Biotechnology Up-Stream and Down-Stream Processing Technology Analysis (Technical Insights)


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This research service analyzes emerging technologies in bioprocessing technologies.

Table of Contents

Biotechnology Up-Stream and Down-Stream Processing Technology Analysis (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryIntroductionIntroductionTechnology PrimerScope and MethodologyScopeMethodologyBiotechnology Up-Stream and Down-Stream Processing Technology Analysis (Technical Insights), Technology and Applications ViewpointApplication Analysis and TrendsMicrobial FermentationGlycomics and Biopharmaceuticals Diagnostic ApplicationsTherapeutic ApplicationsBiopolymersCell CultureSensors in Biotechnology ProcessingOther ApplicationsIndustry Trends and AssessmentIndustry TrendsMergers and AcquisitionsRegulatory IssuesFunding AnalysisBiotechnology Up-Stream and Down-Stream Processing Technology Analysis (Technical Insights), Assessment of Innovations in Upstream Processing: North America Asia and EuropeAntibodiesEnhanced Genetic Evolution--USAPhage Display and Humanized Antibodies--USARNA Synthesis and Delivery of Antibodies--USAHumanized Antibodies from Yeast--USAComparing Polyclonal Humanized Antibodies with Monoclonals--USAHigh-Throughput High-Diversity Generation of Antibody Platform--UKFucose Increases Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity--JapanProduction of Fully Human Antibodies through Human Combinatorial Antibody Libraries--GermanyPhage Display Technique Targets Bacterial Haptens--UKOther CompaniesVaccinesFlu Vaccine from Cell Culture Instead of Eggs--USAPotato Vaccine for Hepatitis B--USAAntibioticsAntimicrobial Peptide from Fungus Kills Resistant Infections--DenmarkMetabolic Pathway Engineering Simplifies Antibiotic Preparation--NetherlandsOther BiopharmaceuticalsImproved Recombinant Interferon--USABioconversion for Production of Chiral Compounds--JapanBiocatalysis and Metabolic Engineering for Vitamin and Nutrient Production--GermanyModified E. Coli Make Human Glycoproteins--USAEnzymesFungal Genome Sequence for Better Enzymes--USADirected Evolution: Increased Mutation Rate Yields Enhanced Enzymes--USASolid-Phase Massively-Parallel Screening System for Improved Enzyme Mutants--USARearranging DNA to Improve Variants--USAGenetic Engineering to Boost Xylanase Output--CanadaPlants and AlgaeLack of Financing Shuts down Large-Scale Biology--USATransgenic Duckweed for Protein Manufacture--USATobacco Plant-Based Monoclonal Antibodies against Tumor Cells--USACotton Roots Produce Gossypol Antibiotic--USAMetabolomics Changes Plants to Chemical Factories--USAInsulin Production in Plants--CanadaPolysaccharide from Immobilized Callus Cultures--IndiaTransgenic AnimalsHuman Antibodies and Other Therapeutic Proteins from Chicken Eggs--USATransgenic Mice for Production of Fully Human Antibodies--USAHuman Antithrombin from Transgenic Goat Milk--USATransgenic Rabbits Produce C1 Inhibitor for Hereditary Angioedema--SpainBiopolymers Stabilized Gene Transfer for Producing Recombinant PHA--USAYeast Produces Tailor-Made PHA Polymers--USALimiting Nitrogen Boosts Bacterial PHA Synthesis--IrelandBioreactors and FermentersEliminating Cryptic Plasmid Improves Fermentation--USAMicroreactor Regenerates Enzyme Cofactors--USABoost Cobalamin to Improve Fermentation Microbes--USANovel Two-Phase Fermenter Process--NetherlandsTubular versus Bubble Column Photobioreactors--SpainCell CultureStable Analog of Poly D-Lysine for Fastidious Cells--USANanofiber-Based Cell-Culture Platform--USASingle Cell from Embryo Can Generate Stem Cell Lines--USAFeeder-Free Derivation of Embryonic Stem Cells--USAArtificial Intelligence Controls Cell-Culture Parameters--FinlandSpecial Culture Dish for Both Long-Term Cell Culture and Imaging--GermanyAdditional CompaniesGrowing Bone Cells on Carbon Nanotubes--USA3D Capillary Channeled Fibers for Scaffolds--USASensors and DetectorsUniversal Detector for HPLC--USACCD Technology-Based Image Sensors for Process Control--UKAugmenting Cell Culture Optimization Using Optical Sensors--USABiosensor Dye Aids Viewing Proteins in Live Cells--USABiocompatible Poly (Dimethylsiloxane) Coatings for Sensors and Microfluidic Devices--USAFiber-Optic Sensor Measures pH--USANovel Ultrasonic Sensor for In Situ Detection of Protein Fouling--ChinaBiotechnology Up-Stream and Down-Stream Processing Technology Analysis (Technical Insights), Assessment of Innovations in Downstream Processing: North America Asia and EuropeNucleic Acid PurificationRNA Manufacturing In cGMP Facility--USAChargeSwitch Technology to Purify Nucleic Acids--USAConvoluted Polymer-Coated Beads for High-Yield mRNA Purification--NetherlandsColumn To Purify Plasmid DNA--SloveniaChromatographyHigh Speed Ultraperformance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC)--USARemoval of Abundant Proteins Allows Purification of Low-Abundance Proteins--USALiquid-Liquid Counter-Current Chromatography Saves Time and Money--UKMolecularly Imprinted Polymers for Large-Scale Specific Separations--SwedenAdditional CompaniesMembrane and Filter SeparationsNanofilter Traps Micron-Sized Particles--USA Portfolio of Specialized Filters--USAMembrane Processing Improves Enzyme Production Pharmaceutical Applications--SwedenMultichannel Membranes for Microfiltration--FranceAdditional CompaniesManufacture and Scale-UpLarge-Scale Process for Ricin Vaccine Production--USATrue Micro-Bioreactor Scale-Up--USAStep-Wise Scale-Up of Pharma Protein Production Up to 25000 Liters--NetherlandsAdditional CompaniesProcess Design and Management SoftwareEnhancements to Execution Software--USASoftware for Enhanced Asset Performance--USASoftware Portfolio for Process Manufacturers--USAComputer Modeling Platform Predicts Cellular Metabolism and Behavior--USABiotechnology Up-Stream and Down-Stream Processing Technology Analysis (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factor AnalysisTechnology Development Restraints And Market ChallengesTechnology RestraintsTechnology ChallengesCompeting TechnologiesTechnology Adoption Drivers and BenefitsAdoption DriversTechnology BenefitsBiotechnology Up-Stream and Down-Stream Processing Technology Analysis (Technical Insights), Database of Key Industry Participants and Selected PatentsPatentsUS PatentsInternational PatentsKey Industry ParticipantsCompaniesUniversitiesBiotechnology Up-Stream and Down-Stream Processing Technology Analysis (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2006 Science & Technology AwardsTechnology Leadership AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Innovation AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientExcellence in Technology AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientBiotechnology Up-Stream and Down-Stream Processing Technology Analysis (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabaseDatabase TablesBiotech Companies (1999-2006)Biotech Employees (1999-2006)Biotech Private Investment (1999-2006)EPO Biotech Patents (1999-2006)Government Biotech R&D Investment (1999-2006)USPTO Biotech Patents (1999-2006)Percent Government Biotech Investment (1999-2006)

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