Changing Role of Medicare and its Impact on Pharmaceutical Industry


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The objective of this report is to evaluate the present state of the healthcare industry with reference to Medicare and to evaluate the challenges and opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry becuase of Medicare modernization Act. Impact of Medicare Prescription Drug Law has been evaluated and implications of the law for various healthcare segments has been analyzed. Frost & Sullivan Awards are given to the industry's outstanding achievers.

Table of Contents

Changing Role of Medicare and its Impact on Pharmaceutical Industry, Changing Role of Medicare and its Impact on Pharmaceutical IndustryOverviewIntroductionDisclaimerCertificationResearch Scope and MethodologyBasics of MedicareMedicare - The BasicsMedicare BeneficiariesMedicare Part AMedicare Part BMedicare + Choice2004 Medicare Service SpendingCurrent State of MedicareIssues with MedicareSenior Prescription Drug CoverageThe Need For ChangeExecutive QuoteChanging Role of Medicare and its Impact on Pharmaceutical Industry, Medicare Prescription Drug Legislation and its ImplicationsMedicare Prescription Drug LegislationModernizing MedicareMedicare Legislation OverviewPrescription Drug Discount CardsPart D Prescription Drug BenefitImpact on Different Segments of the Healthcare IndustryFlowchart of PrescriptionsImpact on Healthcare Industry SegmentsImpact of Medicare Law on EmployersImpact of Medicare Law on MedicaidImpact of Medicare Law on Health Plans & PBMsImpact of Medicare Law on Retail PharmaciesExecutive QuoteChanging Role of Medicare and its Impact on Pharmaceutical Industry, Impact of Medicare Law on the Pharmaceutical IndustryIntroductionImportant Changes Affecting PharmaceuticalsPotential ThreatsMedicare Part B Reimbursement IssuesMedicare Spending on Prescription DrugsForecasts of Beneficiaries with Prescription CoverageAnalysis of Medicare Beneficiaries with Prescription Drug BenefitsDual EligiblesLow-Income AssistancePrescription Drug SpendingAnalysis of Prescription Drug Spending - IAnalysis of Prescription Drug Spending - IIMedicare SpendingAnalysis of Medicare SpendingImpact of Medicare Reform on Rheumatoid Arthritis MarketsOncology Drug Reimbursement OverviewImpact of Medicare Reform on Oncology Drug ReimbursementImplications of Prescription Drug LawCMS Administrator QuoteBusiness Planning and Strategic ThinkingAchieving Sustained Value GrowthCapturing Opportunity and Avoiding Strategic RiskAlready Known to 2010 and BeyondMeeting the ChallengeComplying with MedicareStrategic Thinking and AnalysisAnticipating the FutureExecutive QuotePerceived Impact on Pharmaceutical RevenuesMarket ExpansionReaction to the Medicare LegislationImplications for Pharmaceutical CompaniesChallenges for Pharmaceutical CompaniesExecutive QuoteHow The Medicare Drug Benefit Affects Pharmaceutical RevenuesReduced Impact of Prescription Drug BenefitCritical Evaluation - ICritical Evaluation - IIFrost and Sullivan AwardsIntroductionCompany of the Year AwardBest Support and Services AwardClient Value Enhancement AwardInnovative Business Development Strategy AwardDecision Support DatabasesMedicare ExpenditureMedicare EnrollmentPopulation 65 and AbovePrivate Health InsuranceHealthcare ExpenditureUninsured PopulationFrost and SullivanHealthcare TeamOur CapabilitiesKey AdvantagesConsulting ClientsGrowth ConsultingGrowth Consulting DeliverablesGrowth Partnership ServicesGrowth Partnership Services PlatformGrowth Consulting Process

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