Connected Industry

  1. 27 Dec 2012  |  Asia Pacific

    The Australian Smart Grid MarketUtility Survey


    Smart grid development in Australia kick started in 2010. It was led by the government- mandated and funded smart meter rollout in Victoria. Nevertheless, parallel cost-benefit analyses carried out by other power distribution utilities, challenges encountered during the rollout in Victoria, and budget restraints have driven utilities to explore alt...

  2. 28 Sep 2012  |  

    Global Analysis of the Future of Connected Devices and Impact on Electronics Supply Chain Participants

    Increased Collaboration among Component Manufacturers

    This research service provides an in-depth analysis of the global connected devices market and its impact on electronics supply chain participants. The connected devices market includes units shipped for mobile phones, laptops and tablets, gaming consoles, e-readers, Blu-Ray players and 3D TV. It includes segmentation by technology, application, an...

  3. 14 Jun 2012  |  Asia Pacific

    SEA and ANZ Smart Grid Market - Automation Opportunities

    Australia and Singapore Offer Immense Opportunities in the Smart Grid Market

    This study covers automation opportunities in the smartgrid market in SE Asia and Australia and New Zealand. It discusses the technologies that currently use automation and the new technologies in the smart grid market that will use automation. It also provides information on the drivers and restraints faced by governments in implementing these sys...

  4. 29 Mar 2012  |  Europe

    Utility Strategies for Smart Grids in Europe

    European Utilities Gearing up for Major Efficiency Drive through Smart Technology

    The majority of European energy utilities have made considerable amount of progress towards smart grid implementation, especially in the areas of automated meter infrastructure (AMI) and demand side management. Approximately 35 per cent of utilities companies do not know when a return on investment will be achieved from their programs, whereas 29 p...

  5. This issue of Vital Signs, released on March 26, 2012, provides a strategic insight on critical tools and mechanisms that accelerate knowledge discoveries along the translational cancer research continuum. Additionally, a company spotlight is provided for SoloHealth. While self-service healthcare is by no means new, with blood pressure kiosks be...

  6. 24 Jan 2012  |  Asia Pacific

    Chinese Transformer Market and Smart Grid Market

    Emerging Smart Grid Market Will Bring Strong Growth Momentum for Power Grid Market

    This study offers an in-depth analysis of the Chinese grid systems from the transformer market and smart grid market perspective. The traditional market is represented by the transformer market. This traditional market is estimated to keep growing stimulated by the emerging smart grid market for the next five years. The smart grid market comprises ...

  7. 19 Dec 2011  |  

    The Impact of Smart Grids and Renewable Energy on the EMS Market

    Identifying the True Potential of Opportunities for EMS Providers

    Smart grid and renewable energy markets are offering EMS providers the next wave of growth opportunities. Forward thinking OEMs are seeking strategic collaborations with EMS providers that is setting the stage for new transformational opportunities. This mega trend deliverable analyses current outsourcing trends in the EMS renewable energy and smar...

  8. The need to connect the devices in the home to the smart grid in order to increase control of those devices and improve energy efficiency are driving a merge between home technologies and smart grid deployment. This study evaluates the factors impacting such trend as well the benefits and barriers the industry is facing. An overview of related tech...

  9. Market pressures to improve energy efficiency are driving a merge between building technologies and information and communication technologies to develop intelligent buildings and smart grids. This study evaluates the factors impacting such trend and the benefits for an integrated network of energy consumers (buildings) with power suppliers (utilit...

  10. 02 Aug 2011  |  Global

    Global Smart Grid Market

    In pursuit of a digital grid.

    Investments for smart grid technologies are expected to flourish through 2017. The objective of this study is to validate and forecast the global smart grid market by geographic region and by key technology categories. Technologies discussed include advanced meter infrastructure, demand response, distribution grid management, and high voltage trans...