Connected Work—Enabling Technologies for Future Workplaces

Collaboration and Right-sizing Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Deployments Across Every Tier Critical to Driving Maximum Value

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This Market Insight details how end-user organizations can effectively right-size their unified communications and collaboration deployments throughout the strategic value tiers of their business and workforce in order to successfully address changing business and user demands. Enterprises have both tactical and strategic opportunities to efficiently satisfy employee requirements across the organization's environment. Next-gen as as well as applications percieved as utility each have a role in successful deployments.

Table of Contents

Connected Work—Enabling Technologies for Future WorkplacesStrategic ImperativesTrends, Opportunities and Unmet Needs AnalysisCritical Success FactorsSustainable Success StrategiesMarket Definitions Unified Communications and Collaboration DefinedPotential UCC Solution ElementsConnected LivingConnected WorkConnected Work—Market DashboardConnected Work—Market DefinitionsWorkplace Disruption and TransformationImpact of Social TrendsConnected LifeConnected Work—Key MetricsParadigm Shift in Communications Technology AdoptionConsumerization of IT, BYOT and Communications PersonalizationConsumerization of IT, BYOT and Communications Personalization (continued)Distribution of Worker Types Remains StablePros and Cons for Providing Mobile Apps to Employees, North AmericaBYOD Policy and Enforcement, EuropeWorkplace DisruptionWorkplace TransformationSegment AnalysisStrategic Value Tiers—UCC ApplicationsBusiness Telephony RoadmapBusiness Telephony—Segment AnalysisBusiness Voicemail and Unified Messaging RoadmapBusiness Voicemail and Unified Messaging—Segment AnalysisEnterprise Instant Messaging RoadmapEnterprise Instant Messaging—Segment AnalysisConferencing RoadmapConferencing—Segment AnalysisTeam Collaboration Platforms RoadmapTeam Collaboration Platforms—Segment Analysis Content Collaboration Platforms RoadmapContent Collaboration Platforms—Segment AnalysisEnterprise Social Networking RoadmapEnterprise Social Networking—Segment Analysis Business Email RoadmapBusiness Email—Segment AnalysisEnterprise Perceptions—UCC Benefits and LimitationsEnterprise UCC Perceptions—BenefitsEnterprise UCC Perceptions—Benefits (continued)Enterprise UCC Perceptions—LimitationsEnterprise UCC Perceptions—Limitations (continued)Strategic Considerations for EnterprisesUCC Tool PervasivenessUCC Usage FrequencyUCC Tool Usage—Current and FutureStrategic Considerations for EnterprisesStrategic Considerations for Enterprises (continued)Call to Action—Recommendations for SuccessKey Questions to AskAddressing Strategic Value TiersRecommendations for SuccessLegal DisclaimerAppendixRelated Frost & Sullivan ResearchThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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