Assessment of Technologies for Aircraft Communications (Technical Insights)


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This research service provides an assessment of recent and emerging information and communication technologies, according to their utility value for applications in the aviation sector

Table of Contents

Assessment of Technologies for Aircraft Communications (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryResearch OverviewResearch SnapshotKey FindingsScope and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch MethodologyAssessment of Technologies for Aircraft Communications (Technical Insights), Strategic Assessment of the Industry EnvironmentTrends and Insights on Air-Traffic Control and ManagementTechnology TrendsRegional Initiatives and Funding AnalysisFuture Prospects and MovesTrends and Insights on In-Flight Broadband and EntertainmentCurrent Trends in Technology AdoptionImpact of Economic Downturn on Future MovesAnalytical Hierarchy Process— Positioning of Service Providers for In-flight Broadband SolutionsSneak Preview of the AHP TreeProcess and Computations: Level 0 and Level 1 CriteriaProcess and Computations: AlternativesFinal Priorities and Analyst InsightsAssessment of Technologies for Aircraft Communications (Technical Insights), Strategic Assessment of Push and Pull ForcesForce Field AnalysisKey Drivers for Air-Traffic Control and ManagementKey Drivers for In-flight Broadband and EntertainmentMajor Challenges for Air-Traffic Control and ManagementMajor Challenges for In-flight Broadband and EntertainmentAssessment of OpportunitiesStrategic Assessment of OpportunitiesInsights and RecommendationsAssessment of Technologies for Aircraft Communications (Technical Insights), Technology Overview and Global Developments in Aircraft CommunicationsAir-Traffic Control and CommunicationsTechnology PrimerAn Automated Tool for On-Board Communication and Information ManagementA Digital Communication System for Multicarrier Aeronautical CommunicationsCockpit Datalink Communication Platform for Air-Traffic Control and ManagementWireless Local Positioning Systems for Aircraft NavigationModern Network-Centric Architecture and Communications Hub for Enhancing Aircraft OperationsIn-Flight Broadband and EntertainmentTechnology PrimerNext Generation High-Gain Antennas for Maximizing Data Rates in FlightsSecure Technology Platform for In-flight Mobile CommunicationAn Innovative In-Flight Entertainment System for Commercial AviationNovel Airborne Broadband Antennas for Enabling High-Speed In-Flight ConnectivityHigh-Speed Broadband System for Airborne CommunicationsAssessment of Technologies for Aircraft Communications (Technical Insights), Patents; Contacts; Glossary; and AppendixPatents and Key Contacts Applied PatentsIssued PatentsIndustry Contacts Glossary and Appendix GlossaryAppendix A--Analytical Hierarchy ProcessAppendix B--Opportunity Strategy Evaluation GridAssessment of Technologies for Aircraft Communications (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabasesDecision Support TablesAir Traffic--Aircraft Movements--World (2004 to 2014)Air Passenger Growth Rates--World (2002 to 2012)Number of Airports--World (2004 to 2014)Total Aircraft--World (2004 to 2014)Revenue Passenger Miles by Major Airlines--World (2004 to 2014)Number of Commercial Aircraft in Service--World (2004 to 2014)




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