growth Markets are Emerging for FM Services in Asia
Trend 4—The Asian FM Market will Witness Heightened M&A Activity for Vertical, Geographic, and Capability Expansion
Impact on and Opportunities in the APAC FM Market
Trend 5—LED Lighting is Anticipated to See a Rebound; However, It is Likely to Face a Threat from New Technologies
Impact on and Opportunities in the APAC LED Lighting Market
Trend 6—Water Utilities will Withstand Strong Headwinds and Grow at a CAPEX of 10%
Trend 7—Real Use-Cases will Start Emerging for Disruptive Digital Technologies in the Water Sector
Impact on and Opportunities in MaaS and Other Smart Water Solutions
Trend 8—Improved Membrane Efficiency and Reliability will Push Water Treatment Advancement to New Thresholds
Impact on and Opportunities in Membrane Technology
5. Growth Opportunities and Call to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—Data Analytics
Growth Opportunity 2—XaaS
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
6. Key Conclusions
Key Conclusions
Legal Disclaimer
7. Appendix
List of Exhibits
Market Engineering Methodology
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
8. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. Decentralized Packaged Water Treatment, APAC, 2018

1. Energy and Environment Industry: Segments, Asia-Pacific, 2017
2. Total O&G Expenditure, Global, 2008–2018
3. O&G Expenditure Breakdown, Global, 2018
4. E&P CAPEX, Global, 2009–2020
5. E&P Segment Production Costs and Volume Forecast, APAC, 2018
6. Natural Gas Prices, Global, 2014–2023
7. Gas Demand, Global, 2015 and 2020
8. LNG Storage Tank Capacity by Country, APAC, 2018
9. Refining Capacity and Refined Product Demand, Global, 2013–2023
10. Refinery Additions and CAPEX, APAC, 2016–2023
11. Currently Active (Planning and Engineering Stages) CAPEX Projects in the Pipeline, Global, 2017
12. Annual Installations in Solar Power Plants, APAC, 2017 and 2018
13. Desalination End Users, by Percent CAPEX, APAC, 2018

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