Asia-Pacific Smart Utility Network Growth Opportunities

Government Mandates and Rapid Technology Adoption will Drive the Adoption of Smart Meters and Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

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This smart utility network market is a culmination of different but largely interconnected segments, viz., smart meter/ advance metering infrastructure (AMI), smart consumer applications, and grid level applications. The total smart utility network market is forecasted to grow by a CAGR of below 10% from 2015 to 2020. Only the smart consumer applications segment is expected to account for a double-digit growth over this period.The concept of a “smart utility network” does not end with the design and implementation of a smart grid system in a country. Power utilities in every country must understand that the smartening of the power grid system is considered an evolutionary process that requires considerable

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Executive Summary—Key Findings
CEO’s Perspective
2. Introduction
Overview—Key Objective and Scope
Market Definitions—Technologies
Smart Meter
Meter Data Management System
Demand Response Programs
Energy Monitoring/Management
EV Charging Infrastructure
Distributed Self-generation
Smart Distribution Management
Renewable Integration
Energy storage
Advanced Transmission Technologies
Software and Communications Technology
Virtual Power Plant
3. Power Utilities—Trends and Challenges
Global Big 4 Challenges—Traditional Model of Utilities
Customer-centric Issues
Distributed Power and Storage
Policies & Regulations
Other Challenges
Global Trends on Power Utilities
Mega Trends Driving the Future of Electricity Grids
4. Smart Grids—An Introduction
Smarter Grid Systems—An Evolutionary Process
Interplay of Smart Grid Components
Virtual Power Plant—The Design
Microgrid Ecosystem
Smart Grid Technology Areas
2025 Smart Grid Predictions
5. AMI Segment—Trends and Challenges
Key Findings
Market Forecasts
Unit Shipment Forecast—AMI
Market Forecast—Key Discussion Points
Growth Opportunities in Asia-Pacific
Meter Communication Infrastructure—Overview
Mapping of Smart Meter Application Trends
AMI Development Outlook—Technology Roadmap
Meter Data Management (MDM) Solutions
Data Analytics—What after Smart Meters?
Market Drivers
Smart meters effective in the reduction of energy consumption and improved security of energy supply
Government mandate to meet future demand
Effective integration of renewable electricity
Smart meters are imperative for smart grids
Market Restraints
Unclear decisions on the adoption of open standards lead to interoperability issues
Risk of information security delays AMI implementation
Rapid technological advancements and capital-intensive nature deter AMI implementation
6. Smart Consumer Applications Segment—Trends and Challenges
Key Findings
Market Forecasts
Growth Opportunities in Asia-Pacific—Key Takeaways
Growth Opportunities in Asia-Pacific—Japan’s Electric Vehicle Charging Market Grows Big!
Solar PV Market—Regional Hot Spots
Demand Response—Key Application Areas
Benefits of a DR Management System (DRMS)
Energy Management Market Overview
EV Charging Infrastructure Market—Key Elements
EV Charging Infrastructure Specifications and Features
Communication Network—Technology Landscape
Market Drivers
Greater demand for energy sustainability drives opportunities for solar PV and wind turbines
Increased energy prices drive demand for energy management market
Aggressive steps taken by the government toward the adoption of EV are expected to drive the segment
Volatility of oil prices and growing EV market would drive segment growth
Widespread connectivity to drive demand for EMS
Market Restraints
High RE equipment cost impedes development of distributed self-generation
High installation cost and initial investment impedes the EMS market
Lack of standardization of EV chargers slows the market growth
7. Grid Level Applications Segment—Trends and Challenges
Key Findings
Market Forecast
Growth Opportunities in Asia-Pacific—Key Takeaways
Geographical Hotspots—Renewable Energy
Policies and Regulations—Southeast Asia
Policies and Regulations—East Asia and ANZ
Advanced Inter-regional Market Development
Energy Storage—Key Technological Developments
Market Drivers
Ageing T&D infrastructure is boosting adoption of smart distribution automation
Installed base of renewable energy projects is experiencing positive growth year-on-year
Energy storage technologies is a panacea for transmission capacity constraints
Regulations and mandates are demanding an increase in the reliability and the performance of grid networks
Market Restraints
Lack of strong supply chain inhibits HVDC/FACTS market growth
Energy storage technologies still not mature and practical applications lack laboratory efficiencies
Energy storage costs remain high with insufficient technical progress
Significant investment costs impede market growth
8. Competitive Landscape
Profiles of Key Companies
9. The Last Word
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
10. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Smart Meters/AMI Segment: Smart Meter Status, ASEAN, 2015–2020
2. Smart Meters/AMI Segment: Key Market Drivers, APAC, 2016–2020
3. Smart Meters/AMI Market: Market Restraints, APAC, 2016–2020
4. Smart Consumer Applications Segment: Key Market Drivers, APAC, 2016–2020
5. Smart Consumer Applications Segment: Market Restraints, APAC, 2016–2020
6. Grid Level Applications Segment: Policies and Regulations, Southeast Asia, 2015
7. Grid Level Applications Market: Policies and Regulations, East Asia and ANZ, 2015
8. Priority and Planned Interconnections, Southeast Asia, 2015–2020
9. Grid Level Applications Segment: Key Market Drivers, APAC, 2016–2020
10. Grid Level Applications Segment: Market Restraints, APAC, 2016–2020

1. Impact of Global Trends on Power Utilities, Global, 2015
2. Smart Grid Market: Interplay between Key Components, Asia-Pacific, 2015
3. Smart Utility Network Market: Microgrid Ecosystem, Asia-Pacific, 2015
4. Smart Meters/AMI Segment: Key Findings, Asia-Pacific, 2015
5. Smart Meters/AMI Segment: Revenue Forecast, Asia-Pacific, 2015–2020
6. Smart Meters/AMI Segment: Annual Unit Shipment Forecast, Asia-Pacific, 2015–2020
7. Smart Meters/AMI Segment: Market Development, APAC, 2015
8. Smart Consumer Applications Segment: Key Findings, Asia-Pacific, 2015
9. Smart Consumer Applications Market: Revenue Forecast, Asia-Pacific, 2015–2020
10. Total Energy Management Market: Overview of HEMS and BEMS, APAC, 2015
11. Grid Level Applications Segment: Key Findings, Asia-Pacific, 2015
12. Grid Level Applications Segment: Revenue Forecast, Asia-Pacific, 2015–2020
13. ASEAN Power Grid Status, 2015–2020

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