Customer Experience Management Study—Malaysia’s Telecommunication Sector 2015

Benchmarking the Industry Excellence in Delivering Superior Customer Experience

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Customer experience is the accumulation of customers’ experiences throughout their journey with the supplier, across any and all functions, products and services, and various touch points. Frost & Sullivan evaluates the various experiences provided by Malaysia's telcos. This research service takes a look at the critical factors that influence customer behaviour throughout the three phases—pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase—of their journey through telcos’ touch points. The research service utilises the proprietary Customer Experience Index (CEI) methodology, as well as the widely used Net Promoter Scores (NPS) methodology to understand the dynamics of the interactions between customers and their

Table of Contents

Customer Experience Management Study—Malaysia’s Telecommunication Sector 2015Research MethodologyFrost & Sullivan Research ApproachFrost & Sullivan Research Step-by-step OverviewOverview of Research ProcessSample MethodologyData Collection Quality ProcessSample Distribution by Service ProviderSample Demographics—Age and GenderSample Demographics—Main Products PurchasedFrost & Sullivan Customer Experience Index (CEI)Executive SummaryCustomer Experience Management (CEM) for Malaysia’s Telco Sector in 2015Customer Experience—DefinitionFactors for Choosing the Primary TelcoReason for Service DiscontinuationPreferred Channel across StagesOnline Versus Call CentreDegree of Channel IntegrationOverall CEI Score by Channels or Touch PointsOverall CEI Score by TelcoNet Promoter Score (NPS)Product and Service Recommendation by Service ProviderCustomer Loyalty RewardRelevant Findings by DemographicsCEM Study—Malaysia’s Telecom Sector 2015Reason for Service DiscontinuationReason for Service Discontinuation (continued)Service Discontinuation BreakdownMost Often Used Channels for TelcoTop Preferred Channels by TransactionCustomers’ Top Priority Experience MatrixCustomers’ Top Frequency Experience Matrix (continued)Degree of Channel IntegrationPriority of Superior Customer Experience and Living up to Sales PromisesCustomer Loyalty RewardProactivity Rating by Service ProviderCustomer Experience With Touch PointsUnderstanding Pre-purchase BehaviourFactors for Choosing the Primary TelcoProduct and Service Recommendation by Service ProviderChannel Used at the Pre-purchase StageChannel Used for Pre-purchase EnquiryCustomer Experience With Touch PointsEvaluation of Experience in the Pre-purchase Stage by Customer Experience IndicatorsUnderstanding Purchase BehaviourChannel Used at Purchasing StagePreferred Channel at the Purchase StageCustomer Experience With Touch PointsDegree of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction—Online Degree of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction—Mobile ApplicationDegree of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction—Store Degree of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction—Call Centre and Service Engineer, Installer, or TechnicianDegree of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction—Dealers and Kiosks, and Outdoor Sales AgentUnderstanding Post-purchase BehaviourChannel Used at Post-purchase StageChannels Revisited for Post-Sale EnquiryChannel Used for Post-purchase EnquiryCustomer Experience With Touch PointsEvaluation of Experience in the Post-purchase Stage by Customer Experience Indicators Analysis by Customer Experience Index (CEI)Customer Loyalty, Recommendation, and Additional PurchaseCustomer Loyalty, Recommendation, and Additional Purchase TrendOverall CEI Score by Channels and Touch PointsOverall CEI Score Trend by Channels and Touch PointsOverall CEI Score Trend by TelcoOverall CEI Score Trend by Telco (continued)CEI Score for OnlineCEI Score for Mobile ApplicationCEI Score for StoreCEI Score for Call CentreCEI Score for Dealers and KioskNet Promoter Score (NPS)Analysis by Company—MaxisMaxis—Customer Transaction PreferenceMaxis—Customer Priority-Experience ProfileMaxis—Frequency of Interaction-Customer Experience Profile Maxis’ Rating for Competitive FactorsAnalysis by Company—CelcomCelcom—Customer Transaction PreferenceCelcom—Customer Priority-Experience ProfileCelcom—Frequency of Interaction-Customer Experience Profile Celcom’s Rating for Competitive FactorsAnalysis by Company—DigiDigi—Customer Transactions’ PreferenceDigi—Customer Priority-Experience ProfileDigi—Frequency of Interaction-Customer Experience Profile Digi’s Rating for Competitive FactorsAnalysis by Company—U MobileU Mobile—Customer Transaction PreferenceU Mobile—Customer Priority-Experience ProfileU Mobile—Frequency of Interaction-Customer Experience Profile U Mobile’s Rating for Competitive FactorsAnalysis by Company—TMTM—Customer Transaction PreferenceTM—Customer Priority-Experience ProfileTM—Frequency of Interaction-Customer Experience Profile TM’s Rating for Competitive FactorsFinal Words—What Frost & Sullivan is Excited AboutCall Centre—Long Overdue for Improvement?Online—Will it Remain Customers’ Superior Choice? Timely Promotion of Relevant Products—What is Next?Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Experience SolutionsWhy Frost & SullivanCustomer Experience—DefinitionIntegrating Process, People and InfrastructureFrost & Sullivan’s Customer Experience Maturity Model A 5-step Strategic Approach Legal DisclaimerAppendixDefinitionsThe Frost & Sullivan Story

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