Competitive Technology Intelligence: Easy Steps to Track Your Business Rivals' R&D Efforts (Technical Insights)

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Table of Contents

Competitive Technology Intelligence, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryAbout this ReportAbout this ReportTips from the ProsTips from the ProsMove over; Big DogMove over; Big DogA Notable ExampleA Notable ExampleA Lesson from Big BlueA Lesson from Big BlueIrrelevant to CustomersIrrelevant to CustomersMounting the AttackMounting the AttackWhat Keeps You Awake Nights?What Keeps You Awake Nights?Beware of Holding Patterns Beware of Holding Patterns You Only Get One ChanceYou Only Get One ChanceCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Mind Other People's BusinessMind Other People's BusinessIntroductionThe Driving Force Of TechnologyTech Sector: CTI's Natural HabitatHigh Tech - High StakesDefinitions of CTILeveraging Core CompetenciesCTI Puts Pressure on R&DGoing to Seldom-Visited PlacesOrigins of Competitive IntelligenceJapanese LessonsToward World-Class CTIReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Growing Business PractiseGrowing Business PractiseGrowing Business PractiseWho’s Conducting CTIWho’s Conducting CTIThe Necessary Human TouchThe Necessary Human TouchRating the Industries’ CTI CapabilitiesRating the Industries’ CTI CapabilitiesThe Need to LeadThe Need to LeadThe Practice of Technology ScoutingThe Practice of Technology ScoutingReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, The Benefits and Activities of CTIThe Benefits and Activities of CTIThe Benefits and Activities of CTIBusiness Input from Technical FunctionsBusiness Input from Technical FunctionsExpanding the Scientist’s ThinkingExpanding the Scientist’s ThinkingA Mirror; Binoculars and a Ouija Board A Mirror; Binoculars and a Ouija Board Putting the Scope on CompetitorsPutting the Scope on CompetitorsForecasting ChangeForecasting ChangeDeveloping Intelligence from KnowledgeDeveloping Intelligence from KnowledgeAnalysis and DisseminationAnalysis and DisseminationThe Competitive Intelligence CycleThe Competitive Intelligence CycleReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Getting Started in CTIGetting Started in CTIGetting Started in CTIEstablish a FocusEstablish a FocusBe RealisticBe RealisticFind a ChampionFind a ChampionConvince Management of CTI’s ValueConvince Management of CTI’s ValueSometimes Management Is Already AwareSometimes Management Is Already AwareRepeat: Enlist Management’s SupportRepeat: Enlist Management’s SupportThere’s Going to Be Some ChangesThere’s Going to Be Some ChangesReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Assembling Your CTI UnitAssembling Your CTI UnitAssembling Your CTI UnitAssembling the TeamAssembling the TeamWhere and How Many?Where and How Many?Structure of the TeamStructure of the TeamThe Structures of Some of the BestThe Structures of Some of the BestCreating a Support SystemCreating a Support SystemStarting a Pilot ProgramStarting a Pilot ProgramPlanning the AttackPlanning the AttackReview Your PerformanceReview Your PerformanceThe Secret of Little VictoriesThe Secret of Little VictoriesReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Setting Up A Gatekeeper NetworkSetting Up A Gatekeeper NetworkSetting Up A Gatekeeper NetworkWinning over the Organization Winning over the Organization Recruiting GatekeepersRecruiting GatekeepersTraining the GatekeepersTraining the GatekeepersKeeping Your Gatekeepers MotivatedKeeping Your Gatekeepers MotivatedBarriers to Sharing Information Start at the TopBarriers to Sharing Information Start at the TopWhy Some People Won’t Buy InWhy Some People Won’t Buy InIt’s Nice to ShareIt’s Nice to ShareReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Building Your Intelligence SystemBuilding Your Intelligence SystemBuilding Your Intelligence SystemPlan Your OrganizationPlan Your OrganizationSelecting Functional SoftwareSelecting Functional SoftwareGet What You NeedGet What You NeedProcess Requirements of Your Software ToolProcess Requirements of Your Software ToolTechnical Requirements