Connected Home Market and Implications of Cyber Risks

Understanding Threats and Opportunities within Smart Technology Ecosystems of North American Homes

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The ecosystem of the connected homes market has expanded quite rapidly over the last five years, encompassing a host of technology vendors and service providers from home automation to information and communications technology (ICT), integrated service providers, utilities, and more. This study, based on a survey of 1,263 respondents in the United States and Canada, reveals that the adoption of smart home technologies is significant, growing, and challenging. It identifies key differences in the attitudes and behaviors of connected home solution adopters, potential adopters, and non-adopters. The study provides an understanding of the types of smart technologies, devices, and cybersecurity measures that are bei

Table of Contents

Research Objectives and MethodsBackground and ObjectivesMethodologyExecutive Summary and ImplicationsSummary of 5 Key FindingsKey Finding 1—The Connected Home Landscape is Significant, Growing, and ChallengingConnected Homes—A Fast Growing LandscapeStrategic ImplicationsKey Finding 2—Connected Homes Experience More Cybersecurity-related Incidents Adopters are 2x More Likely than Potential Adopters and 3x More Likely than Non-adopters to have Experienced Cybersecurity-related ProblemsStrategic ImplicationsKey Finding 3—Connected Homes Use a Broader Mix of Connected DevicesAdopters are Confident in the Security of a Broader Set of Devices when Controlling Smart Home SolutionsStrategic ImplicationsKey Finding 4—Connected Homes Use More Cybersecurity Measures, but Gaps RemainMajority of Devices More Commonly Used by Adopters for Remote Tracking and Wiping are Password-protected1 out of 4 adopters have lost personal information and are more likely to ask how their data is being protectedStrategic ImplicationsKey Finding 5—Connected Homes Expect More Security from Providers but also have Greater Confidence in themHome Security Service Providers and Smart Home Solution Specialists are the More Trusted Providers of CybersecurityFor Cybersecurity-enabled Devices, Adopters Turn to Home Security Service Providers, ISPs, and Device VendorsHome Security Service Providers and Smart Home Solution Specialists are the Top-rated Providers of Cybersecurity When a Vendor’s Security Support is Deficient, it Creates a Sense of Vulnerability among Adopters Strategic ImplicationsSmart Home Solution AdoptionCurrent and FutureThe Adoption of Smart Home SolutionsCurrent Smart Technology/Capability AdoptionFuture Smart Technology/Capability Adoption IntentProfile of Systems and Devices UsedProfile of Cloud Services UsedPerceived Security Vulnerabilities and ExpectationsImportant Expectations Important Expectations—By Adoption CategoryPerceived Overall Security/Vulnerability—Adopters by CountryPerceived Security/Vulnerability by Technology Type—OverallPerceived Security/Vulnerability by Technology Type—By CountryPerceived Security/Vulnerability by Technology Type—By Adoption CategoryPerceived Smartness of Technologies AdoptedSmart Home Solutions—Benefits and ConcernsMost Motivating Benefits of Smart Home Solutions—By CountryLeast Motivating Benefits of Smart Home Solutions—By CountryMore Important Concerns About Smart Home Solutions—By CountryLess Important Concerns About Smart Home Solutions—By CountryMore Motivating Benefits of Smart Home Solutions—By Adoption CategoryLess Motivating Benefits of Smart Home Solutions—By Adoption CategoryMore Important Concerns About Smart Home Solutions—By Adoption CategoryLess Important Concerns About Smart Home Solutions—By Adoption CategoryFactors Affecting Provider Selection and Their Role in Connected Home CybersecurityPreferred Installation Approach—By CountryLikely Provider of Cybersecurity for Installed Smart Solutions—By Country Likely Provider of Cybersecurity Enabled Devices—By Country Security of Suppliers’ Smart Home Technologies—By CountrySecurity of Suppliers’ Smart Home Technologies—By Country (continued) The Role of Companies/Vendors/Service Providers—By Country Consumers’ Technology Savviness and Cybersecurity Competence Consumers’ Technology Savviness and Cybersecurity Competence (continued)Negative Security Experiences and Current ProtectionNegative Experience Related to Security—By CountryNegative Experience Related to Security—By Adoption CategoriesHome System Breach—AdoptersHome System Breach Response Time—AdoptersMost Vulnerable System—AdoptersCurrent Cybersecurity Measures—By CountryIdentity Theft and Personal InformationInsurance Protection—By CountryInsurance Protection—By Adoption CategoryDevice-Related Security IssuesDevice Security—By CountryDevice Security—By Country (continued)Mobile/ Wearable Device VulnerabilityDevices Accessed/Monitored by Third Parties Third-Party Security—OverallThird-Party Security Provisions—By CountryThird-Party Security Provisions—By Adoption CategoryThird-Party Security Provisions—By CountryThird-Party Security Provisions—By Adoption CategoryLegal DisclaimerAppendixProfile of Respondents—OverallAge Profile of Respondents within Adoption CategoriesAge and Dwelling Profile of AdoptersAge Profile of Respondents within Dwelling TypesProfile of US RespondentsProfile of US Respondents (continued)Profile of US Respondents (continued)Profile of Canada RespondentsProfile of Canada Respondents (continued)Profile of Canada Respondents (continued)The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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