Automotive Sensors and Electronics: Innovation and Opportunity in the Marketplace for Future Vehicles (Technical Insights)

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Table of Contents

Automotive Sensors and Electronics, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryMarket BarriersMarket BarriersSensorsSensorsMEMSMEMSTelematicsTelematicsMethodologyMethodologyAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, IntroductionIntroductionIntroductionTechnology SectorsSensorsMEMSSafety on the RoadTelematicsAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, Markets and Market BarriersMarketsMarketsGeneral Automotive MarketAutomotive Electronics and Semiconductors MarketSensors MarketMEMS MarketIn-Vehicle Computers MarketTelematics MarketMarket BarriersGeneral ElectronicsMore Power NeededMEMSSensorsTelematicsAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, SensorsNavigationAdaptive Cruise Control Keeps PaceSmart; Small GPS Receiver Could Lead Us AnywhereWarning SystemsGet off the Cell Phone and DriveWARN Looks AheadMicrowave Warning System Prevents Backup Accidents Wake up and Stay in Your LaneVisual/OpticsActive Pixel Sensor Gives You Clarity and Requires Low PowerSilicon Imager Functions Like Electronic FilmOptical Processor Sharpens ImagesGlare-Sensitive Mirrors A Speedy GlancePressureMEMS Pressure Sensor in a Spark PlugTireWatch System Alerts Drivers to Low Tire PressureIntegrated Pressure Sensor Ideal for Braking; Vacuum-Pump ApplicationsMotion/TorqueHot Air Bubble Drives Micro-AccelerometerAutomotive Airbags Get New Inclination Sensor TechnologyFuture Automobiles Will Depend on Inertial Sensing“Smart Sensors” Measure Rate of Rotation of Whole CarFiberoptics Replace Mechanical Vertical Gyro TechnologyLow-Cost Torque Sensor Checks Shaft-Driven SystemsSmall Gyros Lead to Consumer; Automotive ApplicationsAccelerometers Find Novel ApplicationsOptical Device Impacts Environmental SensingMEMS-Based Gyro Sensors Measure Angular VelocityRotary Torque Sensor Designed for OEM ApplicationsMonitor Motors Without the ResolverElectronic Steering Allows Full-Size Vehicles to Maneuver Like Compact CarsChemical/Gas/FluidGas Sensor Detects in Various ConditionsFilm Thickness Sensor Mounts in a Pipe; Checks FluidsSensor Technologies Address Need for Detecting GasesDesigns Chip-on-a-Ball Is Getting ThereDeep Reactive Ion Etching Yields Low-Cost AccelerometerTiny Lenses Make Tiny Chip FeaturesMiscellaneousSensing System Detects the Condition of a SealTroubleshoot AccelerometersMicrobattery Makes Sensor Applications More Varied Smart Sensors and Climate ControlSensors Plus Computer Help Drivers SteerWide Bandgap Makes a Hot SensorAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, Telematics and ComputersTelematicsJust Tell Me What to Do: Voice-Activated Control SystemsMEMS Resonator Pushes Toward Phone-on-a-ChipCars That Call 911 and Extinguish FiresMEMS Filter Will Miniaturize CommunicationsPush a Button in Your Car; Turn the Lights on in Your HouseITS In-Car ComputersNothing to Wear? Just Put on Your ComputerHardwareAMIC; SAE; CEA Seek Data Bus StandardLIN Consortium Formed to Set New Class-A Communication Standard for Vehicle Electronic NetworksIt’s Time to Organize Computers in the CarEmbed Real Computer Power in PortablesMOSFET Takes to Trenches to Cut ResistanceIntelligent Power Switches Extended to Match Standard MOSFET Switching PerformanceMechanical and Electrical Functions IntegratedTwo-Wire Systems Interface for Restraint DevicesHigh-Power Microprocessor for Powertrain ApplicationsSoftwareVoice-Recognition on In-Car PCSmart CarDigital HighwaysSystemsMicrocontroller Provides Universal Remote Keyless Entry SolutionSystem Chip Merges Mechanics and Electronics for Intelligent Stepper-Motor ControllerAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, Power42 