Consumer Perceptions and Preferences of the Latest Digital Technologies, North America, 2018

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A great deal is changing in the digital world when it comes to communications services. Is your company ready for the next generation of technologies, buyers, and megatrends? The rapid growth of new delivery models, contemporary content, and advertising mechanisms is waking up the traditional players. Technologies such as Siri, Google Home, and Alexa are setting the stage for a voice-driven world. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality will enhance our ability to gather information, communicate with others, and make better decisions. There will be a continued debate around level of security and privacy versus convenience. The one trend that is certain is that consumers are driving the technologies that a

Research Scope

The overall research objective is to measure the current use and future decision making behavior toward information technology and telecom in the consumer industry, specifically: Connected home, social media, landline phone service, wireless / cellular phone service, subscription television service (cable, IPTV, or satellite), internet access service, home electronics maintenance (set top boxes, DVR, modem), live video streaming service (Sling TV, DirecTV Now, CBS All Access), augmented reality, and big data and analytics.

Table of Contents

Consumer Perceptions and Preferences of the Latest Digital Technologies, North America, 2018Research Objectives and MethodsResearch ObjectivesSurvey MethodologySample CompositionSample Composition (continued)Types of Services Households Subscribe to at their Main ResidenceSummary of Key FindingsStrategic Imperatives for Success and Growth Summary of Key Findings—Consumer ServicesSummary of Key Findings—Newer TechnologiesSummary of Key Findings—Newer Technologies (continued)Communications Services OverviewLevel of Importance of Communications ServicesPurchases by Bundle Vs. Separate ServicesMonthly Spending on Bundled ServicesMonthly Spending for Separate ServicesLandline ServicesLevel of Satisfaction with Landline ServicesCompanies Used for Landline ServicesCompanies Used for Landline Services (continued)Internet AccessLevel of Satisfaction with Internet Access Service FeaturesCompanies Used for Internet Access ServiceCompanies Used for Internet Access Service (continued)Internet Access SpeedsInterest in Increasing Internet SpeedsWireless/Cellular Services & DevicesLevel of Satisfaction with Wireless Cellular Service FeaturesCompanies Used for Wireless/Cellular ServiceCompanies Used for Wireless/Cellular Service (continued)Decision Making Factors When Selecting Wireless/Cellular Service ProviderLikelihood of Switching from Current Wireless/Cellular Service ProviderCompany of Choice When Switching from Existing Wireless/Cellular Service ProviderBrand of Cell Phone Currently UsedDecision Making Factors When Selecting Wireless/Cellular PhonesLevel of Satisfaction with Cell Phone FeaturesLikelihood of Replacing Current Wireless/Cellular PhoneCompany of Choice When Replacing Cell PhonesWiFi Connection PreferenceInterest in Buying WiFi Service if AvailableType of Subscription PlanType of Data Plan SubscriptionPercent of Respondents Whose Unused Data Rolls OverTV, Video, OTT Streaming ServicesLevel of Satisfaction with Subscription Television ServicesLevel of Satisfaction with Live Video Streaming ServicesTop Providers of Subscription Television ServiceTop Providers of Subscription Television Service (continued)Top Providers of Live Streaming ServicePercent of Respondents that have a Basic TV PackagePercent of Respondents Interested in a Voice, Video, and Wireless PackageWillingness to Switch from TV Services to Video Over InternetWhere Consumers Watch Video Streaming Over the InternetTop Reasons Consumers Watch Streaming Video Over the InternetDevices Used to Stream Video Over the InternetServices Used to Stream Video Over the InternetMonthly Spending on Streaming ServicesCommunications HardwareSuppliers of Communications Hardware MaintenanceMonthly Cost of Communications Hardware MaintenanceConnected HomePercent of Respondents with Smart Home/Connected Home InstallationsFactors Deterring a Smart Home/Connected Home InstallationPercent of Respondents Interested in a Connected Home PackageWillingness to Pay a Monthly Cost for a Connected Home PackagePercent of Respondents with a Home Health-monitoring NetworkInterest in Smart Health Monitoring Devices and ServicesHome NetworkingPercent of Respondents with Home Data Network InstallationsNumber of Devices Connected to Home Data NetworksHome NetworkingSmartphone Used to Control Home Appliances or Monitor Security SystemsNumber of Control or Monitoring Apps on SmartphonesInterest in Smart DevicesIntelligent Assistants PenetrationInformation Provided by Intelligent AssistantsDemand for Intelligent AssistantsInterest in Products or ServicesContent ConsumptionServices Accessed Online for Personal UseTime Spent Online by ActivitySites Accessed for Social NetworkingParental Control Software UsageParental Control Software Used in Mobile DevicesParental Control Software Used in Desktops/LaptopsOpinions on the Use of Big Data & AnalyticsConcerns around Consumer Information Collection on Web SitesActions Taken to Preserve In-Store PrivacyComfort Level with Automotive IoT Data SharingAugmented RealityAwareness of Augmented RealityLevel of Interest in Augmented RealityAwareness of Oculus Rift and Microsoft HololensLevel of Interest in Oculus Rift and Microsoft HololensDemographicsLevel of EducationSexNumber of Phones in HouseholdWork from HomeMulti-dwelling UnitsSource of Communications ServicesMarital StatusOwn Vs. Rent HomeAge of Children in HouseholdEmployment StatusRaceDigital Transformation—The Last WordThe Last Word—Three Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixList of ExhibitsList of Exhibits (continued)List of Exhibits (continued)List of Exhibits (continued)List of Exhibits (continued)List of Exhibits (continued)List of Exhibits (continued)List of Exhibits (continued)List of Exhibits (continued)The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition—Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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