Big Data and Analytics Market Outlook

Privacy Concerns to be at Core of Future Growth Strategies, Co-ordination between Government, Industry and Consumers Critical to Designing Workable Privacy Solutions

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The BDA market is increasingly focusing on privacy. The breakneck pace of change with regard to privacy regulations, and a lack of historical perspective among many when it comes to current notions of privacy, cries out for focused analysis on the state of the market with regard to privacy, and what organizations should do about it. That is the intent of this Stratecast report.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Privacy Has Evolved from the Town Square to the World Stage
4. The State of Privacy: Government Action
5. The Privacy Paradox: the World is Hooked on Data
6. The State Of Privacy: Industry Self-Regulation
7. The New Normal: Data-Driven Global Economic Disruption
Consenting Adults
“If You Won’t Exploit My Personal Data, Someone Else Will”
“If You Try To Legislate Against it, I’ll Use Data to Defeat You”
Is Public Policy Winning because it’s Popular, or through Manufactured Reality?
Data Manipulation Might Save Lives
8. Government Takes another Crack (with Renewed Vigor) at Privacy
9. What Governments and Enterprises—and Consumers—Must Do About Privacy
Work Together to Establish a Single Global Standard for Privacy
Continue to Comply with Industry Codes of Conduct—for Now
Follow These New Guidelines, which Transcend Industrial and National Borders
Recognize that it’s Not All about People Factors: Put Technology to Work on Privacy
10. Mobile Advertising Uses Data Partitioning and Hashing to Protect User Privacy
11. Differential Privacy Traditional methods used
Know Your Data and Privacy Rights—and if They Are Not Respected, Take Action
12. If You Didn’t Pay For a Service, “You Are the Product”—but You Still Have Data Rights
13. If You Created the Data, You Own the Data
14. Stratecast - The Last Word
15. About Stratecast
16. About Frost & Sullivan

List of Figures & Charts

1. Benefits Consumers Say Make Them More Likely to Approve of Data Collection

1. Overview of US and European Union Data Privacy Regulations
2. Industry Self-regulation Measures Pursuant to Data Privacy Protection
3. An Example of How Data Hashing Protects Personal Data
4. Leap Year Transforms Any SQL-like DBMS into a Privatized DBMS

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