of Your SoftwareTechnical Requirements of Your SoftwareSoftware’s CTI FeaturesSoftware’s CTI FeaturesTypes of SoftwareTypes of SoftwareOperating the SystemOperating the SystemMaintaining the SystemMaintaining the SystemReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Wiring Your NetworkWiring Your NetworkWiring Your NetworkSpread Out; but Keep in TouchSpread Out; but Keep in TouchPromoting the SystemPromoting the SystemThe Move to IntranetsThe Move to IntranetsWhat Are Intranets?What Are Intranets?Why an Intranet?Why an Intranet?The Advantages of IntranetsThe Advantages of IntranetsAchieving Optimal Intranet PerformanceAchieving Optimal Intranet PerformanceUsing GroupwareUsing GroupwareReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Probing The Open SourcesProbing The Open SourcesProbing The Open SourcesComputers and Your QuestionsComputers and Your QuestionsWhat You Must KnowWhat You Must KnowStarting OutStarting OutReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Sorting Through DatabasesSorting Through DatabasesSorting Through DatabasesBeads of InformationBeads of InformationPlanning the SearchPlanning the SearchConduct a Manageable QueryConduct a Manageable QueryQuality DataQuality DataThe Internet AlternativeThe Internet AlternativeSearching the InternetSearching the InternetData Warehouses and Data MartsData Warehouses and Data MartsSatisfied CustomersSatisfied CustomersReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Pushing Patent DataPushing Patent DataPushing Patent DataWhy CTI Needs PatentsWhy CTI Needs PatentsPatents Signify IntentionsPatents Signify IntentionsSome DownsidesSome DownsidesPractical Considerations of a Patent SearchPractical Considerations of a Patent SearchInternational PatentsInternational PatentsSearching International PatentsSearching International PatentsReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Analyzing Intelligence with IntelligenceAnalyzing Intelligence with IntelligenceAnalyzing Intelligence with IntelligenceInterpreting Meaning Interpreting Meaning Analysis: Weaving Threads into Whole ClothAnalysis: Weaving Threads into Whole ClothThe Danger of Too MuchThe Danger of Too MuchOne Is the Loneliest NumberOne Is the Loneliest NumberTaking an Analytical LeapTaking an Analytical LeapStick Out Your NeckStick Out Your NeckReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Evaluating DataEvaluating DataEvaluating DataMining the Hidden KnowledgeMining the Hidden KnowledgeMaps to Show RelationshipsMaps to Show RelationshipsTwo Case StudiesTwo Case StudiesUsing BibliometricsUsing BibliometricsBibliometrics Offers Innovation IndicatorsBibliometrics Offers Innovation IndicatorsInnovation ForecastingInnovation ForecastingTechnology Life Cycle Status Technology Life Cycle Status Innovation Context Receptivity Innovation Context Receptivity Product Value Chain and Market ProspectsProduct Value Chain and Market ProspectsInnovation IndicatorsInnovation IndicatorsUsing Database TomographyUsing Database TomographyR&D ApplicationsR&D ApplicationsIdentifying Emerging R&DIdentifying Emerging R&DIdentification of AnomaliesIdentification of AnomaliesReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Making Sence of Patent DataMaking Sence of Patent DataMaking Sence of Patent DataBasic Patent CountsBasic Patent CountsPatent Family AnalysisPatent Family AnalysisPatent Technology AnalysisPatent Technology AnalysisPatent Citation DataPatent Citation DataBrain MappingBrain MappingReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Distributing the ProductDistributing the ProductDistributing the ProductBeware of the Big NothingBeware of the Big NothingScope of Your ReportScope of Your ReportUse It or Lose ItUse It or Lose ItA Matter of TrustA Matter of TrustResponding to NeedsResponding to NeedsFocus Your AssessmentFocus Your AssessmentIt Must Be TimelyIt Must Be TimelyFollow Up on the ProductFollow Up on the ProductAvoid HeartbreakAvoid HeartbreakMaintenance ActivitiesMaintenance ActivitiesReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, The ROI of CTIThe ROI of CTIThe ROI of CTIDefine Your Needs FirstDefine Your Needs