Country Industry Forecast: The German Telecommunications Industry

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This report highlights the importance of country-specific factors on the telecommunications industry in the Germany from 1997 to 2007. Trends for the political climate, business policies, and macroeconomic indicators in the Germany are analyzed, and their impact is assessed on the key parameters of the telecommunications industry and its major segments to plot the progression index for the industry from 1997 to 2007

Table of Contents

Country Industry Forecast, Executive SummaryIntroduction and Segment AnalysisIntroduction and ScopeSegment AnalysisSummary of Major FindingsCountry Trends and ForecastsIndustry Trends and ForecastsCountry Industry Forecast, Overview of the Telecommunications IndustryIndustry Definition and Gobal OverviewIndustry DefinitionGlobal OverviewRegional and Country OverviewsRegional OverviewEconomic Importance of the Telecommunications IndustryCountry Industry Forecast, Industry Structure and Key ParametersStructure of the Telecommunications Industry and its ParametersIndustry Structure Key Industry ParametersGrowth Determinants for the Telecommunications IndustryGrowth DeterminantsEconomic Importance of the Growth DeterminantsCountry Industry Forecast, Political Analysis and its Implication for the Telecommunications IndustryPolitical System of the Federal Republic of GermanyPolitical SystemSocial Democratic Party (SPD)-Green Coalition AgreementsGermany and the European Union (EU)International Issues and Foreign PolicyPolitical Analysis and its Implication for the Telecommunications IndustryImplication for the EconomyImplications for the Telecommunications IndustryCountry Industry Forecast, Business Policy Analysis and its Implications for the Telecommunciations industryEconomic Policies in GermanyIntroductionDomestic Policies: Fiscal and MonetaryTrade and Investment PoliciesImpact on the Economy and IndustryPolicy Implications for the EconomyPolicy Implications for the Telecommunications IndustryCountry Industry Forecast, Economic Analysis and its Implications for the Telecommunications industryTrends and Forecasts for the Economic Indicators: Consumption and InvestmentOverview of the German EconomyConsumptionInvestmentTrends and Forecasts for the Economic Indicators: External and Financial MarketsExports and ImportsForeign Direct and Portfolio InvestmentCurrent Account Balance Exchange Reserve and Exchange RateTrends and Forecasts for the Economic Indicators: Labor MarketsGermany's Labor MarketLabor LawsLabor ReformsTrends and Forecasts for the Economic Indicators: Prices and GDPPricesThe Economy and GDPSummary of the Implications for the Telecommunications IndustryTelecommunication PricesInvestmentsCountry Industry Forecast, Trends and Forecasts for the Telecommunciations IndustryTrends and Forecasts for the Telecommunication Services SegmentMainline Subscribers Local Mainline Sub-segmentLong Distance Mainline Sub-segmentCable Television (CATV) and Leased Line Sub-segmentCellular Sub-segmentTrends and Forecasts for the Telecommunication Equipment SegmentIntroductionProduction Exports and ImportsTotal Telecommunication Services and Equipment SegmentsTelecommunication Services SegmentTelecommunications Equipment SegmentCountry Industry Forecast, Industry Progression IndexMethodology for the Computation of the Industry Progression IndexIndex MethodologyWeights Assigned to the Industry ParametersProgression Index for the Telecommunications IndustryIndex for the Industry SegmentsIndex for the Total Telecommunications IndustryCountry Industry Forecast, Fact SheetsCountry FactsheetsGermany: Demography Geography and InfrastructureGermany: Economic IndicatorsRegional and Industry FactsheetsEuropean Union: Economic IndicatorsGermany: Telecommunications IndustryCountry Industry Forecast, ReferencesList of ReferencesGerman EconomyGerman Telecommunications Industry




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