Data Mining -- Advances in Decision Support Software and Services (Technical Insights)

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A report on data mining including new methods, software, services, and applications

Table of Contents

Data Mining -- Advances in Decision Support Software and Services (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryIntroduction and DescriptionIntroductionDescriptionScope and MethodologyScopeMethodologyData Mining -- Advances in Decision Support Software and Services (Technical Insights), Data Mining and Business IntelligenceFraud DetectionEngines that Extract KnowledgeRussian TheoriesCutting Data Preparation TimeMerging the Static and the DynamicPreprocessing VariablesTargeting ApplicationsSoftware CoexistenceHanging Up Prison Phone FraudHorizontal ApplicationsBolstering British MarketingAiding Cancer Treatment Searching the WarehousesSearching the WarehousesNewest Member of the FamilyContinuous UpdatingUnconditional ScalabilityHashing Out DataMining a la FrancaisSearch for StandardsReal-Time Analytics'What If' Auditing'What If' AuditingRelating Fields to VariablesTesting If-Then RulesAnalyzing 50 Fields & 50000 RecordsUncovering FraudAlliances Support Sales EffortsDefense OriginsMining Multiple TerabytesEasy To Work With OutputFighting FraudTargeting Financial ServicesSwifter LinkageAutomatic Claim ScoringProviding Surrounding TechnologyData Mining in Real TimeDecision Support Tables: Information Technology SpendingPredictive AnalysisUser-Friendly ForecastingServing Novice and ExpertSaving TimeTracking Big Apple Property ValuesQuieting Noisy DataExcellent Customer InputGlobalization Propels AIPredicting Binary Processes Predicting Binary Processes A Non-Stationary UniverseObserving the Historical SequenceUsing Natural SelectionAnswering When and WhyFiltering Ticker Tape Bridging Cognitive MethodsPerpetual LicensingPerpetual LicensingMapping the WorkPiping Blocks of DataRookie Samplers WelcomeManaging CapitalAsian AllianceTimely PredictionsServing Specific and Cross-Industrial NeedsServing Specific and Cross-Industrial NeedsManaging Utility ChurnCombining Billing and Meter ReadingReal-Time Pricing ProductsTracking Quebec’s GasRelevant Market BasketMining Fashion DataCross-Industry ProductsOptimal Communications at Minimal CostTracking Sales OpportunitiesDefaults as Statistical ThresholdData Mining -- Advances in Decision Support Software and Services (Technical Insights), Data Mining and Life SciencesMedicalFinding the Best TreatmentFocusing on the ApplicableBy Permission OnlySegmenting Markets to IndividualsAiding DoctorsRussian PedigreeCatering To Specific ScenariosLeft vs. Right VentriclesGauging A Kidney’s ChancesGiving Lungs Some AirPredicting Heart Rejection Defending the HomelandMining TextPharmaceutical ResearchSpeeding Genomics and ProteomicsAnnotating Proteins and GenesCutting Cross-Talk3D DescriptorsTimely Genomic AnalysisSeeking Genes of InterestSeparating the Essential from Non-EssentialPartners in Bioinformatics Ending Drug ConfusionIncluding Non-Name AttributesScoring SimilarityData Mining -- Advances in Decision Support Software and Services (Technical Insights), Data Mining and Mechanical DevicesAssemblyLeeway for JugglingDefine Your SolutionsData ChromosomesDecreasing DensityTabulating LiaisonsDifferentiating Precedence RelationsReal-World TestingFaster SolutionsFaster SolutionsAbandoning the Classics5000% ImprovementMultilevel SolutionHigher Mutation Rates Expand SearchTuning ParametersFinding Solutions in SecondsHelicopter Blades to Tic-Tac-ToeReferencesMachineryForeseeing BreakdownBuilding Predictive ModelsMonitoring ElevatorsWatchdog for Elderly EquipmentModeling Weld MicrostructureModeling Weld MicrostructureModeling the Ferrite NumberAssigning Low Cooling RatesConsidering Material InteractionsModeling the MicrostructureWhen Fundamentals Fear to TreadThousands of Tools Thousands of ToolsEvolving into Data MiningWell-filled ToolboxDefining the Data FlowAddressing Sophisticated ApplicationsWhen Precision CountsMonitoring Remote MachineryBeyond the CookbookUpdating the AlgorithmsPreventing ProblemsPreventing ProblemsCRITIKAL KnowledgeDavy Jones’ Oil FieldsSearching for CluesConditioning DataAssessing Underwriting RiskA Wider Analytical ToolsetData Mining -- Advances in Decision Support Software and Services (Technical Insights), Improving CommunicationsHomeland DefenseCrisis MiningFrom 8 Hours to 8 MinutesThird Party IntegrationSharing Army KnowledgeScaling Up to TerabytesThey Just Want the Data It’s How You Phrase ItRelating the UnrelatedBolstering Homeland DefenseIntegrating People and ProcessesTracking Cargo and PersonsAlerting First RespondersTelecomBoosting Response RatesServing Novices and ExpertsMixing Algorithmic StrategiesJudging Credit RisksCutting Telecom ChurnReducing Automotive ClaimUsing Unstructured DataImproving Hospital RankingsGenomics OpportunitiesTransactional AnalysisAcademic OriginsConverting Raw TransactionsExtraction and ModelingTranslating into ActionExtensive Beta TestingAiding TelecomTargeting Bank CustomersBroader Analytics AccessData Mining -- Advances in Decision Support Software and Services (Technical Insights), Data Mining and BeyondMan and Machine LearningKnowledge through ObservationSelf-Instructing Robot Biological Neural Network for RobotsRuling Multiple RobotsExtending to Virtual AssemblyAn Efficient AlgorithmSensitive VOC Detection ReferencesGlobal Developments in Data StorageTransparent Magnetic Spintronic FilmsCorrelating Charge and Electron SpinChecking Magnetic PropertyCoupling Lasers with Shadow MaskingDeveloping Spintronic SemiconductorsMolecular Magnets for Denser Data StoragePacking More DataData Mining -- Advances in Decision Support Software and Services (Technical Insights), Patents and Contact InformationPatentsLatest Patents - June 2003Patents - May 2003Patents - April 2003Patents - Feb-March 2003Contact InformationCompaniesResearchers and Industry ParticipantsData Mining -- Advances in Decision Support Software and Services (Technical Insights), Technical Insights' 2003 Science and Technology AwardsAward for Technology InnovationIntroductionAward RecipientAward for Technology LeadershipIntroduction Award Recipient

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