Biosensors: Emerging Technologies and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights)

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This report discusses the latest developments in biosensors; what kind of research is under way; who is working on what; how are they progressing; which applications show the most promise; and what obstacles still remain to be overcome before commercialization can begin or mature.

Table of Contents

Biosensors: Emerging Technologies and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryReport SynopsisBiosensors after 9/11Scope and MethodologyHighlights of the ReportMethodologyBiosensors: Emerging Technologies and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Military and Commercial CompetitionProtecting SoldiersPersonal Black BoxNanologisticsThe Asian ChallengeBuilding New LabsCarbon Nanotube InnovationsBoosting Fullerene ProductionTaiwan’s Nanotech FutureThe American ResponseBiosensors: Emerging Technologies and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Using Technology To Expand MarketsWhen Technologies ConvergeImproving Human PerformanceExtending Moore’s LawNew Fields of KnowledgeHoning the Competitive Edge Biochips: A Maturing TechnologyIntroductionMiniaturization + Integration = BiochipsA Discriminating Biochip Canada Gets Serious about Biochips Spotting Gene Expression New Diagnostics Open with DNA Biosensor-on-a-ChipBuild Biochips a Molecule at a TimeGene Chip Technology Advance Protein Biochips Draw a Step Closer Protein Makes Biochip Specific Handheld Device Extends Reach of LOC Some Important Developments To WatchUPENN To Study Microfluidic Systems for DARPA Enhanced Microfluidics Promises Better LOC Enhanced Microfluidics Promises Better LOCGlue Microparts to Medical DevicesMicrofluidics Flows OnMarket ForecastsAnalytical LOCs Biochips Biosensors: Emerging Technologies and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Technology Developments from CompaniesElectronic Nose for TroubleSniffing Out Explosives; Drugs; and MicrobesThe Higher the Vibration; the Richer the TargetSeeing DNA on SiliconRendering the Invisible VisibleAmplifying Molecular InteractionsInstrument-Free Target DetectionBiosensor Canaries Reduce Bioremediation Costs Cleaning Up after Paint MakingMapping ToxinsAnalyzing Waste Down UnderGovernment; Business; and Academic AllianceLuciferase Shines Light on Wastes Overcoming Aldehyde’s LimitationsTaking Aim at E. ColiPortable Food and Water SensorsBacteria MagnetsBreaking the Meat MatrixBeach DetectivesMaking Clinical DiagnosisBiosensors: Emerging Technologies and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Technology Developments from National Laboratories and UniversitiesProving Nanoparticles Can Form a GradientMolecular Hooks To Catch Gold NanoparticlesAtomic Needle and Intense X-Rays Unlock Surface GradientsSingle-Cluster Tests Save TimeNanowiresNanowires Conduct 3000 Times FasterA Future in BiosensorsGetting a Jump on CancerSimpler Adduct DetectionAdding Glycerol Aids FluorescenceClarity with Glass SubstratesDual Diabetic Sensors Monitor Glucose/InsulinLinking Divergent SensorsRefinements for ImplantationIsolating CircuitsBiosensing the Big MoleculesBinding to the Big Bad BoysBorrowing from Position SensingDetecting Drug Types During OverdoseSpeeding Analysis To Save VictimsAdding Membranes To Filter ContaminantsBuilding Real Neural Networks Strengthening the Interface of Nerves and ElectronsGrowing Nerve Cells To Order Serendipity Lends a HandFellow Explorers on the Nerve-Cell FrontierGet Living Cells To Talk to MicroelectronicsTransmitting Electrical 'Speech'Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio Ten TimesImprinting Thin Film BiosensorsMolecular RecognitionSol-Gel’s SuperiorityReplacing AntibodiesModular Parts Assemble into Designer Polymers Taking a Leaf from Mother NatureErecting Polymer ScaffoldsEnd Run Past Chemical InterferenceCarbon Nanotubes FluoresceTaking Aim at Tumor Cells Breaking Free from the PackTiny but ToughDevelopments To WatchEnzymatic EnginePolymer-Based BiosensorsPutting SAMs To Work as Selective FiltersImproving the Microprinting of Proteins on Mixed SAMs Analyzing Wine and PatientsA Novel BiosensorShedding Light on Food- and Water-Contamination Sensitive Biosensors Detects Low-Level PlatinumBiosensor Hinges on the Protein Faster; Cheaper Resequencing Proteome Chip Licensed for Rapid Bio StudiesTune the Swelling of Hydrogel Nanoparticles Make Genetic Diagnosis without Labels Self-Assembling DNA WireBiosensors: Emerging Technologies and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Technical Insights' 2002 Science and Technology AwardsBiosensors AwardsTechnology Innovation Technology LeadershipBiosensors: Emerging Technologies and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Information ResourcesPatents; Research Sources; Select CompaniesRecent US Patents Research SourcesSelected Companies Involved in the Biochip Sector

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