Biopolymers (Technical Insights)

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This research service reviews the advances in biopolymers for industrial and medical applications.

Table of Contents

Biopolymers (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryResearch Scope and MethodologyResearch Scope and SegmentationResearch MethodologyResearch OverviewTechnology and Application OverviewKey FindingsBiopolymers (Technical Insights), Technology BackgrounderBiopolymers--A PrimerFrom Polymers to BiopolymersSnapshot of Biopolymer Synthesis TechniquesTypes of BiopolymersKey Biopolymers for Industrial ApplicationsKey Biopolymers for Medical ApplicationsBiopolymers (Technical Insights), Industrial Biopolymers (Bioplastics)--An In-Depth AnalysisSnapshot of Industrial ApplicationsTraditional Plastics versus BioplasticsIndustrial Applications of BioplasticsTechnology Adoption Factor AnalysisTechnology DriversTechnology Restraints and ChallengesOverview of R&D and Trends in the Biopolymer IndustryOverview of Bioplastics R&D for Industrial ApplicationsApplication Assessment for PLA; PHA; and TPSIndustry TrendsAssessment of Key DevelopmentsBiobased Resins--Growing Demand in Many Industries--USAEnabling Cost-Effective Bioplastic Production--USAA Foray into Developing Starch-Based Biopolymers and Bioplastics--FinlandBiobased Resin for Food Packaging--USABiodegradable Cellulose-Based Films in Packaging--UKBioplastics for Electronic Applications--JapanDeveloping Bioplastics from Corn--USANanocomposite Films--Improving PLA-Based Products--DenmarkProteins as a Source of Bioplastics--USABio-Flex Biograde and Fibrolon for Varying Applications--GermanyBioplastics for Automobiles--JapanBioplastics for the Food Packaging Industry--USADeveloping Bioplast Films--GermanyBiopolymers (Technical Insights), Advanced Medical Biopolymers--An In-Depth AnalysisSnapshot of Applications and Properties of Advanced Medical BiopolymersKey Properties of Biopolymers for Medical ApplicationsKey Applications of Advanced Medical BiopolymersTechnology Adoption Factor AnalysisTechnology and Industry DriversTechnology; Industry Roadblocks; and ChallengesAssessment of Application Trends of Selective Biopolymers in the Medical SectorLactic Acid-Derived PolymersPolyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA)Hyaluronic Acid (HA)Hydrogels and Responsive BiopolymersStrategic Evaluation of the Competitive LandscapeSWOT Analysis for Biopolymers in a Medical EnvironmentImpact of Regulations on Biopolymers for Medical ApplicationsBiopolymers for Medical Applications--Current Trends and Future Prospects (Analyst Insights)Global Assessment of Key Developments From Genetic to Device Engineering--Creating Milestones in Biomaterial Production--USANovel Biopolymer Beads for Diverse Applications--UKBio (Collagen)-Matrix Implant--Empowering Ophthalmic Surgeries--TaiwanFrom Bacillus to Hyaluronic Acid--An Unorthodox Production--DenmarkBioactive Protein Polymers--Redefining Biomaterial Success --USAResponsive Biopolymers--A Radical Approach to Medical Imaging and Drug Delivery--UKDNA Hydrogels--From Biomolecules to Biomaterials--USANovel Bioactive Cement Scaffolds to Revolutionize Bone Engineering--USAInjectable Hydrogels for Targeted Therapeutics--SingaporeBiopolymers (Technical Insights), Intellectual Property ScenarioKey Patents in the Industrial SectorKey US PatentsKey European PatentsKey Patents in the Medical SectorKey European PatentsKey US PatentsBiopolymers (Technical Insights), Key Developers and R&D ContactsKey Developers--Industrial BiopolymersCompaniesUniversities and Research OrganizationsKey Developers--Advanced Medical BiopolymersCorporate ContactsAcademic ContactsBiopolymers (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabaseDatabase TablesCorn Production (1999-2006)Consumption Expenditure on Food; Beverages; and Tobacco (1999-2006)Government Healthcare Expenditure in Biomaterials (1999-2006)Global Percentage Pharmaceutical R&D Expenditure (1999-2006)

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