Competitive Profiling of Automotive eRetailers in Americas Region, 2016

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  • Release Date : 28-Mar-2017
  • Region : North America
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Since the introduction of eCommerce, the automotive aftermarket has been undergoing a paradigm shift, considering the market dynamics. The significant changes are: existing offline participants concentrating on sales through the online channel, online participants procuring parts directly from manufacturers, in addition to improving their Business to Business (B2B) business, in addition to their Business to Customer (B2C) business, and offering services as products through tie-ups with independent garages. Thus, the entire automotive aftermarket is undergoing significant changes right from manufacturers to garages.

Considering these dynamics, it is vital for all stakeholders in the automotive business to understand the online channel’s current scenario and how the future would evolve, to sustain and improve their business in the automotive aftermarket.
The North American region alone contributes to more than half of the global automotive eRetail revenue. This signifies the importance of the North American region in the automotive eRetail market. The scope of the study includes major pure-play eRetailers and mass eRetailers in the North and South American automotive aftermarket segment. The focus is on the comparative benchmarking of key eRetailers based on various factors such as revenue, business model, geographic presence, and product coverage. The study also offers an overview of their business strategies, strategic positioning, value propositions, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analyses, and current and future plans. Global eRetail trends by region, revenue split by region, and emerging business models in the automotive aftermarket eRetail are also covered.

Research Aim: The goal of the study is to understand the key trends and profile key participants’ activities in the automotive eRetail aftermarket channel.

Research Scope:
• To research, analyze, and predict key trends in the automotive eRetail aftermarket in 2016
• To underst
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