Brazilian Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Market, 2015

Wireless Carriers Ride out Maturity in Point of Sale (PoS) and Fleet Management Segments with New Applications and Value Added Services

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This Frost & Sullivan research service on the Brazilian cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) market provides detailed market forecasts, drivers and restraints, as well as competitive analyses of participants from 2015 to 2021. It covers the top verticals in the Brazilian M2M market including finance, such as card payment point-of-sale (PoS) terminals; automotive, such as fleet management, telematics, and connected car services; and utilities, including electricity smart metering. Additionally, it provides lines in service (LIS) forecasts and market trends for each vertical.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary: Total Commercial Satellite Broadband Market
Key Findings
Market Engineering Measurements, Brazil, 2015
Market Overview
CEO’s Perspective
2. Market Overview
Research Scope
Industry Verticals
M2M Services
M2M System Architecture
M2M Market Distribution Channels
Market Distribution Channels Discussion
Operator-driven Model
Platform Model
M2M—Key Industry Vertical Taxonomy
3. Drivers and Restraints— Total M2M Market
Key Market Drivers Explained, Brazil, 2016–2021
Continued growth of PoS
Increased adoption of connected car solutions
Declining cost of connected devices and M2M modules driving development of new applications
Regulation fostering M2M adoption
Key Market Restraints Explained, Brazil, 2016–2021
Lack of a mature market for value-added services
Delays in regulatory mandates
Security, data privacy, and sovereignty remain a concern
4. Forecasts and Trends—Total M2M Market
LIS and Revenue Forecast
LIS, Revenue, and ARPL Forecast
Forecast Discussion
Number of M2M Connections as a Percentage of Mobile Connections
Number of M2M Connections as a Percentage of Mobile Connections Discussion
Percent of LIS by Key Vertical
Brazil M2M Revenue Breakdown by Key Vertical Adoption Discussion
5. Market Share and Competitive Analysis—Total M2M Market
Market Share
Competitive Environment: Competitive Structure, Brazil, 2015
Competitive Overview
Types of Offers
Individual Data Caps
Shared Data Caps
Pay As You Go
M2M Management Platforms
M2M Key Takeaways
TIM and Oi
Vodafone Brasil
Niche Participants and New Entrants
6. Vertical Analysis
Vertical Breakdown
Finance—Industry Overview
Finance Vertical—Number of M2M Connections
Automotive—Industry Overview
Automotive—Fleet Management
Automotive—Connected Car
Transport and Automotive Vertical—Number of M2M Connections
Utilities—Industry Overview
Utilities—Smart Grid Pilots in Brazil
Utilities Vertical—Number of M2M Connections
7. Key Conclusions, Future Outlook and the Last Word
8. Legal Disclaimer
9. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology
Market Engineering Measurements
Additional Sources of Information on M2M
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List of Figures & Charts

1. Total M2M Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Brazil, 2015
2. Total M2M Market: Distribution Channel Analysis, Brazil, 2015
3. Total M2M Market: Key Market Drivers, Brazil, 2016–2021
4. Total M2M Market: Key Market Restraints, Brazil, 2016–2021
5. Total M2M Market: LIS and Revenue Forecast, Brazil, 2015–2021
6. Total M2M Market: LIS, Revenue, and ARPL Forecast, Brazil, 2015–2021
7. Total M2M Market: M2M Connections as a Percentage of Mobile Subscribers, Brazil, 2015–2021
8. Total M2M Market: Percent of LIS Forecast by Key Vertical, Brazil, 2015–2021
9. Total M2M Market: Percent Revenue Breakdown, Brazil, 2015
10. Total M2M Market: Competitive Structure, Brazil, 2015
11. Total M2M Market: Percent Lines in Service Breakdown, Brazil, 2015
12. Finance Vertical: LIS Forecast, Brazil, 2015–2021
13. Total CV Telematics Market: Key Vendor Analysis, LATAM, 2014-2021
14. Automotive Vertical: LIS Forecast, Brazil, 2015–2021
15. Smart Grid Pilot Projects by Company, Town, and State, Brazil, 2015
16. Utilities Vertical: LIS Forecast, Brazil, 2015–2021
17. Total M2M Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Brazil, 2015

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