FirstDefine Your SourceDefine Your SourceNetwork with the ProfessionalsNetwork with the ProfessionalsAdvertise—But Be CarefulAdvertise—But Be CarefulCreate a ProfileCreate a ProfilePrepare for the InterviewsPrepare for the InterviewsExpectations of the Initial ContactExpectations of the Initial ContactNarrow the FieldNarrow the FieldBinding ConfidentialityBinding ConfidentialityFind Out What They Can DoFind Out What They Can DoSolicit and Review BidsSolicit and Review BidsLook Over the ProposalsLook Over the ProposalsInitiate the ProjectInitiate the ProjectStay Close to the ProjectStay Close to the ProjectReceive the DeliverablesReceive the DeliverablesLet Consultants Present Let Consultants Present Competitive Technology Intelligence, Fly Low to Avoid Competitor’s RadarFly Low to Avoid Competitor’s RadarFly Low to Avoid Competitor’s RadarWith Growth Comes Suspicion With Growth Comes Suspicion Attitudes Are Different HereAttitudes Are Different HereReal Life Competitive SleuthingReal Life Competitive SleuthingFlying Low Is a Team EffortFlying Low Is a Team EffortSee Yourself as They See YouSee Yourself as They See YouOPSEC and Threat Analysis: Anticipating Rivals’ NeedsOPSEC and Threat Analysis: Anticipating Rivals’ NeedsFocus on the Cheese; Not the MiceFocus on the Cheese; Not the MiceLimit Exposure in Open SourcesLimit Exposure in Open SourcesBalance Costs of Protection and ReleaseBalance Costs of Protection and ReleaseCloaking Technical InformationCloaking Technical InformationSpeak No Evil Speak No Evil Everyone’s a Potential LeakEveryone’s a Potential LeakEven the Boss Can Be an Unwitting MoleEven the Boss Can Be an Unwitting MoleElicitation: Subtle PersuasionElicitation: Subtle PersuasionSecurity: An Education ProcessSecurity: An Education ProcessThe Disadvantage of Suspicious MindsThe Disadvantage of Suspicious MindsFree YourselfFree YourselfReferencesReferencesOnline Sites of InterestOnline Sites of InterestCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Contracting a CTI ConsultantContracting a CTI ConsultantContracting a CTI ConsultantInvestments Pay OffInvestments Pay OffToday’s Costs; Tomorrow’s RewardsToday’s Costs; Tomorrow’s RewardsAn Insurance PolicyAn Insurance PolicyGive It TimeGive It TimeTie the Process TogetherTie the Process TogetherMeasures of EffectivenessMeasures of EffectivenessYour Stakeholders Will DecideYour Stakeholders Will DecideGetting the Good WordGetting the Good WordReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Spying on TomorrowSpying on TomorrowSpying on TomorrowA Staple of Growing BusinessesA Staple of Growing BusinessesMore In-House IntelligenceMore In-House IntelligenceStepped Up OutsourcingStepped Up OutsourcingMore Input from ScientistsMore Input from ScientistsSearch for Quality ImprovementsSearch for Quality ImprovementsMore Powerful Collection ToolsMore Powerful Collection ToolsMore Useful Communications ToolsMore Useful Communications ToolsMore Relevant Analysis ToolsMore Relevant Analysis ToolsWhere to Go from Here? Where to Go from Here? It’s Just a Matter of Time…It’s Just a Matter of Time…ReferencesReferencesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Directory of Competitve Technology Intelligence ConsultantsDirectory of Competitve Technology Intelligence ConsultantsDirectory of Competitve Technology Intelligence ConsultantsCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Directory of Online Databases Directory of Online Databases Directory of Online Databases Business and Technology Information Business and Technology Information PatentsPatentsScience and technology databasesScience and technology databasesCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Directory of CTI Software Products and VendorsDirectory of CTI Software Products and VendorsDirectory of CTI Software Products and VendorsCompetitive Technology Intelligence, Internet Search EnginesNewsgroup Search EnginesNewsgroup Search EnginesAssociations Search EnginesAssociations Search EnginesPatent Search EnginesPatent Search EnginesFinding Business ResearchFinding Business Research

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