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Green, Safe, and Connected Medium–heavy Trucks to Drive Future Freight Mobility

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Some of the key trends for OEMs globally are powertrains gaining strength in customer retention strategies, and vehicle platforms becoming the accepted norm in shared engine designs and architecture modularity. Connected fleets on telematics and integrated safety systems, and prognostics are expected to be on the uptake from fleet owners. This research service explores the trends shaping growth in sales in regions around the globe for global as well as regional OEMS.

Table of Contents

Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology Research ScopeResearch Aim and ObjectiveKey Questions this Study Will AnswerResearch BackgroundResearch MethodologyVehicle SegmentsMarket OverviewTop 5 Predictions and Trends2020 CV Industry—Key Senior Management IssuesTotal CV Market—Unit Shipment Forecast by RegionTotal CV Market—OEM Sales Performance in 2013Total CV Market—Top CV TechnologiesTotal CV Market—Key TakeawaysMega Trends and Industry Convergence ImplicationsImpact of Top Mega Trends on the Commercial Vehicle Market Impact of Top Mega Trends on the Commercial Vehicle Market (continued)Other Major Global CV Mega TrendsImpact of the Logistics and Freight Industry on the Global Commercial Vehicle MarketInfrastructure DevelopmentGlobal Freight and Logistics Outlook 2013–2020 Urban Logistics New Business Models in LogisticsKey Logistics Trends Influencing Truck DesignNew City Truck Technologies for Urban Logistics—Smart Urban FleetImpact of Urban Logistics on Product DesignKey Takeaways—Urban LogisticsForecast and Trends—Total CV MarketTotal CV Market—Unit Shipment Forecast by Region CV Market—MCV Unit Shipment Forecast by RegionCV Market—HCV Unit Shipment Forecast by RegionTotal CV Market—High-Volume Segment by Region—2022 Regional Market Profiles—North America and Europe Markets BreakdownNorth America and Europe Markets—Unit Shipment ForecastNorth America and Europe Markets—Key Trends Influencing SalesNorth America and Europe Markets—Advanced Powertrain Systems ForecastNorth America and Europe Markets—Estimated OEM Market Share for 2013Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) Markets BreakdownBRIC Markets—Unit Shipment ForecastBRIC Markets—Key Trends Influencing SalesBRIC Markets—Advanced Powertrain Systems ForecastBRIC Markets—BRIC Commercial Vehicle OEM PerformanceBRIC Markets—Market Entry StrategyNext 11 and Rest of World (RoW) Markets BreakdownNext 11 Markets—Unit Shipment Forecast Next 11 Markets—Unit Shipment ForecastRest of World Markets—Unit Shipment ForecastAfrica Market BreakdownAfrica Market—Urbanization TrendsAfrica Market—Urbanization Trends (continued)Africa Market—Unit Shipment ForecastAfrica Market—Influence of Chinese IndustriesCase Study—Iveco’s Africa StrategySummary of Global Forecast and TrendsGlobal and Regional CV Markets—Forecast and TrendsVehicle Platform Strategies of Key Global OEMsVehicle Platform Strategies—DefinitionsVehicle Platform Strategies—Potential BenefitsVehicle Platform Strategies—Key Global HCV PlatformsVehicle Platform Strategies of Key OEMsVehicle Platform Strategies—OEM Outlook Comparative Analysis Case Study 1—Daimler AG–Platform Strategy Case Study 1—Daimler AG–Platform Strategy (continued)Case Study 2—CNHTC–Platform StrategyCase Study 2—CNHTC–Platform Strategy (continued)Vehicle Platform Strategies of Key Global HCV OEMs Technology Segmentation—PowertrainTotal CV Market—Powertrain Unit Shipment ForecastTotal CV Market—Engine Displacement and Power Recalibration Case Study—Cummins Global Engine Platform DevelopmentTotal CV Market—Powertrain TechnologiesTechnology Segmentation—Natural Gas (NG)Mega Trends in the Global Natural Gas MarketTotal CV Market—Natural Gas Unit Shipment Forecast Total CV Market—Natural Gas Unit Shipment Forecast (continued)Case Study—North American NG CV Market—Powertrain RoadmapCase Study—European NG CV Market-Powertrain RoadmapTechnology Segmentation—Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (HEV)Total CV Market—HEV Unit Shipment ForecastTotal CV Market—HEV Unit Shipment Forecast (continued)Total CV Market—HEV Value Chain AnalysisCase Study—Daimler HEV StrategyCase Study—North America Powertrain TrendsNorth America Market—HCV Engine Downsizing TrendsNorth America Market—Advanced Powertrain Technologies North America Market—Key Design Trends for HCV Engine Strategic Snapshot of Powertrain Downsizing Trends by OEMVoice of Customer Research (Next 5 Years)North America Market—Key HCV Engine Downsizing TrendsAccessories—Soft TechnologiesCV Market Soft Technologies—Focus Area of Key StakeholdersCV Market Soft Technologies—Fleet Preference in Cabin TechnologiesCV Market Soft Technologies—Telematics EcosystemCV Market Soft Technologies—Telematics FMS Service LadderCV Market Soft Technologies—Connectivity and TelematicsCV Market Soft Technologies—Telematics Regional AnalysisCV Market Soft Technologies—Telematics Services by Region/CountryCV Market Soft Technologies—Prognostics Business Model for OEMsCV Market Soft Technologies—Telematics FMS OpportunitiesCV Market Soft Technologies—Safety Systems OverviewCV Market Soft Technologies—Safety Systems OpportunitiesCV Market Soft Technologies—Safety Systems Adoption Hot SpotsCV Market Soft Technologies—Integrated Safety SystemsCV Market Soft Technologies—Common Multiplexed ArchitectureCV Market Soft Technologies—Automated DrivingCV Market Soft Technologies—Key TrendsFleet Operations OverviewCV Market Fleet Operations—Key ChallengesCV Market Fleet Operations—North America OverviewCV Market Fleet Operations—Europe OverviewCV Market Fleet Operations—Managers in North America and EuropeKey Conclusions and Future OutlookTotal CV Market—Future OutlookTotal CV Market—Future Outlook (continued)Total CV Market—Future Outlook (continued)Total CV Market—Future Outlook (continued)Legal DisclaimerAppendixMarket Engineering MethodologyTable of Acronyms UsedTable of Acronyms Used (continued)

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