Cloud Platforms Powering FinTech in Europe, 2017

Financial Services Industry to Move Core Services to the Cloud in the Next 2–3 Years

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In terms of cloud adoption, the financial services industry has been lagging unlike many other industry sectors. While the benefits of cloud adoption are not unknown, there was initial hesitation on account of legacy infrastructure, lack of clarity on regulations, concerns related to compliance and data security. Cloud providers, upon understanding the specific needs of the industry, have been extremely proactive in working with regulators and ensuring that their solutions meet stringent requirements. This trend followed by regulators issuing guidelines and promoting the use of cloud has also helped in adoption. The most significant driver has been disruption of the industry by start-ups, many of whom are compl

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
2. Cloud Platforms for Financial Services
Cloud Platforms—Enabling Enterprise Flexibility
Cloud Platforms—Service Models Enable Flexibility for Stakeholders
Cloud Platforms—Gradual Migration with Varying Degrees of Benefits
Multiple Deployment Models Promote Cloud Adoption
Boundaries Blur in Cloud Deployment
Cloud Architecture—Multiple Industry Participants to Manage Complexity
Cloud Ecosystem—Multiple Industry Participants to Manage Complexity
Cloud Platforms—Impact on Critical Enterprise Functions
ICT Spending Forecast 2020
3. Cloud Solutions and Service Providers
Complexity is the New Reality of Financial Services
IT Strategy and Budgets of Financial Services Companies
Cloud Solutions—Applied Across a Range of Functions
Cloud Solutions and Adoption—Current Trends
Cloud Solutions and Adoption—Emerging Trends
Focus Areas for Financial Services Companies in Cloud Adoption
High Satisfaction Levels Among Financial Services Users
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Profile
Google Cloud Platform Profile
IBM Profile
Microsoft Azure Profile
OVH Profile
Cloud Platforms—Small Change, Big Difference
Cloud Platforms—Foundation Of Digital Financial Services Ecosystem
4. Advanced Technology Integration in Cloud
Integration of Advanced Technologies
Integration of IoT
Integration of Big Data and Analytics
Integration of AI and ML
Integration of Blockchain
Emerging Technology Trends
5. Cloud Platforms in Europe—Drivers and Restraints
Cloud Platforms in Europe—Market Drivers by Order of Impact
Cloud Platforms in Europe—Market Restraints by Order of Impact
6. Application of Cloud Platforms by Financial Services Startups and Incumbents
Financial Services Firms Use Cloud For Myriad Services
Use Cases—Cloud Solutions
Application of Cloud Platforms by Start-ups
Trends in Application of Cloud by Start-ups
Application of Cloud by Incumbents
Trends in Application of Cloud by Incumbents
Cloud Central to New Payment Solutions
7. Impact of Regulations on Cloud Adoption
Ambiguity Around Regulations Slows Adoption
PSD2 and Shared API in Europe
Use Cases—Solutions To Meet Regulatory Requirements
8. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
5 Major Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 1—P2P Payments
Growth Opportunity 2—Account Management
Growth Opportunity 3—RegTech
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
3 Key Conclusions
Legal Disclaimer
9. Appendix
About the Survey
10. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Cloud Platforms: Drivers for Cloud Adoption, Europe, 2016–2020
2. Cloud Platforms: Drivers to Faster Adoption, Europe, 2016–2020
3. Cloud Platforms: Restraints for Cloud Adoption, Europe, 2016–2020
4. Cloud Platforms: Restraints to Cloud Adoption, Europe, 2016–2020
5. Cloud Platforms: Start-ups Use Cases*, Europe, 2017
6. Cloud Platforms: Evolving Trends, Europe, 2017
7. Cloud Platforms: Incumbent Use Cases*, Europe, 2017
8. Cloud Platforms: Evolving Trends, Europe, 2017

1. Cloud Platforms: Relevant Concepts, Global, 2017
2. Cloud Platforms: Service Models Enable Different Levels of Control, Global, 2017
3. Cloud Platforms: Benefits of Service Models for Financial Services Industry, Global, 2017
4. Cloud Platforms: Cloud Deployment Models, Europe, 2017
5. Cloud Platforms: Trends in Cloud Deployment Models, Global, 2017
6. Cloud Platforms: Cloud Computing Architecture, Global, 2017
7. Cloud Platforms: Cloud Computing Ecosystem*, Global, 2017
8. Cloud Platforms: Impact Improves Enterprise Efficiency, Global, 2017
9. Cloud Platforms: ICT Spending by Financial Services, Europe, 2015–2020
10. Cloud Platforms: Complex Financial Services Ecosystem Going Forward, Global, 2017
11. Cloud Platforms: Percentage Breakdown of IT Budget Allocation by Financial Services Companies, Europe, 2015
12. Cloud Platforms: Cloud Solutions Catering to Different Requirements, Global, 2017
13. Cloud Platforms: Current Trends, Europe, 2017
14. Cloud Platforms: Emerging Trends in Cloud Adoption by Financial Services, Europe, 2017
15. Cloud Platforms: Level of Adoption Among Financial Services Users*, Europe, 2017
16. Cloud Platforms: Level of Satisfaction with Cloud Adoption Among Financial Services Users*, Europe, 2017
17. Cloud Platforms: Three Layers Of Digital Financial Ecosystem, Global, 2017
18. Cloud Platforms: Advanced Technologies in Cloud Solutions, Europe, 2017
19. Cloud Platforms: Internet of Things in Cloud Solutions, Europe, 2017
20. Cloud Platforms: Big Data and Analytics in Cloud Solutions, Europe, 2017
21. Cloud Platforms: AI & ML in Cloud Solutions, Europe, 2017
22. Cloud Platforms: Blockchain in Cloud Solutions, Europe, 2017
23. Cloud Platforms: Technologies Expected to Impact Financial Services, Europe, 2017
24. Cloud Platforms: Financial Firms Cloud Usage*, Global, 2017
25. Cloud Platforms: Financial Services Firms Use Cases of Cloud*, Europe, 2017
26. Cloud Platforms: Payments Migrate to Cloud, Europe, 2017
27. Cloud Platforms: Regulatory Framework*, Europe, 2017
28. Cloud Platforms: Recent Regulatory Norms, Europe, 2017
29. Cloud Platforms: Use Cases*, Europe, 2017

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