Business as a Service: Totally Virtual Business now Practical

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This paper is a wakeup call to traditional enterprises. It is meant to serve as a warning of what will, in the very near term, characterize the competition. The time cushion to identify and validate a market need, and garner first-mover benefits before the competition, is evaporating. Within the year, Stratecast projects that a new form of business will arise: one that appears as fast as a niche market need does, and then disappears when the need has been fulfilled or when the market sees additional competitive entrants. Conventional businesses that aren’t prepared for this new form of hyper-competition will be at a severe disadvantage when confronted by the new totally virtual businesses.

Table of Contents

Business as a Service: Totally Virtual Business now Practical SPIE 2016 #25 - July 15/2016IntroductionWhat is Business as a Service (BaaS)?BaaS and Dynamic CommunicationEnabling the Flexible Response: Next Generation CommunicationsImplications for Conventional BusinessStratecast - The Last WordAbout StratecastAbout Frost & Sullivan

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