Volts Needed to Power a More Electronic Car42 Volts Needed to Power a More Electronic CarPace Quickens in Quest for Green CarPace Quickens in Quest for Green CarBut Zero Is Still ElectricBattery TypesNickel Versus Lithium“Ultra” Capacitor Stores a Lot of Power“Ultra” Capacitor Stores a Lot of PowerAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, Magnets / Magnetic MaterialsAtomization Process Makes Magnetic PowderAtomization Process Makes Magnetic PowderCool Down the Car with Magnetic Air ConditionerCool Down the Car with Magnetic Air ConditionerFabricate Microrelays PhotolithographicallyFabricate Microrelays PhotolithographicallyMagnetic Tunnel Junction Sensors Move into Field DetectionMagnetic Tunnel Junction Sensors Move into Field DetectionToolbox Features Magnetic Microsensors and ActuatorsToolbox Features Magnetic Microsensors and ActuatorsAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, Manufacturing and Testing Advances in Automotive Sensors and ElectronicsManufacturing and Testing Advances in Automotive Sensors and ElectronicsTechnique Developed to Improve Stereolithography and CADRobotics Improved with Dexterous HandsCompany to Watch: Laser Measurement International Inc.Wheel Force Transducer Speeds Automotive TestingOptical Sensor Detects Roughness on Finish of SurfacesSubtle Changes Enable Inductive Sensors for InspectionIn-Process Monitoring Possible with Sensor SystemDigital Speckle Technique Detects CorrosionCAD: Speed Prototyping of Ceramic PartsAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, Polymers / Coatings / ResinsPolymers / Coatings / ResinsSuperior Thermoset Resin Outperforms EpoxyRapid Prototype with High-Temperature LCPsMold Complex Metal Parts Like PlasticsDLN Coatings More Thermally Stable Than DLC CoatingsNew Class of Conductive Adhesives Resists Corrosion; WearLead-Free Solder Finds Industrial ApplicationsFuel-Leak Sensor Gets Polyphenylene Sulfide HousingAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, MEMSMEMSMEMS Branch out from AirbagsMEMS-Based Sensors Get a Readout and Control ChipMicrocantilevers Put Sensor Array on ChipGet Design Act TogetherMEMS Clock Times System on a ChipTRW Launches Production of New Airbag Sensor for Staged InflationSensant Corp.: MEMS Ultrasonic Transducers an Alternative to PiezoelectricHoneywell: Nanotube Artificial Muscle May Help Power Motors and ActuatorsSandia Labs: A Silicon MicromotorLouisiana State University: Micropump Has No Moving PartsLucent Technologies: Micromechanical Mirrors Route Light SignalsSandia Labs: Testing MEMS To Improve ReliabilityMEMS Clearinghouse Provides Forum for Micromachine DevelopersAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, Electrical SystemsElectrical SystemsElectrically Powered Steering: No Hydraulic FluidSAE 2000: What Will the Future Hold?Automotive Sensors and Electronics, Appendix A: Contact InformationContact InformationContact InformationAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, Appendix B: Useful Web Site URLsUseful Web Site URLsUseful Web Site URLsAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, Appendix C: United States PatentsUnited States PatentsUnited States PatentsAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, Appendix D: Additional ReadingGeneral ElectronicsGeneral ElectronicsSensorsSensors42-Volt Power Supply42-Volt Power SupplyMEMSMEMSTelematics/Intelligent Transportation SystemsTelematics/Intelligent Transportation SystemsAutomotive Sensors and Electronics, Appendix E: Sensor Requirements Analysis (DOT/FTA)A Sensor as Part of a Collision Avoidance SystemA Sensor as Part of a Collision Avoidance SystemActive vs. Passive SensorsImaging vs. Non-Imaging Sensors‘Noise’ and ClutterAlternative Sensor TechnologiesConclusions

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