Blockchain Technology Powering Emerging Applications

Emerging Applications and Opportunities for Blockchain

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Blockchain refers to a distributed ledger technology that is programmed to maintain records of financial and non-financial (anything of value) transactions. Technology advancements in blockchain in the recent years have led to significant improvements in quality and reductions in overall cost, and have attracted deep investments from private companies, federal bodies, and other funding organizations globally. The objective of this research service is to understand development trends, offer a technology roadmap for ecosystem participants, identify the key emerging applications across industries, highlight patent trends, and assess the future opportunities in the blockchain space. In brief, this research service

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Methodology1.3 Key Findings2.0 Introduction to Block chain2.1 Blockchain Eliminates Third Party to Verify Transaction2.2 Blockchain Can Be Applied in Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Asset Allocation, and Integrated Services2.3 Public Blockchain is Completely Decentralized2.4 Virtual Currency is Defined as Digital Representation of Monetary Value3.0 Applications by Industry Type3.1 Blockchain Will Provide Transparency about Products3.2 Blockchain Will Help to Locate Stolen Merchandise3.3 Blockchain Connects Members across International Trade Supply Chain3.4 DeepMind is Developing a Cryptographically Secured Tool Called “Verifiable Data Audit”3.5 Blockchain Will be Used in Sharing Medical Records3.6 Tierion is Using Blockchain for Medical Claims3.7 NASDAQ in Collaboration with Chain Inc. Has Developed Blockchain-powered Ledger for Share Transfer3.8 Blockchain Technology Will Remove Third-party Vendors for Transaction Validation3.9 Zebpay Offers Mobile-based Bitcoin Wallet3.10 Blockchain is Likely to Ease Manufacturing Process3.11 Blockchain Will Resolve Ownership Issues3.12 Blockchain to Identify Counterfeit Products 4.0 Blockchain Technology Roadmap4.1 Key Insights from Technology Roadmap5.0 Market Sizing and Future Opportunities5.1 Blockchain Global Market Potential5.2 Potential Blockchain Opportunities in the Future6.0 Key Patent Evaluation6.1 Key Patents Are Being Filed Specially in the Areas of Fraud Control, Access Control, and Distributed Ledger7.0 Growth Opportunities7.1 Growth Opportunities—Blockchain7.2 Strategic Imperatives for Blockchain Stakeholders8.0 Analyst Insights 8.1 Blockchain Application is Likely to Be Seen in Digital Voting 9.0 Key Contacts9.1 List of Contacts9.1 List of Contacts (continued)Legal Disclaimer10.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story10.1 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career10.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career10.3 Global Perspective10.4 Industry Convergence10.5 360º Research Perspective10.6 Implementation Excellence10.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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