Assembly Technologies: Guide to the Latest Techniques for Manufacturing Industries (Technical Insights)


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Table of Contents

Assembly Technologies, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryAssembly Technologies, Advances in Process MonitoringEmbedded SensorsLens Technology Adapted to Embed Sensors into StructureSOptical Sensors System Improves Dimensional Process Monitoring SystemsOptical Processor Sharpens ImagesMachine VisionOptical Sensor Tracks Six Degrees of FreedomSol-Gel Improves Optical Fiber SensorsChemical Sensors Dendrimers Offer New Avenues to Chemical SensingPhotoelectric SensorsTry Photoelectric Sensors for Manufacturing ControlRead/Write SensorsMemory Tags - Read-Write Sensors Speed Machine SetupMagnetic SensorsToolbox Features Microsensors and ActuatorsMicromachined AccelerometersMicro Accelerometer for Gesture RecognitionPosition SensorsKeep an Eye on Traffic Detection SensorsSpecialty Sensor SystemsIn-Process Monitoring Possible with Sensor SystemAssembly Technologies, Fabrication; Forming and MachiningFabrication And FormingSuperplastic FormingFabricating Plastic PartsMachiningCalibrationChemical DeburringAssembly Technologies, Fixturing and RoboticsFixturingSurface Mount Technology Places Oddly Shaped ConnectorsLocator Lets You Rapidly Set Up PartsRoboticsApply Control Algorithms for Fixture-Free AssemblyIntelligent Software Controls Assembly CellVirtual Reality Enables TeleroboticsRobotic Hands Hold Key to More Assembly CapabilityRobot Helps Humans in the FactoryAssembly Technologies, Control SystemsAugmented Reality Guides AssemblyAugmented Reality Guides AssemblyFuzzy Logic Enables Precision AssemblyFuzzy Logic Enables Precision AssemblyControl Your Process with Modular; Digital DrivesControl Your Process with Modular; Digital DrivesInitiative to Further Control Program Generation AnalysisInitiative to Further Control Program Generation AnalysisAssembly Technologies, Specialty Assembly SystemConsortium Develops New Approach to ManipulatorsConsortium Develops New Approach to ManipulatorsAutomating Assembly of Microscale LIGA PartsAutomating Assembly of Microscale LIGA PartsCosts Reduced with Automated Module AssemblyCosts Reduced with Automated Module AssemblyAssembly Technologies, Welding TechnologySpecific Welding MethodsFriction Stir WeldingExplosive WeldingWelding Both Sides SimultaneouslyFriction Seam WeldingCapacitor Discharge WeldingLaser WeldingRotating Arc WeldingUltrasonic WeldingWelding Control SystemsSensorsFiber Optic Viewing SystemControl SystemsComputer ModelsWeld MonitoringErgonomicsWeld Shielding and FluxesWeld ShieldingFiller Metals/FluxesWelding Specific MetalsBorated Stainless SteelAluminum and Other Reflective/Conductive MetalsTitaniumWelding Metal/Matrix Composites and ThermoplasticsX-rays for Metal/Matrix CompositesWelding ThermoplasticsWelding StandardsNIST Developing Standards for Automated Welding SystemsAssembly Technologies, Joining Methods Other Than WeldingSolderingLead-Free Solder Proves Environmetally FriendlyJoining CeramicsJoin Ceramics and Metals with a JoltAdhesive Bonding SystemsReplace Permanent Fasteners with Strong Bonding TapeGoodbye to Weak Adhesive BondsAssembly Technologies, Materials Related AssemblyHeat Treating of MetalsMagnetic Field Technology Keeps the Heat UniformComposite TechnologyRaptor Unveiling Illuminates Some SurprisesComposite Molding in One StepFootbridge Shows Composites’ Potential in InfrastructureSheet Molded Composites Penetrate Auto IndustryComposites Lower Microvehicle CostsAdvanced MaterialsAdvanced Materials Mold the Car of the FutureProven Reptation Theory Could Lead to Better MaterialsComposite Bridge Decks Get a Test RunCorrosion/Coatings/WearCorrosion ProtectionPolymersMetalsAssembly Technologies, Computer Related InnovationSpecialty SoftwareAgile Server Lets You Send in a Sub on the FlySoftware Troubleshoots Electronics AssemblySoftware Inegrates PCB Layout; Test and AssemblyTolerance Software Takes You Out of a Tight SpotSimulation Software Works with Most CAD ProgramsReverse Engineer with CMM SoftwareCollaborate on Product Design with Visualization SoftwareGet Cost Estimates for Injection MoldingInternet Software Shows How Parts BehaveGroup Develops Standards for Virtual ManufacturingDevelop Products with Far-Flung ColleaguesSpecialty Computer ChipsConnect Chips to More ThingsAssembly Technologies, Novel Component DesignBattery Packs Wear HatsBattery Packs Wear HatsBraid Flat and Intersecting PartsBraid Flat and Intersecting PartsAdapting Plug and Play Concept to InterconnectsAdapting Plug and Play Concept to InterconnectsMEMS Focuses Prosthetic LensMEMS Focuses Prosthetic LensReliable Lynx Motors Purr at High TorqueReliable Lynx Motors Purr at High TorqueAssembly Technologies, Streamlining The Production Process: Demand Flow TechnologyBackgroundBackgroundApplicationsVary Product Type and Volume with Flexible CellSoftware Speeds Integrated Product DesignProduction Models Maximize Assembly Line and Job ShopAssembly Technologies, Self-Assembly And NanoTechnologyIntroductionIntroductionApplications of Self-Assembly TechnologyPolymersSensorsCorrosion Protection/CoatingsDNA-Based Electronic DevicesNanoscale DevicesSingle Nanotube Makes a TransistorUltrathin LEDs Emit with Low VoltageDefective Computer Shows Way to NanoAFM Lets You Sense; Push Nanometer ParticlesMolecular Rotor Realized; but Practical Applications Aren’tUse DNA Scaffold to Build NanowiresOther Potential Nanodevice ApplicationsLet the Parts Do All the WorkProduce Wide Range of Shapes ChemicallyBuild Complex 3D MicrostructuresMesoscale DevicesMicromachine Arrays Divide the WorkAssembly Technologies, PatentsIntroductionIntroductionPositioning Device That Corrects For Deflection and Temperature ErrorsAssembly SystemImproving the Fatigue Resistance of Hollow Titanium Alloy PartsCorrosion ProtectionRadiation ProtectionReducing Residual Stresses in WeldsReal Time Weld MonitoringWeld MonitoringAdhesive Bonding of Aluminum Alloy PartsCalibrated Positioning of an ObjectFriction Stir Welding ToolCorrosion Protection Monitoring SystemLaser WeldingMagnetic SensorPosition SensorAssembly Technologies, ResourcesAdvances in Process MonitoringAdvances in Process MonitoringFabrication; Forming and MachiningFabrication; Forming and MachiningFixturingFixturingRoboticsRoboticsControl SystemsControl SystemsSpecialty Assembly SystemsSpecialty Assembly SystemsWelding TechnologyWelding TechnologyJoining Methods other than WeldingJoining Methods other than WeldingMaterials-Related AssemblyMaterials-Related AssemblyComputer-Related InnovationComputer-Related InnovationNovel Component DesignNovel Component DesignStreamlining the Production ProcessStreamlining the Production ProcessSelf-Assembly and NanotechnologySelf-Assembly and Nanotechnology

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