Commercialising Conductive Polymers - A Strategic Review of Market Developments

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In this new report, Frost & Sullivan examines the current stage of commercialisation reached by three main types of ICPs, polyaniline, polythiophene (PEDT) and polypyrrole, in a range of key applications. The principal market drivers, restraints and market potential are assessed in five commercial and semi-commercial applications. The report also describes the major market participants and most important market developments in each sector. It also discusses some of the key elements of marketing strategy for commercialising conductive polymers in the major application areas.

Table of Contents

Commercialising Conductive Polymers - A Strategic Review of Market Developments, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryCommercialising Conductive Polymers - A Strategic Review of Market Developments, Introduction to the Conductive Polymers MarketMarket Overview and DefinitionWhat are Conductive Polymers?Types of Conductive PolymersCompetitive Structure and Market DevelopmentMajor Market ParticipantsCommercial Applications for Conductive PolymersFuture Cost and Pricing TrendsCommercialising Conductive Polymers - A Strategic Review of Market Developments, Commercial Applications for Conductive PolymersOLED MarketIntroductionMarket PotentialMajor Market ParticipantsCompetitive Structure and Market Development StrategyPrinted Circuit Boards MarketIntroductionMarket PotentialMajor Market DevelopmentsMarketing StrategyTrends in the PCB MarketCapacitor MarketIntroductionMarket Drivers and RestraintsAnticorrosion Coatings MarketIntroductionMarket PotentialMajor Market DevelopmentsMarketing StrategyElectrostatic Discharge MarketIntroductionMarket PotentialMajor Market DevelopmentsMarketing StrategySemiconductors and Microelectronics MarketIntroductionMarket PotentialMajor Market DevelopmentsMarket Focus: RF-IDOther Potential Applications for Conductive PolymersIntroductionFuel CellsElectromagnetic Interference (EMI)'Smart' WindowsSensorsTextiles and FabricsCommercialising Conductive Polymers - A Strategic Review of Market Developments, Strategic Profiles of Major Market ParticipantsIntrinsically Conductive Polymer ProducersBayerDSMOrmecon ChemiePanipolApplication Development CompaniesCDTCovion Organic SemiconductorsDuPont DisplaysOpsysPlastic LogicCommercialising Conductive Polymers - A Strategic Review of Market Developments, Database of Key Industry ParticipantsICP ProducersICP ProducersConductive Compound ManufacturersConductive Compound ManufacturersApplication Development CompaniesElectronics/OLED Technology Companies




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