Autonomous Land Vehicles (ALV)--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights)


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This research service profiles about the emerging trends in autonomous land vehicle (ALV) systems and technology. Application of ALV systems span relatively structured domains in mining, cargo handling, and agriculture, through potential application in much unstructured tasks such as bush fire fighting, forestry, and defence. Topics such as advanced sensors, propulsion technologies, antenna and tracking system for land vehicles and methods needed to develop, demonstrate, and commercialize ALVs across applications are discussed in this research service.

Table of Contents

Autonomous Land Vehicles (ALV)--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyScopeResearch MethodologyKey FindingsNoteworthy DevelopmentsNoteworthy ApplicationsAutonomous Land Vehicles (ALV)--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Introduction to ALVsDefinition of ALV and Technology ViewpointAutonomous Land VehiclesTechnology ViewpointCommercial ApplicationsHeavy IndustryAgricultureAutomotiveHouse KeepingMilitary ApplicationsIntroductionExamples of Military ApplicationsAutonomous Land Vehicles (ALV)--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Technologies Applied for ALVsIntroduction and Platforms SegregationIntroductionPlatforms SegregationPerceptionIntroductionPassive SensingActive SensingMultiple SensingInertial SensingOdometric SensingNavigation & LocalizationIntroduction GPS NavigationTerrain Navigation MethodsMap-Based Terrain NavigationMap Construction and SLAMObstacle Detection & AvoidanceIntroductionReactive ControlLocal Modeling MethodsConstruction and Use of Local Terrain ModelsElevation GridsTracking and Avoiding Moving ObstaclesRoute & Mission PlanningIntroduction Path Planning MethodsMission Planning MethodsCommunicationRadio EthernetLive VideoTactical Radio SystemsAutonomous Land Vehicles (ALV)--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Assessment of InnovationsKey Developments in UniversitiesStanford UniversityCarnegie Mellon University – Tartan RacingNICTAUniversity of SydneyCarnegie Mellon University - LORAXKey Developments in IndustryIsrael Aerospace IndustriesiRobotIbeoContinentalMobileyeCommercialized Products2getthereFrogG-nius--GuardiumR-GatorRieglAutonomous Land Vehicles (ALV)--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Adoption Factor AnalysisAssessment of Key DriversTechnology FactorsMarket FactorsAssessment of Key ChallengesTechnology FactorsMarket FactorsAutonomous Land Vehicles (ALV)--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Landscape Assessment of ALVsDemographic Assessment of DevelopmentsGlobalChinaStakeholder & Timeline AssessmentImpact Analysis of StakeholdersRoadmap - Military ApplicationsDiffusion of Innovation - Civilian ApplicationsAutonomous Land Vehicles (ALV)--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Patents and Key Industry ParticipantsSnapshot of Intellectual Property DomainKey Patents IKey Patents IIDatabase of Key ParticipantsResearchCorporateAutonomous Land Vehicles (ALV)--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabaseDatabase TablesGlobal Military Expenditure (2002 to 2012)Commercial Aircraft in Service--World (2002 to 2012)Military Aircraft in Service--World (2002 to 2012)




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